The Moment of Truth…and Later??

Was surfing the channels on TV late night (yeah, I got to touch and feel the accomplice of the Idiot Box last night, coz KG is out on a tour!!) and somehow I got stuck on Star Plus’s Sacch Ka Saamna.

Had heard a lot about the program, but had never seen it.

So last night, on Sacch Ka Saamna, a middle aged woman was answering some extremely personal questions like…
“Have you ever beaten up your husband?”
“Have you gone on vacations without your husband’s knowledge?”
“Have you had any extra-marital relationship?”….

And she gave the answers to all the 3 questions in a “Yes”! And it was in the presence of her husband and a 20-something daughter and 2 more relatives!!

The husband’s reaction to the first question… “If, I am wrong, yes, she can beat me!!”

Second question…He was visibly angry as he was not aware till then that she had gone on a vacation without him knowing about it and simply lost his cool and said something to the effect that she is not a child and she can go anywhere, with anybody, at any time!!

And the response to the third question will be aired tonight!!

I was too disturbed and stunned with the whole thing and did moved on to the next channel, but came back to actually see the trauma, shame, embarrassment and humiliation of the contestant and the family.

Most of the people have some big or small skeletons in their closets, but does that mean, for some money (it’s big money for some, though!) and fame (??), one should be washing their (embarrassing) linen in public. And is it worth destroying your relationships for this money and fame??

If, one is sharing those secrets which were of positive nature, the relationships within the family would have strengthened. But sharing their secrets related to lust, betrayals, misdeeds and evil thoughts in complete public view….????

I wonder, what makes them do this?? Is it that they strongly believe in “Truth is mighty and will prevail”?

And if they strongly believed in this, then why do it now in front of millions??

This truth is surely going to shatter their personal lives! I mean, how many would be chivalrous or strong enough to accept such harsh truths??

I know, for sure, that the their relationships would never be the same again!!

Sach Ka Saamna is a show on Star Plus which is the Indian version of the popular American reality game show The Moment of Truth, that makes a contestant answers the questions in front of their family and friends, questions that are extremely personal and embarrassing; if they are revealed in-front of everyone.

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25 thoughts on “The Moment of Truth…and Later??

  1. I have exactly the same view as yours. I hate this idea of few people making money out of anything, forgeting emotional side of humanbeing. I thought of writing a post by myself but you did it first and good work.

  2. Well, shilpa; if a person wants 2 b disgraced in frnt of evryone, wants 2 destroy his/her most importnt relationships, wants 2 bcum a joke in frnt of d wrld; thn thts his/her choice, isn’t it… (I cn only hop they gt sum psychatric help)
    I wndr wat they get out of it.. The format of the program is so duping in nature.
    According 2 an amusing news report, on this program till now 150 truths hav been spoken while the producers hav partd with only 15 lacks.

  3. Well,
    I guess if the contestant is willing to tell the truth let him blurt it out!
    Who knows, they could be acting on screen and off screen they might still share a good relationship.
    It’s all money as you said!


  4. Hello Sister

    i totally agree with you.
    Yeah,to our family members we must speak the truth. Nothing but the truth.

    But we should NEVER SAY “INCONVENIENT” PERSONAL TRUTHS on national television!!!!

    Just think about the embarrassment her “20-something daughter and 2 more relatives” will face from now on when others name and shame their family. They will be pointed out on the streets and mocked and abused……really pathetic!!!!!!

    Also, youtube is full of sach ka samna videos so its not a one off thing………

    They may earn a lot of money ( or nothing at all) but they are losing much much more than they can imagine………

    Cheers to you.
    No cheers to them.

  5. well.shilpa..ur views are correct.. But we should understand the fact that the participants are none other than people who sell themselves for common man has participated so far in this program… only tv and few local celebrities only participate..

    I watch this program everyday…

    One day a tv actress came…

    some questions were like these..

    did u have sex in your school days?

    have you been pulled out of college as u were pregnant…

    did u have any relationship with someone for getting a chance in acting etc…etc..

    So the participants are none other than the peoples who sold themselves out already for money….

    so i had no shock or anything while they answered yes..i would be shocked if they answer no for this questions….

  6. well, the show definitely is an eye-opener for people who continuously rant on about culture and tradition.
    I am sure it will be the only show without a celebrity and guest.
    But you know, in this show…if the couple come over the truth, they will have the strongest bond ever.

  7. Hi shilpa!
    even i was stunned when i saw an episode of this!
    we feel it awkward when she tells those things!but her conscience must have indicated this! But for the sake of money they come in public and share their private lives!
    they don’t have that tinge of shameless nature!
    i was seriously awestruck once i saw the series of questions bein asked!
    these kinda shows really are against our culture!
    i feel that these shud be banned permanently!
    will the government act here!
    lets hope for the best!
    again a nice blog from you!!
    well written shilpa!

  8. The Poll Question on Star Plus’s website is:
    Is it worthwhile to reveal all your secrets on SKS for the sake of money?

    And the poll result is: (Total Votes Polled=61747)
    Yes: 2%
    No: 97%
    Can’t Say: 1%

    Makes me wonder…The participating contestants must be truly doing it for money!!

  9. I love this show Shilpa. I believe whosoever is participating there, would have thought a lot before doing so. And for eachone of them there would be some reason behind. Like we have reasons not to be part of such show..thats our reasoning.
    Even if the reason is money…or publicity or may be a mere daring attitude. But its their choice after all! Isn’t it?!

    But yes..the questions are now getting very very same and repeated.

  10. Shilpa! I’ve watched numerous relationships broken immediately on the stage of “Moment of Truth”. The media knew the secrecy of making their show, a success story (remember the moment, you came back from other channel to watch it back outta curiosity…you ain’t alone as I did that numerous times when I was watching “Moment of Truth”). Shows, similar to this hype, are condemnable.

  11. Its the lure of lucre which is forcing people to this show… 🙁

    Else who would like to get himself embarrassed in the public ???
    Its the surrender of one’s ego and pride in lieu of money!

  12. my take:
    for starters a) the participants know what they r getting into.
    b) it takes hell of courage to sit on that hot seat ….. for money or for self test….now that is commendable.
    c) for money we sell our time, skills, energy & lots of time we even hurt our loved ones…..the participants r no different only the magnitude of everything involved is huge…from gains to loss.

    Finally lets not be the moral brigade……whatever’s been asked on the show is something which exists.
    Even our Gods cheated, got attaracted to beautiful apsaraas, bred love children…..the vedas have it all.

    (By the way i don’t watch the show…saw it once only out of curiosity)

  13. I have exactly the same view as yours. Even I was stunned when I saw an episode of this… actually a few minutes of an episode. Could not sit thru the whole thingi…

    Leaves a bad taste in the mouth… so to speak. Wonder how folks can subject themselves to this kind of very public humiliation for a fistful of cash… Yuk!

  14. Shilpa,I share the same views.But,we must not forget,the hot seat is one’s own choice.Why did this lady chose to participate in the programme is a secondary issue what is important is that she must be a brave woman who for her own reasons sat there and embarrassed her family(hope they still remain a family).I for one will not be a party to this programme.And yes,I do foresee a time very soon when TV shows will not be seen by the family together.We will miss these days and good shows.

  15. wow…that’s why I don’t much TV.

    I really doubt how much of this stuff is true, and how much is rigged. I wouldn’t be surprised if the so-called “truth” was just a ploy to boost ratings. After all, ho does the audience know whetehr that lie detector is genuine or not!

    Btw, first time visit on your blog, I came from Amrit’s blog. very interesting blog. I will definitely be reading mroe and commenting more 🙂

  16. Why don’t we take these “reality” shows as an extension of soap opera …those K-serials come-on… if you watch a few episodes of Sach ka Samna you’ll know its all rigged and scripted… where is the lie detectors some voice says true or false thats absurd …. a polygraph test is a scientific process which maps a number of physical parameters…. I watched a few episodes and lost interest due to its monotony… see every episode someone sits on the ‘hot’ seat and answers all crap and negativity….
    I think we should not take the television seriously now-a-days ….they are their to entertain us and earn money so let them do that… see hundreds of channels are there… somehow they need to grab eyeballs… so create something that generates ‘Shock and awe’ thats it…except the news that too from credible channels everything else is just entertainment…

  17. not much into TV, never knew of this show.. came to know from ur posts… but surely can comment!
    i sometimes wonder.. are these things totally set up !
    how cud one blurt out anything .. I would have slapped hard for asking such questions !

  18. I must say the idea of the show is brilliant from the marketer’s point of view but the results are destructive…
    Life is not just a publicity stunt…. but all this happens cz public enjoys watching such things…

  19. In the Moment of Truth, there was a woman who answered questions about having affairs, not loving her husband when she married him, stealing money from her work place….all without even the slightest worry…then she had to answer a question, “do you believe u are a good person?”. She replied “Yes,”. Guess what, the lie detector flashed, and she was out of the show. Then came the tears and cries….

    and yes, her husband divorced her after that….

  20. Hey… its a good way to make your alimony though. I mean, if you want a divorce and don’t know how you will make ends meet after that, this is a big chance. I love Indian Reality shows!!

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