Celebrating the 75th Post!

Today, I write the 75th post!! A cool milestone to reach, I guess!! So, I believe, this calls in for celebrations!!

And how do we celebrate in the blogosphere…surely with the cake (please, have a piece!) and balloons…

187586404v9_350x350_Front_Color-Black 75th_birthday_party_invitation_postcard-p239404975057907538qibm_400

and of course you, the FBs and FRs (oh!the Fellow Readers!, what would a blog be without the avid, passionate and regular readers!Thank YOU guys!!)

So, a TAG is the best way to bond and celebrate, as all of us can join in…share, explore, learn, smile and laugh and have a good fun together.

Found this yet another interesting Tag in the Blog World……The Favorite Alphabet Tag. So here I go…

My list of favorites beginning with ‘S’:silver_alphabet_beads_letter_S

  1. Soul-mate and Son: KG and AG are the 2 men in my life! Can’t live without them. Of course, both of them sometimes would want less interference from me in their lives. But I love doing that coz I love them dearly!
  2. Stories: I love reading and listening to stories! And thus am an avid reader of fiction. Romance, humor, mystery, horror, fantasy… I can absorb it all. I can’t imagine my life without books. My own library is my prized possession.
  3. Shopping: Wow! What a therapy! Malls, narrow lanes, big shops, small shops all attract me like an ant to sugar. A day of shopping from morning to evening is just an ‘Aha’ experience.
  4. Songs: Music is the soul of life. Depending on the mood…instrumental to folk, ghazals to pop and of course our own hindi movie songs, all soothe and help unwind!
  5. Sugary Treats: I just love sweets. No meal is complete without it and of course, can have it at any time of the day too. Rasmalai, gulab jamuns, cakes, gajar ka halwa or even plain halwa…I can polish them off in minutes!

These are some of my favorite “Ss”.

What is your favorite Alphabet? And share your favorites beginning with that Alphabet!

I’d like Amrit, Roshmi, Subhayan, pawan, Vipul, Miss Kido, Dhiman, pra, kunu, Sweet Nothings, Sumeet to share their favorite Alphabet and things associated with that!


Images Courtesy: http://www.snazzycat.com, http://rlv.zcache.com & http://images4.cafepress.com

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22 thoughts on “Celebrating the 75th Post!

  1. Well, I sure have a lots of tags in the pending section of my brain!
    Will take them up soon!

    Btw, your new theme is simply superb!
    Loved it!. The old one took time to load but this one loaded really fast and it gives a unique freshness to your blog!
    And congrats on getting upto your 75th post!
    That really is tough milestone to reach!

  2. congrats on yet another milestone … man, schumacher will feel jealous at the way u r racing!

    and i will of course take up this tag, within a few days … and yup, thought of an apt nickname for you:
    SHOT: Store House of Tags!

    so next time you tag, i’ll say “What a SHOT!”

  3. @ pawan: Great! So you have a lot of blogload!! Hurry up and take steps to work on your tag load! 🙂

    Thanks…yeah, this new template is simple, elegant and loads pretty fast!!

    And thank you!! 🙂

  4. @ Subhayan: Thank you! 🙂
    M. Schumacher has retired, so somebody has to take his place! 😉

    SHOT seems to be interesting! Thanks for this too! 🙂

    @ aashi: Am glad you liked it….template and new nickname! 😀


    Wishing you many many many more 🙂

    A tag well done 🙂 Shall take it up sometime soon 🙂 I already have 3 pending!!! 😀

    Have a great weekend ahead 🙂

  6. hey cngrats on platinum jubilee:) nd thnx 4 changing d template as d previous one nvr cmpletely loaded on my firefox browser nd i was alwez lft in dark:)
    will tak up d tag soon. but will have 2 cook up a favuorite alphabet frst.. lets c 😉

  7. @ Roshmi: Thanks girlie!
    Please take another piece! 🙂

    @ Sumit: Thank you! And great to see you here! 🙂

    @ Miss Kido: Thank a lot, Miss Kido!
    Would love to see your tags! 🙂

    @ Vipul Grover: Thanx Vipul.
    I know…the earlier one, though was good, but took a bit long to load!

    So cook up your favorite alphabet and cook up your wonderful Tag Dish! 🙂

  8. @ Whats In A Name: Welcome back on “A rose is a rose is a rose!’. Long time!
    And yeah thanks!

    And sure a chocolate cake: what’s your choice: black forest or dark chocolate mousse or chocolate chip cookie or death by chocolate!!?? 🙂

  9. 75 Posts!!! Its not a simple achievement!! I will take several months to reach that milestone 🙂

    Okay!! Seems you on a tagging spree 🙂

    Well, even I have to first create my favorite alphabet and then think of what I like. Will take this tag soon 🙂

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