It’s Unbelievable!

It’s unbelievable!!
I mean, I was shocked!
And also pleasantly surprised.

And then I was happy….or was I ecstatic?
I guess, I was numb too.

Some moments later, the grey cells took charge but they were overpowered by the adrenaline secretions. As a resultant to that, frantically, poured all the excitement into the phone, much to the amusement and confusion of the recipients at the other end.

And from morning, till some moments ago, I was blogging in my head, answering imaginary inquisitive questions from friends and family, and day dreaming of ….

Oh, it’s a dream come true…to be sharing space with bigwigs…many I know and a lot many I still need to know. Being on the same page with the likes of really Big Amitabh Bachchan or Shekhar Kapur, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Gul Panag, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Lisa Ray or Shobhaa De, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika, Arindam Chaudhuri or Jammy, Amit Agarwal, Indian Home Maker…to name a few…is simply overwhelming!!


Yeah, it’s still unbelievable that My Blog features in the Directory of Top Blogs in India and Most Widely Read Indian Bloggers!!

Yes, India Blogs @ showcases Shilpa Garg’s Blog!!

I am Proud to be a part of Best Indian Blogs!!

Thank you guys, Fellow Bloggers, Friends, Family, Commenters, Followers for all your support and encouragement!!

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44 thoughts on “It’s Unbelievable!

  1. Am I the first to write the comment?! I am so happy! Many many congrats to you Shilpa! You have earned it with your hard work and talent! CONGRATS!!

  2. you may find it confusing but I am confused though…
    I thought you knew u are the best??


    it may sound cliched but

  3. Congrats, its wonderful news, its time to party and celebrate your effort, hard work and the awesome creativity. I am so happy to hear this. All the best and hey, you deserve to be on the topper’s chart.

  4. hey congrats shilpa…. I usually visit this page more often…. and yesterday also i visited and was glad that I found your blog in the best personal blogs….

    great going… congrats…

  5. Great!! Keep it up. Name on the same page as ‘other greats (yes, u too are)’ is truely rewarding.

    I suggest you now slowly move from the personal blog category to a subject oriented one – Politics, education, industry, social problems, issues in the country. That would be truely wonderful. Of course, those thoughts will come from reading more.

  6. @ pra:Thank you so much Prashansa!You have been a great supporter always!! And it means a lot!! 🙂

    @ Guria : Thanks a lot Guria. Your generosity overwhelms me! :p

    @ Shilpa : Thanks a bunch Shilpa 🙂

    @ Sojo Varughese : Merci!! 😀

  7. @ R S V : 😛 Thanks 😛

    @Swapna Raghu Sanand : Thanks a ton Swapna for such nice kind words. I am all red in the ears!! 😀

    @ evanescentthoughts : Muchos Gracias, Avada!:)

    @ Renie: Thanks a lot Renie. Sogood to see you here!! I am honored!! 🙂

    @ magiceye : Thanks ton for your support and good wishes!! 🙂

  8. REALLY !!!!! That’s worth a toast surely.. 🙂

    I’m proud of you!
    Ms. Garg, please do not forget small-fry such as yours truly once you start rubbing shoulders (sharing comments) with the likes of BigB, Amir Khan etc !! 😉

    Hugs! I’m glad the rose has finally found a place where she belongs !!

  9. @Lakshmi Rajan: You bet it is!!:) Thanks a lot!!:)

    @ Neha : Thanks a bunch, Neha!! Yeah,party time!! 🙂

    @ pawan: Thank you Pawan.

    @Himalayi Dharohar: Thank you and welcome on “A rose is a rose is a rose!” 🙂

    @ indianhomemaker : Thanks a ton IHM!! 🙂

    @ Roshmi Sinha : Yup!! 🙂

  10. @Shankar : Oh, wow, you saw it!! Thanks a lot!!:)

    @ BK Chowla : Thank you Mr.Chowla for your wishes! 🙂

    @ Chetan: Thanks a lot Chetan! 🙂

    @ garima : Thanks so much, Garima! 🙂

    @ Pravir Dobhal : Thanks Pravir and that’s a good suggestion!! 🙂

  11. @ opinionsandexpressions : Cool!! 🙂

    Welcome on “A rose is a rose is a rose!” 🙂

    @ Sid : Sure Sid!!:)

    @ Amrit : Good to see you Amrit! and Thank you!! As usual you are too extravagant with words!! 😀

    @ lostworld : Hey, come on, dont say that!! It’s not going to happen like that!!

    Hugs! And thanks a ton for your wishes! 🙂

    @ Shrinath Vashishtha : Thank you Shrinath!! 🙂

  12. Been only a while on your space.

    Congratulations! Well deserved I am sure(though I have a huge backlog to cover) after I read the blog-a-ton post! That was something 🙂



  13. hmmm….all that needs to be said is said….adding more to it would sound so trite……
    just wanted to let you know…..
    keep the good work rolling….

  14. WOW Congratz and it feels so good see it all happen I mean I still remember you asking for a review @ indiblogger and then going on a trail blazer constantly posting quality posts even when on a vacation….rightly said who else deserves … GR8 to witness the milestones of this blog … many more will come I am sure…

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