A Post From Srinagar!

A smooth takeoff from Jammu and a bumpy landing ….Voila! and we are at Srinagar!!

And all this while, I have been sniffing around for a ‘subject’ for my post!!

But nothing interesting happened on the airport…except for very irritating security checks at so many places!! I know it’s good for us only, but the way it is being done, it gets on your nerves!

A lady officer accidentally dropped somebody’s hand bag, thereby strewing across all the knick-knacks, papers, and a million hundred small things which formed the part of a big bulky bag!!

And the way the personal checking is done by lady officers, it surely gives you a eeky feeling!

On reaching the hotel, the first few tasks that were done ….

Switch on the laptop and took help of the hotel staff to get the wi-fi network connected!!

This luxury is available only for today!!

Coz, tomorrow the hilly mountains, rivers and lakes, valleys, glaciers, yaks, Buddhist monasteries, artifacts and gompas await us!!


See ya!!

Images Courtesy: http://en.wikipedia.org

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19 thoughts on “A Post From Srinagar!

  1. Sounds like begining of a fun trip…can’t blame security officials keeping in mind security threats.. even SAHRUKH KHAN was not spared(in US of course)…have a great trip so that we can have great posts from you.

  2. Thank you everybody for your warm wishes!!
    Last few minutes with the net and then we are off to the higher altitude!!
    Take good care of yourself and see you later!! 🙂

  3. I am planning a trip to Ladakh too, but I have been doing that for ages now! Let’s see when that materializes for me!
    But you have a great time. 🙂

  4. SRK made himself heard all over for having been frisked(who cares)This is one opportunity for you too to also make an issue.You sHould say if is SRK i am SG.
    Have a nice trip

  5. Yeah this security check irritates sometimes.. Have gone through similar pain everytime I fly 🙁 but yeah it’s good to check.. Give us an update of what you saw and put some pics.. I am sure it’s gonna be really beautiful 🙂 Have fun!!

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