Some Rants…

Disclaimer: This might be a depressive post, coz I have a long list of things to crib about. So, all you, bright, happy, cheerful guys, please click on the ‘cross’ at the top right corner of this webpage.

And the brave hearts (or equally crabby and grumpy folks like me), may read on…

Looks like I am feeling the Monday Blues on a Tuesday!

  • Today morning, when I got up, I had both Eyes Wide Shut!! Looks like, the ‘pink eye’ or the conjunctivitis has hit me!! The irritation in the eye is irritating me mentally too. And the swelling in the eye, does not make me look ‘swell’ in the mirror!rant-girl
  • Then, I broke a brand new (2 day old!) bottle of Adidas After Shave. I know, KG would be absolutely nonchalant about it. But I am extremely mad at myself!! You see, I am a very just person, if KG or AG would have broken it, I would had been equally mad at them too!
  • Next, a patronizing comment from a FB irked me.
  • And since the last 2 days, my blog statistics aren’t too great!! So, this is bugging me to no end!
  • The Rain and the Sun God are playing games in our city. It seems that the Sun God is winning, coz the heat and the humidity is just killing!
  • The visit to the market was totally futile…first the ATM was closed as they were replenishing it! Half an hour, they said!! The tailor had not lived up to his commitment!! And then bought mangoes at Rs. 80 for a kg, while 2 weeks ago, they were available at Rs. 40 a kilogram!!

So far so bad!!!! Hopefully the latter part of the day should beat these blues!! Anyways, all you brave hearts, have a great day!

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14 thoughts on “Some Rants…

  1. hey there….
    CHEER UP !!!!
    Stats are not just everything !!! you write well and do your job things will go well….
    I for one will keep visiting your blog REGULARLY !!!!

  2. The best or worst quality of time is it just passes away.So bad times will also pass away,hang on, be positive, tomorrow will bring a new morning 🙂 keep smiling 🙂

  3. @ What’s In A Name: That’s so so very nice of you!! I am grinning! 😀
    And Thanks a Lot! 🙂

    @ aashi: Thanks a lot girl for the support! I am feeling a lot better! 🙂

    @ kunu: Your positive notes have indeed cheered me up!

    Thanks a lot guys! I guess, things are looking bright…courtesy you!! 🙂

  4. Well,
    Since two days I have been busy!
    As for the after shave, you always have the liberty (and the money of course!) to buy a new after shave and sneak it up!
    Hope you have cheery days ahead!

  5. @ pawan: Good to see you here!

    Well, I would not be reprimanded either ways, coz such things are truly trivial for KG. I was mad at myself for being careless!

    Thanks and wishing you happy days too! 🙂

  6. All i can say is….. A high-jumper steps back only to make a big leap and not to withdraw!!!!!!!! So; a drop in stats may be signs of something good in store for the future of your blog!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Hmmm…some days just don’t come easy..some days just dont come hard!! (one of the lines from Meatloaf).

    Smile now baba!! 🙂

    ‘Red-eye’!! Doctor ko dikhaya?? Keep washing eyes regularly!! Get well soon..and kep us posted!!

    Blog Stats does not really received great awards which shows the worth of your blog..and of course you got such amazing followers like us!!

  8. Hey there are good days n bad days, too. So, jus treat it as yet another bad day (without partiality).
    U hav an amazing blog and stats may not reflect that always.
    Cheer up!!

  9. bad…. But if it’s a bad day today..then its going to be a great day tomorrow… It will be boring if you have all the days as good one… Think that God has given a topic for posting in your blog today…

    And I hope I am not the FB who made a patronizing comment… If so sorry….

  10. @ Amrit: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Not one smile but so many smiles! Thanks Amrit!

    I am a self proclaimed 3/4th doctor. So, took antibiotic eye drop!!

    And thanks again, what would my blog be without a great FB like you!! 😀

  11. @ Shas: Thanks a lot Shas for a great advice! And welcome on “A rose is a rose is a rose!”

    @ Shankar: I liked this a lot…”Think that God has given a topic for posting in your blog today…” 😀

  12. When sorrows come, they come in battalions!

    P.S. If you did not experience a ‘bad’ day… how will you appreciate the ‘good’ days… ??? Not the biscuits… mind you 😉

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