The Silence After…


Pin drop silence.

Not a sound.

No sounds of the ‘cartoon-like’ voices from the Cartoon Network and Pogo Channels.

No sounds of the screeching cars, skidding bikes, and loud music from the PlayStation 2.

No sound of a toy dropped down or a splash as the colors paint the floor red!

No rants of a woman, “Don’t do this”, “Lower the volume”, “Shut the door, properly”, “No, eat this!”, “Don’t run in this room”, “Finish your homework”, “It’s hot, you can’t go out” and blah blah blah…

No sounds of a group of kids huddled around a laptop and cheering and laughing at a Ben 10 game.

No sounds of a running tap while hands are washed with a shaving foam.

No sounds of water being transferred from one bucket to another and a running shower.

No sounds of the giggles while pranks are being played.

No sounds of mixing Tang in a glass of water, to make the orange drink.

No sounds of a fridge being opened and closed with a bang, every ten minutes!

No sounds of cheerful, chirpy, sweet questions.

Yes, there is deafening silence everywhere!

Silence…in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the dining room…

Why? Why?? Why this silence???

Coz, after a 52 day summer vacation, the school has reopened for my baby!!

Am I liking it?????

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19 thoughts on “The Silence After…

  1. @ Subhayan: 🙂 Aaryan is in a Day School and is in class III, no errrr…III E!!

    @ Vipul: A nice summarization of a 1200 odd word post! 🙂

    All of you please 🙂 smile :), its not so bad!!

  2. Well, dont like to be alone?
    If not that’s bad!
    And as Vipul said, I never knew mothers feel bad about their children going to school after a long vacation!

    Btw, read the latest poem up in my blog!


  3. @ Pawan: 🙂 OK, let me take the cat out of the bag…
    Well, this post could be an example of “u say X, and, Y is understood”.

    The reactions amazed me!! But then I thought…Different strokes for different folks!!

    The actual story: I am happy that the schools have reopened!! 😀

  4. Hmmmm…so summer vacation is over!!! But this silence would be till the time he is back…after than it would be the same. 🙂

    Please put up some pics of Aaryan?? Or is that you have already posted it any of ur post??

    By the way, I posted one comment on the last blog yesterday…but I dont see it anywhere 🙁

  5. It just reminded me of my school days.during summer vacation when I used to turn into a monster my mom used to ask me “when is your school opening again?” and I used to sit calm for 2/3 hours then again back to form.

    P.S. the background colour and the font colour of your blog are too compatible so making it difficult to read.

  6. @ Kunu: I can relate to your Mom!! Coz, I know the feeling, only too well! 🙂

    The background is black wooden planks, on it there is white vertical band, on which the text is in black!!
    I know, what you mean…black text on black wooden planks…that is what you are seeing. Right??
    That happens when the internet connection is slow! 🙁
    Anyways, will sort it out soon! Thanks for bringing it up!

  7. Oh No!
    Where is silence i could not found any where
    *In your kitchen
    *In your drawing room
    *In your bedroom
    where is silence
    Are you not listening chirping sound of loving kids every where without presence
    Very nice post

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