I’m Back!!


Yeah, I am back!!
Back in the blogosphere!

But, where was I?? 
Or what kept me away from my beloved blog?
Or how could I miss my daily dose of thoughtful insights from my fellow bloggers??
How could I spend so many days without marveling at the amazing talent, creativity and diverse thoughts in the blogosphere??

Oh, the reasons are many… (or are they the excuses??)

  • The festival season…Navratras…Dusshera…Karvachauth…and the grand finale Diwali!
  • The Diwali cleaning…gosh, how much clutter I had to banish from my home this time!!
  • Kid’s CCE III (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation…in short my exams!!)
  • Then our baby’s school vacations…which topsy-turvies my schedule!
  • Guests…Navratras and holidays attract a lot of Vaishno Devi Mata’s darshan!
  • Shopping…my favorite activity.
  • A new addiction…Farmville at Facebook! I need some more neighbors! (Please add me as your neighbor!!)
  • Parties and get-togethers. This festive season, our evenings were busier than a Page 3 socialite! (Imagine at a place like Jammu!!)
  • May be a bit of writer’s block! Actually, didn’t  use the grey cells at all in this direction!!

Anyways, it’s high time and it’s time to get back to work!!

So back I am!
To start with on my blog and soon on all your blogs!!
Can’t wait to meet you all again!!


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36 thoughts on “I’m Back!!

  1. Welcome back, lady!
    Am sure with a bang!!!!!!!!!
    Good to see you here.

    I believe the major detractor was Farmville. Right?????
    I know, I am. 😀

  2. Yay! you’re back!! looks like you had your hands full these past few days 🙂

    And arghh…these days I seem to be losing all my friends to this Farmville mania 🙁 Is it really so addictive??

  3. Yipppeee!!!! Good to see you back.. even if its not with a bang !!! 🙂

    Hectic Diwali huh? I hope you had fun eating all the mithai .. ! Farmville seems to be EVERYONE’s newest addiction these days. My Home page is filled with everyone’s farming activities !! Cute though..


  4. Welcome back Shilpa .I am trying very hard to keep away from Farmville,my friends are addicted to it and now you too !!Great to know that you had a rocking festive time ,looking forward for your new post.

  5. Welcome back ! It’s always nice to take a short break from your regular activity! So hope it helped to recharge your grey blog cells!

    And ya, even i am tempted to think of indulging on farmville ….

  6. hey Shilpa, I can read FV mentioned there…this facebook is getting us addicted na…you said it so correctly on my post on fb 😀

    welcome back btw…:)

  7. @ Keith : Thanks Keith!!
    😛 You are right!!! 😛

    @ evanescentthoughts: Thanks Avada! Am happy to be back! 🙂

    Thanks a ton, I’ll be glad to be your neighbor!! Have sent you an invite!! Check it out!!

    @ Reema : Hi Reema and welcome on “A rose is a rose is a rose!”

    Oh, yes, you must check out Farmville!! It’s a cool game!! Interesting and fun too!!

    @ RSV : OMG!! :p

  8. @ nishitak: Oh, yes, it was the most hectic festive season I have ever had!!

    You must try it too! 😛

    It’s a cool game!!

    Gosh…how I am promoting Farmville!! I should be getting some extra FVs from Zynga Games!! 😀

    @ lost world : Thank you Rohitha!

    You don’t seem to be playing Farmville!! :O

    Join the club!! 😀

    @ Sid ‘Ravan’ Kabe : Thanks Sid!! 🙂

  9. @ kavita: Thanks Kavita!

    See, so many people are playing Farmville, there must be something interesting or fun in it!! Right?? So don’t resist, join the farming club!! 😀

    Ya, it was a great festive season! How about you!!??

    @ Aashima : I know!! 🙂

    And thanks!! 🙂

    @ Lakshmi Rajan: Thank you Rajan!

    Let’s hope so…whether they were charged or got rusted…the next post will spill the beans!! 😛

    Oh, you must!! And then do remember to add me as your neighbor!! 😛

    @ Neha: I must say, that you made a sensible choice, by opting out of FV!! Let’s see, when that happens to me!! 😀

  10. Wonderful! Welcome back… and its such a big relief!

    We… meaning those of us… who have become so accustomed to reading a-post-a-day from you, were feeling the ‘withdrawl symptoms’ already 😉

  11. Strange!!! But it was only a week that you had last posted …and I guess that’s a normal break you take to dish out a new well turn out post (like this)!

    So were you really missing from blogosphere? Going by the comments it seems you are right.

    I was wondering how my readers (if there are any left) would react …they would like to crucify me if I return back to my blog! ….I AM NOT WRITING FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW …but am afraid to return to the angst of the readers.

    Any gutsy suggestions?

  12. @ Roshmi Sinha : Hi Roshmi! Good to see you! 🙂

    OMG!! I must let my grey cells work overtime and let my fingers dance furiously on the key board to reduce the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms!! 😀

    @ Ashutosh : Hello Ashutosh! I can understand your predicament. 🙂

    But, you see, we are a gang of ‘addicted’ bloggers, who have this urge to express not only on their blog frequently, but also on ALL their fellow blogger’s blogs!

    So going by that standard, not doing this for a WEEK or more is a serious aberration!!

    Hence this post and these comments!!

    And you write so well, so you must return back to your blog!! I am sure, your old readers as well as new ones would love to savor your expression!! So, get going and start blogging!!

    All the best and Cheers!! 🙂

    @ BK Chowla: Hello Mr. Chowla. Good to see you here!!

    Yup, will try to do my bestest!! 🙂

  13. @ Shruti : Hi Girl! 🙂
    Thank you!! Don’t know about me!! But you sure have created a lot of dhamaka on your blog!!
    Thanks a lot for so many awards!! I am touched…speechless…honoured…
    Thanks a TON!! 🙂

  14. @ pawan : Thanks Pawan! I know, “A rose is a rose is a rose!”…6 days ago…looks very bad!! 😀
    You need to come back too!! 😀

    @ indianhomemaker.com : Thank you and good to see you! 🙂

  15. Welcome back and was really Happy to get a comment from you announcing it…. well me to have not been very active and it seems it’ll be like that for some time ….
    And this FV mania Gosh u too ….


    BLOGOSPHERE Ki malika e shilpa…

    aa rahi haiiiiiiiiiiiii

    all standing up …


    check my page ,,,honey bee..

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