HNCs Strike Again!!

Missed watching your favorite serial??

No worries, coz, the next day, it would be on the Hindi News Channels or the HNCs.

You fret, that it would be the summary of the ‘already snail paced moving serial’, you’d get to watch on the Hindi News Channel??

You are highly mistaken!! Hindi News Channels hain na…. for the double dose of E!…ie Education and Entertainment. (To understand,this, you may like to read my earlier post, HNCs=E2)

They will:

  • Ensure that you do not miss your favorite serial, so they’d dedicate a half an program on it under the garb of BREAKFAST NEWS!
  • Give you a word by word, shot by shot account of the serial, in fact will do much more than the actual serial by repeating the clips again and again!
  • They’d write the story for you in the form of headlines, coz they want you to be proficient in all forms of media…reading, listening and seeing at the same time
  • They’d explain it too, through the anchor of the show news, after all you are a moron, so apart from the reading, listening and watching the ‘serial news’, you’d understand the story, only after she summarizes it for you!









PS: I’d not explain the pics, coz,

  • they are self explanatory
  • And I guess believe, you are not a moron very intelligent, and you certainly do NOT need MY commentary to understand them further!!
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13 thoughts on “HNCs Strike Again!!

  1. Hahahaha…..good post once again.
    One thing u forgot to add:MONEY.

    Welcome to the world of CORPORATE NEWS NETWORKS!!!

    Sharp business sense works behind it.

    Huge sums of money are paid by the entertainment channels to the HNCs.

    Its a double deal:-

    1)HNCs earn money by promoting those moronic regressive serials…….

    2)HNCs also get increased viewership i.e TRP especially the “saas-bahu” crowd.

    Also advertisement revenue provides the ICING ON THE CAKE….

  2. Oh C’mon, they are running 24 hrs….even they need to produce news faster than a rabbit produces babies…
    So I guess it fair enough for them to run all these news while India is running in the Marathon of Doom slowly and steadily…:D
    After all they are there to show only what people want, what happened to quality journalism God knows.

  3. @ IndianPundit: Ah, yes, money, money, money!
    For HNCs, it’s a rich man’s world!!

    @ Sid: Hey, just becoz they have to be live 24×7, should they be churning out such programs?
    But guess, there is an audience for this too, hence such programs on HNCs. And yes Money factor is there as IndianPundit pointed out!

    And yes, your Indian Tamasha is just too good! 😀

  4. Let me first wish you a very very happy friendship day Shilpa. 🙂

    Very nice post. Very funny!! 🙂 I have stopped watching HNC…m so glad..but I thought IBN7 was little mature channel…but no HNC can beat India TV. Its hilarious!

    The line from the movie Company – sab ganda hai par dhanda hai yeh! 🙂

  5. Very well written.It is sickening to see or listen to these confused channels.In fact the stakes are very high in entertainment business…now called TV serials.I wonder if you know,for the cable operator to slot your channel between 1st and 9th has a very heavy premium.It is much easier to surf between 1 to 9.If for channel placement they pay in Lakhs,they would pay any amount for reviews which are of course scripted by the producer.

  6. 😀 Good one !
    This is why I hate hindi news channels. I have stopped watching these channels. They give me a headache. I remember the last time i watched one. there was some yogi baba who was going to revive some ancient skeleton to life. Its irritating how they keep on repeating the lines ” Zinda hoga 150 saal puarana skeleton” or something like that, with great zeal and enthsiasm. Huh !

  7. Ha Ha Ha !!! It used to surprise me when a Channel like Aaj Tak indulge in such news items … also their reality show type news items on supernatural is also very amusing… sansani khez khabren pouchaye aap taak…

  8. @ Miss Kido: 😀

    @ Amrit : Happy Friendship day to you too Amrit!!
    You are right, India TV is THE Best among HNCs!! God, I cant stand it even for few seconds!!
    And I guess your dialogue, sums it up aptly!!

    @ BK Chowla: Thank you Mr. Chowla!
    I am actually amazed at all those people who watch these HNCs or equally regressive programs…

    Ok…I was not aware of this 1 to 9 business!! Thanks for enlightening! 🙂
    And welcome on “A rose is a rose is a rose!”. Am glad to see you here!! 🙂

  9. @ Mou: 🙂
    I know what you mean!! These channels are just amazingly terrible! And you know…their headlines would be such big claims and so very dramatic, but the actual story would be nothing…like Khoda pahaad, nikalee chuhiya!!
    Hats off to them, actually for doing this nonsense day in and day out!!

    @ Dhiman: Its not just Aaj Tak, you have others too, and News 24 is all set to give tough competition to Aaj Tak!!
    They are just….

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