A to Z of Fashion for Men!!

Yesterday was a male bashing day. And today is a day to pamper them. CONFUSEDRANTS.. inspired me to formulate my own A to Z Fashion Tips for MEN!!

Presenting the A to Z of fashion tips and trends for men that would make them ‘a complete man’!!


Aviators ooze traditional “cool” and a more manly edge.clip_image001


Blazer for a casual or formal do.


Calvin Kleins new Steel Underwear range that glow in the dark!


Denim jeans and jackets. Mixing denim is good. Matching the same shade of denim is not.


Espadrille, the classic rope-soled shoe of the French clip_image002Mediterranean is the hot new shoe, as men around the world discover the simplicity and comfort of the espadrille.


Fragranceclip_image003Use different fragrance for different occasions …


Gold Accessories: Chains and bracelets, cufflinks simply clip_image004add some elegant style. The key to wearing gold well is to not go overboard.


Hairstyle: Buzz cut, hair styled with gel or a classic and no fuss do, whatever suits you.




Jackets – Match dress shirts to sweaters to T-shirts without appearing out of place and perfectly blend up the look by bridging casualness and dressiness.


Know Yourself. Finding your own personal style amid the latest fashion trends is paramount to building the perfect wardrobe. Choose clothes that suit both your personality and your body shape.


Loafers. Shoes make the man. Of all the items in a man’s clip_image005wardrobe, shoes are the single most important element of style.


Man Bag: Having a great bag or hold-all can really add some clip_image006class and style to an outfit.


Nike Trainers for running and jogging etc. because you can’t beat the sports technology and just overall quality of a trainer maker who have been “just doin’ it” since the 60’s.


Open Mind: Listening to others’ ideas may not be easy, but it could be a valuable way to learn something new or change your perspective on life.


Pocket Squares: clip_image007Any mediocre or worn out jacket can be instantly livened up with an inexpensive casually folded pocket handkerchief.


Quality of Family Life is a support for greater motivation, commitment and overall performance.


Rings: Finger rings clearly reflects a man’s individuality in style and has a beautifying impact to a man’s hand.clip_image008


Shorts, always have that relaxed casual vibe to them. Add clip_image009some class with a polo or short sleeve shirt . Canvas trainers look just as good as boat shoes with them.


Tie : By simply changing the style of knot you wear you can breathe new life to an old tie on a tired suit.clip_image010


Understanding Nature is a ‘Wow”


Values in Life : Prioritize


Wallet : Ditch your old-fashioned leather wallet and replace it with something modern, different and eco-friendlyclip_image011.


Xtra Goodness


Youthful Confident Attitude


Zenith Chronomasterclip_image012

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24 thoughts on “A to Z of Fashion for Men!!

  1. am the first one to comment!!!
    awesome…very very creative…from A to Z!!
    mind blowing..
    like IP am asking you.. Will you be thinking about blogs all time? 😛
    check out ma blog!!
    i wrot a 55 fiction!!

  2. Well,
    Your husband has to shell out loads of money to satisfy his needs, err, your needs 😛

    I don’t know half the things mentioned there, and I am not interested too!

    But a good one! Makes me think of a few things that need a change, like my wallet!
    (Btw, you manage the letter ‘X’ in a wonderful manner!)

  3. @Shipla
    A to z…oh my…i can’t think till ‘c’, i did not even know there were 26 accessories for me…damm…and just today someone in the office was complaining i wear worn out pants!!!

  4. Hi Shilpa

    Thats a great post…..loved everything except M and W.

    Everything rocks big time.

    The title should be:-

    “””””A to Z of Fashion and Lifestyle for men!!!”””””

    There are LOTS of LIFESTYLE INFORMATION in this post for example I,K,O,Q,U,V,X,Y……

    Overall a great read as usual….

    Cheers and check out my recent post…..!!!!!!

  5. @ Shruti: Thanks. Am glad you find it a good A to Zeeeee!!

    Ya, sort of, I look at everything as a ‘subject’ for my blog post! I know, its kinda weird!! 😀

    And I checked it!! A nice 55F!! 🙂

    @ pawan: That’s not the case though!! :p
    I am happy to help…wallet, among other things! 😀

    @ Sid: Happy to help again!! 😀

    @ Shankar: 🙂
    Yeah, it sure is weird!! 😀

  6. hahaha.. good one.. dint know half of them… now I will refer to this list when I want to gift a guy next time.. btw I completed the number tag.. sorry for taking so much time but it really was a tough one 🙂 but had fun..check my site..

  7. @ Dhiman: Oh yes, ‘I’ is very important, but its not necessary that all things will follow because of that!! Some do not have taste, some have no inclination, some have no or less knowledge about it….

    @ Musings of a lonely traveler: 😀

  8. Damn!! And I always thought the cool family pack in place of my stomach was the only things I required to impress gals. Anyways doesn’t having so many accesories take all what we men have left with us – our raw sex appeal?

    I personally feel that we Martians are meant to wear denims and T-shirts and maybe a cool tattoo. Jewellery and perfumes belong to the planet Venus.

  9. @ Paritosh: 🙂
    Hey, one doesn’t dresses up to impress the opposite sex!!!!

    Denims and T-shirts and a tattoo for all occasions??? Think again!! 🙂

    @ Sweet Nothings!!!: I should be saying Thank YOU!! 🙂
    Also a firm believer of, “A credit is given where credit is due!!” 😉

  10. @ Amrit: Thank you Amrit!
    Great! So we have a stylish dude amongst us!! Cool! 🙂

    @ Roshmi: I know, me too found it weird!
    For Bappi Da, I guess Only “G” and Loads of it!! is the fashion statement!! 😀

    @ BK Chowla: Thank you!! 🙂

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