A Toast to My FBs…The Friends from the Blogosphere!

I am 70 days old on the blogosphere! Yeah, just 70!!

And these 70 days have seen me meeting people (on the blogosphere) from different streams, different walks of life, different outlooks and perspectives, different geographical locations and different age groups as well!bgbgroup

And they are….. the FBs or Fellow Bloggers or the Friends from the Blogosphere!

It’s amazing to note the way, we FBs visit each other’s blog & support and encourage each other! At times, when a new post on a FB’s blog is missing, some are quick to wake him/her from the reverie!! Their comments or the feedbacks certainly add a distinct perspective.

And this is despite the fact that we have never met, nor do we know much about the personal lives of each other…yes a bit of this and that from the blogs we post. squirrel_boy_d

And for some of the FBs, we do not even have the real life image…so it is fun to imagine the way they would look in real life….For eg, Subhayan must look like the Squirrel Boy…courtesy his comment on my post “A Weary Hairy Tale!

And some even don’t have a name, like we have a FB by the name: “Whats In A Name”! Imagine, greeting him, “Hi, Whats In A Name!” …and another one by name “Miss Kido”!

One wonderful observation…everybody is so very helpful and supportive…whether its a search for a cool template or a technical advice on HTML codes… You just need to ask and the help is in your mail!

The talent, skills, knowledge and expertise, each one has, it is indeed incredible!

So, today, I’d like to take this as an opportunity to Thank each one of you, my FBs for making it wonderful and great for me in the blogosphere! (Hey, I am not going anywhere and this is not my farewell speech!)Welcome_To_My_Group_Of_Friends

In order below, but not in particular, are my FBs:

Subhayan @ Wrahoolz Wramblingz

Debi @ Impulsive Expressions

Dhiman @ Chronicles of a Techie

Shankar @ Ballat

Amrit @ The Midnight Sun

Vipul @ Reflections of an Empathic Libertarian

Roshmi @ Musings of an Unknown Indian

Pawan @ The Other Perspective

Whats In A Name @ Poor Jokes – “Ha-Ha”-Kaar Macha De !!

Miss Kido @ Miss Kido Speaks

Tiger @ Consumer Psyche

Jaladhi @ Tech Explorer

Kunu @ I Luv My Family

Sumeet Shah @ Out Of My Comfort Zone

I am really proud and happy to have this circle of friends. Toast1

So guys, Here’s a toast…to us, and those like us…Keep Blogging and have a great time doing that!

Lord_Bless_My_Online_Friends-1 Cheers

Shilpa 🙂

Images Courtesy: http://www.wondercomments.com, http://i273.photobucket.com, http://www.popdarts.com, http://www.spacejock.com & http://babygotbooks.com

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31 thoughts on “A Toast to My FBs…The Friends from the Blogosphere!

  1. love u dear…
    its a pleasure going thru ur blogs…
    especially this one…

    appreciation….. hm….
    meeting wonderful people …
    strangers who hv become friends…
    u dont know them.. yet u do…
    givg me a lot to think abt…

    somethng inside is pushg me to start and experience the same….

    just reach out to what is there….
    in abundunce…..

    ! 🙂 !

  2. thank u sooo much!!!!
    loved the squirrel boy comparison … but not now, since i look like a shelled coconut owing to .. sigh …a haircut a couple of days back … btw i’m happy that I know 12/14 of the names listed here … Amrit gave me this wide idea of creating a community … like indiblogger, only a bit more restricted … what do u say?

  3. @ Sumeet: Thank you Sumeet, for the kind words!
    A beaming smile from Shilpa 🙂

    @ Kusum: Sooo Nice to see you!
    And Thank U! 😀
    And yes, you must not delay and start the magical journey ASAP!
    All the very best! 🙂

  4. @ Subhayan: 🙂 Its a big hint for you to post your pic!!
    And yes, we must have our own community! Its a great idea! I mean, a close knit group of FBs, sharing, exchanging views and dreams!
    I am IN for this project! So when do we start and how??

  5. @ Vipul: Thank you and Hip hip Hurray!
    Would like to see your 15 books, which I am sure would be too cool! 🙂
    And your demand has been met! 😀

    @ Roshmi: Thank you and the feeling is mutual! 😀

  6. A new definition for FB which always meant FaceBook …
    Thank you so much for including my name in the list 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Truly I was too surprised at the warm welcome which I received when I first started blogging 4 mths back …
    Blogosphere is truly a place where you meet people with “Beautiful Minds” …cheers to Friends from Blogosphere…

  7. @ Shankar: Hey, Shankar, you are being modest!! Reading my blogs and then sharing your views via comment box is SUPPORT! And you did HELP me in posting the Blogged Rating icon on my blog! Remember!?
    So its a Big Thank you to U! 🙂

  8. Amen!!! 🙂 Candy taken 🙂

    Thank you so so so much 🙂

    Cheers!!! & I just loved the toast 🙂

    And Shilps, I do have a name… It’s ‘Kido’. Miss is just for addressing!!!

    Thanks again & take care 🙂

  9. Well!
    I feel happy to have such great FB’s like you!

    Btw, as Subhayan said, a close knit community for FB’s is always welcome and interesting too! I’m interested too!
    Thanks for the toast!


  10. Hey Shilps,

    Cheers! Now this is like raising a lovely toast…cheers once again
    **Amrit is looking at others to fill the glass again 🙂 **

    Thanks for considering me as your FB. Thats a lovely definition of FB!!!

    Well, regarding the community thing…lets get started..Shubh had some thought…will discuss and then shall launch the platform.

    Hey, isn’t it the time again to fill our glasses and say cheers once again…lolz 🙂

  11. 70 days old!!! Thats it!! And you are already rocking this blogsphere. 🙂

    Keep it coming Shilps…we need your daily dosage of posts. 🙂

  12. i will take this community thingy seriously in August … really busy noe … you know why … there’s this site called ning which allows you to create ur own social networking platform… my dad created one for his B-school colleagues and students, and it rocks big time … in fact it became such a huge hit that IIM students opted to do their internship here! it’s no less than facebook or orkut … check it out:

  13. tell me something, i’m unable to post a comment at debi’s blog … there’s no place to put in the word verification, which shows up after i click on “post comment” … are you having the same problem? if not, then pls let him know that i’m unable to tell him about the cell phone review he wanted because of this difficulty

  14. @ Amrit: 🙂 Cheers and yes, let’s refill our glasses! 😀
    Subhayan’s busy so, guess our community will have to wait for some time. Why don’t, we in the mean time work on it, gather data, info, ideas etc. What say?
    Can I have your mail id please?
    And cheers to our community too!
    Refill again?? 😉

  15. @ Subhayan: Take your time, no hurry, no rush! In the mean time, we will jot down some info and ideas!
    I have been able to post a comment at Debi’s blog…left your message on it!!

  16. @ Subhayan: Ya, I guess you may put it up, I saw Miss Kido doing that!!

    That’s great, but first lets put some thoughts together…ie Name, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Goals, etc!
    I’ll prepare a draft plan, and then all of us in the community can add/edit our inputs on that. What say U??

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