Stress Test

It’s exam time!!

And I am having butterflies in stomach to panic attacks.

How should I plan the study schedule?

Is there sufficient time to learn and revise?

Spellings of difficult words, done??

First an oral revision followed by a writing whatever is learned should be a fair enough strategy.

Sufficient sleep and rest is important as well!

The daily dose of leisure activities has to be enjoyed too!!

Some IAS exams? Or doctoral program?? Or management aptitude test??

Nooo, its nothing of that sort!!

CCEs or Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation for Aaryan are starting tomorrow! And he is in class III.C62A06A85840441E9C0AB966A102752C

While the kid is ultra cool about it, and has no fear or any qualms about the exams (which he should not have, ever!), I am all worked up.

Though the syllabus is just 1-2 chapters for all subjects, which we finish learning and revising in no time, but still that knotty feeling does not go away!!

I don’t want him to even know that exams are stressful times (which he will know, eventually!), so maintaining that cool and clam and normal demeanor is taking a toll on me!!

It’s kinda strange that knowing all the mandatory do’s and don’ts for a kid’s exams (for parents) is no help to me!!

So you have a great evening while I struggle with my dilemmas!! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Stress Test

  1. hey shilpa…out of somewhere u pick up a topic and write!!
    u r extempore!!

    check out ma latest post!

    btw,all the best for aaryan!

    keep smiling!!

  2. Phew!
    Lots of work that is!
    I still remember the days where my mother used to do all the studying part!
    Do post your results, err Aaryan’s result though!


  3. Hello Shilpa
    “”CCEs or Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation””

    i really get surprised by such bombastic names. Common Admission Test(CAT) sounds much more simple.

    Anyways best of luck to your son.


  4. @ garima & Shruti: Thanks Girls!! I need all your best wishes!! 🙂

    @ pawan: Am glad, you realize, how strenuous the exams are for mothers!!

    Yeah, you can say that it would be my result!! 🙂

    @ IndianPundit: I know, such jazzy names they have!!
    And thanks a lot!! 🙂

  5. Hey Shilpa

    For your information, your posts shows up in our reading list VERY LATE.

    i have ur blog in my blogroll, but it still shows the PREVIOUS POST of yours.

    Do check your feeds.

    Cheers and happy blogging

  6. Forgot to add…

    Ask this question in the Indiblogger forum too.

    Maybe someone like renie might help u.


    Tell me honestly, what do u think about my “tag” posts?? am i doing okay in them?? or should i be more serious about them??

  7. sista….vakt rehte sudhar jaa…..baad mein halat aur kharab ho jaani hi…..
    chill maar…guggu is is father’s son 😉 he’ll sail thru just fine !!!!

  8. All the Best for you !!! I think your boy’ll certainly do well!!! But the question is does he read this blog ? Because if he does he’ll know what exam stress is…
    Thank God I am off the student phase and the parent phase is far away hopefully 😉

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