Celebration Time!!

Last night, Vipul Grover, the Host, Creator, Initiator of the Blog-a-Ton, sent me a mail. It was “Congratulations” in a Mail!

Yeah, Congratulating for winning the First Blog-a-Ton, the Blogging Marathon!!

And I was truly stumped!! Didn’t expect it, honestly.

No, I am not being modest! Coz, though only 12 FBs had participated this time, (We sure will have more than a Ton, next time!!), all the blog posts were unique and each had a very refreshing and a novel approach to the topic, The Cream and Scum of Blogging!!

So, though, it kind of, feels good to be the first recipient of the ‘Blog-a-Tonic of the Month’ award.

I’d take this as an opportunity to congratulate and thank all the fellow bloggers: Arjuna,Saimanohar,Dhiman, Avdi, Daisy Blue, Sid ‘Ravan’ Kabe, Shankar, Vipul Grover, Bharathi,Ranee, Ranee again and Pawan, who took the initiative to participate and then enthusiastically commented, supported and appreciated the FB’s posts.

And a BIG thank you to all the fellow readers and friends for their BIG support!! 🙂

So, lets celebrate, as we all made the first Blog-a-Ton a big success!!

champagne2-1 GG640

premium cakes chocolate cakes Please have some and ENJOY!! 🙂

And I guess, we all can’t wait to participate in the next Blog-a-Ton!!

Images Courtesy: http://www.sgravendreefcollege.nl, http://www.giftstokolkataonline.com & http://www.realflowers.biz

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37 thoughts on “Celebration Time!!

  1. Congratulations. Its 5.30 pm and my stomachs grumbling. My lunch has been long digested yaar. Dont torture me with pics of all these goodies. slurrrrp !

  2. @ Vipul: 😀
    I agree, and look at some good color combination too!!
    I know, I shud not be talking like that!! 😛

    @ Avdi: Thanks!!
    PLZZZZ…have some of these goodies, then 😉

    @ BK Chowla: Thank you Mr. Chowla 🙂

  3. Congratulations & Celebrations !!! It was well deserved.. Thanks for cakes, sweets, champagne … But I am cutting calories as I have reached the ‘sky’ weight wise so…no sweets :'(, no cakes :'( and no champanges :'( ofcourse only Gym but wait for a few months … i’ll be back with vengeance

  4. @ Dhiman: Thanks Dhiman. 🙂
    Oh, I am sorry, I didn’t played the role of a good hostess…I should have offered some low-calorie sweets and a Diet Cola for you!!
    Anyways…you sweat it out in the gym religiously and I promise to serve all the goodies next time!! 🙂

    @ pawan: 🙂
    Ok, checking it in a moment!

  5. @ IndianPundit: Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional Japanese poetry. Haiku is, today, a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

    1. Green frog,
    Is your body also
    freshly painted?

    2.Sick and feverish
    Glimpse of cherry blossoms
    Still shivering.

  6. @ Amrit: Thanks and you must participate in the next Blog-a-Ton.
    Please check outhttp://blog-a-ton.blogspot.com/
    Waiting for you to join us 🙂

    @ Shas: Thank you Shas!! Did you taste the goodies?? 🙂

    @ Rane: Thanks girlie!! 🙂

    @ evanescentthoughts: Thanks for your support dear!! And are you doing that tag…’My life in numbers!!?”. I tagged you!! 🙂

    @ Bharathi: Yeah and me thanking everywhere!! 😀

  7. @ Whats In A Name: I remembered, your choice!! 😀 And Thanks.

    BTW, I am not able to post a comment on your blog!! Tried many times, can’t go beyond the word verification. Though, others are able to do it!! I wonder why my comments are not accepted at your blog!! 🙁

  8. @ Whats In A Name: Hey!! Posted 2 comments successfully!!

    U know, since I didnt had ur mail id, so I posted this feedback in your “submit your joke’ column.
    Did u see it??

  9. Although i was late on the scene and missed voting for your blog, but it was a real pleasure to read.
    May God bless you with more titles!

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