"5 Things I Love About Myself" Tag

Ok first things first…explaining the * from the last post…Well it was a Joke! Ha ha! I have lined up all the posts for the time I will be out…already. So you can’t get away from me!! Ha ha ha!!

I am doing this tag which is from Roshmi. I think these tags are pretty cool. Its a nice way to connect with your far-flung network of blogger friends.

So here are the 5 Things I Love About Myself.

  1. I am committed in my relationships, I am committed towards my work. I believe, unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans!
  2. I love my cerebrospinal part of the body! Where would I be without it? I have a good memory as well! And I love that positive thoughts fill my head—most of the time!!
  3. I am a good mother.
  4. I have a strong sense of ethics, what’s right and wrong…
  5. I love my determination… I never quit till the goal is achieved!

I’d like to tag: Subhayan, Kunu, Debi, Dhiman and Aashima.

So do some introspection and share yourself!
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8 thoughts on “"5 Things I Love About Myself" Tag

  1. To start with….
    1. My mouldable energy levels… can be endlessly lazy and at other times I’m obsessively compulsively highly energetic.
    2. Insanity…..what else could you say if you are one time sensible the other time a total nincompoop!!!
    3.The way I’d sing and dance for my li’l one… 🙂 !!
    4. Picking up the reading habit from the one and only…YOU
    5. The way the word contentment fits me snugly.

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