Happiness Skyrocketed!!

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‘Your luck continues to be very good today, and you are getting used to having things go your way. This feeling of confidence is a huge boon to your creativity, so make sure you find some time to work out all your brilliant ideas. Put your thoughts down on paper, record your latest song, finish knitting that scarf, or just whip up that fantastic cake recipe you’ve been saving for so long. Once you start exercising your creativity, your happiness will skyrocket even more’.

That’s my horoscope for today!

That’s the first thing that I read in the newspaper or in my email inbox. It’s a habit. I don’t believe it in totality, but still…

I smiled, as I read it. Next, when I opened my Blog, I saw a comment from Bill Austin.

Bill Austin said…

Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)
Your award will go live sometime on July 22 , 2009
Thank you,
Bill Austin

And some time back, there was a mail…

2007 Weblog Awards – Blog Of The Day Awards – Top Blog Awards

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Posted: 22 Jul 2009 04:57 AM PDT

Blog of the Day Awards for Wed, July 22, 2009
A Blog of the Day Award goes to
A Rose is a Rose is a Rose


And..I can’t stop beaming! Thank You BOTDA! It means a lot!

Coming back to the other part of the horoscope, ‘find some time to work out all your brilliant ideas’…

Well, no time for all that, coz it was a terribly busy day.

  • First, swimming and then a bit of gossiping (NO, I am not a gossiper, I am a Patient Listener!) took some extra time.
  • Second, just as I finished packing lunch for hubby dear, I get a call that he and his 4 friends would be coming home for lunch. So a smiling me!!???, dutifully and frantically prepared some more dishes, thanks to Tarla Dalal’s Cooking Under Ten Minutes!
  • Third, the baby had to make a chart on Germination of Seeds. Now, this is sure a homework for parents. I am sure, teachers know that such small kids cannot undertake such projects on their own. So making the various stages of seed germination took care of the remainder of the afternoon!

I guess, in some way… ‘Put your thoughts down on paper, record your latest song, finish knitting that scarf, or just whip up that fantastic cake recipe you’ve been saving for so long’ Happy-Day came true!

And it sure can classify as a day where happiness skyrocketed…an Award, an invigorating swimming session, a satisfaction of creating magic in the kitchen in a short span of time, smiles and laughter over lunch with friends and the joy to see the happiness on my child’s face. (Thank God, he approved of my drawing skills!)

So, usually I don’t take these horoscopes seriously, but today…

How was your day??

PS: The only misfortune for the day was that I had to re-do the whole post. Just as I was about to publish it on the web, the Windows Live Writer encountered a problem!!

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15 thoughts on “Happiness Skyrocketed!!

  1. Well,
    Congrats yet again!
    Talking about my BLOG day today, it was partly good and partly bad, I got five comments (unlike Subhayan, whose problem I relieved!) and then received a comment that said all my posts end on a negative note, which was good enough to shake me up!

    Apart from that, I got new books and a new bag and Dad promised me a new watch too!, What’s more I can ask for?

  2. Congratulations!!!!!

    Cool huh!!!!! Things falling in place for ya!!! Wish I experience such “good day” soon!!!!! Not able to concentrate on blogging these days!!! tied up with office work. THese days m visiting ur blog more than mine!!!!! LOLz!!!!!

  3. @ Sweet Nothings: Thanks girlie! 🙂

    @ pawan: Thanks!
    That’s nice that you saw positive in the negative! Great! 🙂
    New Books, bag, watch…wah, kya baat hai! 😀

  4. Congrats once again lady 😉
    you deserved every bit of it.

    My day was as usual fighting with engineers to develop this..to develop that!! Work..work and work..the only best thing was to read comments on my blog..it really brings smile on my face.

    And haan…few minutes on my PS2 is what I need at the end of the day. 🙂

  5. Shilpa, First of all Congratz for ek aur feather in your blog….
    Gr8 the your astro predictions were right..
    Coming to the question at end of your blog
    Actually Panditon(Astrologers) ka aur mera 36 ka ankra hai…I mean nobody ever could predict my future including me 🙁 but still I check my daily hororrscope every day with hope but …Kash Nostradamus was alive today …

  6. @ Amrit: Thank you 🙂

    I know…I read the comments on that dance video. Everybody is having a fun time watching it! Good discovery you have made!!:D

    @ Kunu: Thanks a lot for the good wishes! And wishing you the best as well! 🙂

  7. @ brainsunlimited 33: Thank you! 🙂

    @ Bharthi: Thanks Bharthi 🙂

    @ Dhiman: Thanx Dhiman!

    Oh..forget the astrologers and Nostradamus then…It is said…
    Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
    So wishing you the very best in everything you do!! 🙂

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