Tomorrow It Will Be!

It’s a tale of our Treadmill.


Till last year, a Treadmill at home was in MY Wish List (and not in OUR Wish List).

But the benefit of this machine would be OURS!! And with this thought in mind, I had done extensive research on Treadmills of all available styles and brands.


Wherever, I saw a Treadmill, I would stop and enquire about it, and would keep eyeing it hungrily!!


In fact, did features, advantages and benefits analysis on various parameters of a Treadmill viz… Treadmill

  • Motor Horsepower : Higher horsepower = better performance at high speeds and longer life.
  • Folding or Non-Folding : For better space management!
  • Workout Programs : These are pre-programmed to give you workouts that variously target a specific heart rate, mimic sprints, runs, cross-training or even types of terrain.
  • Running Surface : The width and length of the actual Treadmill running surface.
  • LED/LCD Display

  • Weight Capacity : How much body weight is the Treadmill designed to hold and perform well with?
    • Power Incline/ Manual Adjustment
    • Heart Rate Monitor/Control

    • Warranty
    • Price!!

And I bombarded all this information on my Better Best Half, KG. Also sufficiently fuelling in the NEED of a Treadmill. Earnestly explaining him that because of our hectic and urban lifestyle and time constraint, our health (which is so very important!) is taking a back seat!! So a Treadmill would help to…images

  • Lose weight and burn calories
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Strengthen the bones and prevent or manage osteoporosis
  • Become fitter, shapelier and healthier
  • Exercise in the comfort and privacy of our home


And needless to say, we bought our Treadmill.


And early days saw both of us getting up a bit early, dressing up for a good walk/jog on our prized possession, The Treadmill.


Many days saw us motivating each other, increasing the duration of walking or increasing the speed and exchanging our Body-Feel-Good Factors. In fact we even bought an i-pod to make the exercising more interesting and musical.


And, we convinced even a friend to buy it for his home!!


A few regular weeks on our Treadmill turned to some irregular weeks, which further dwindled into once in a while in a month to hardly ever NOW!!


Our Treadmill silently stares at us all the time and gives me that guilty feeling (I believe, KG has no time for that) of spending so much and not using it now. And every time I see it, I pledge to use it from tomorrow. But that tomorrow never comes.


It is funny! When you don’t have something, you yearn for it and want it the most. 

And when you have it….


My object o’ desire, my fascination, for which I yearned…..

I acquired it… I own it…now my passion’s all burnt!!






Tomorrow it will be!!


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21 thoughts on “Tomorrow It Will Be!

  1. The passion for exercise is pre-programmed in each one’s cell I feel. My brother come what may starts his day by getting up early morning 4:30 for jogging and continues with one hour yoga where as I am one Mr.Lazy who could not motivate myself come what may for exercise… I paid money for gym and discontinued after few months , thought of buying a treadmill but cautioned and stopped by my friend who has it as a showcase piece in his home ..

  2. Everyone’s story of procrastination !!!! 🙂

    Come on Shilpa!!!!(cheering for KG & you) You can do it!!!! Stop farming & start running !!! Wink.

    Superbly written though. I’ve been planning to join Aerobics classes and well, lets just say it still remains just that – A plan.

  3. My object of desire was a laptop, which I got after working part time for a year along with managing my engineering classes and well its been three years now and the 80 GB hard disk is still unused and most of my time is spent in front of my gaming pc…
    Its just that we are short sighted and cant look past a few obvious things…..

  4. and i kept blaming my mother in law always for waiting for tomorrow for using the treadmill…thank god she does not read blogs…i can continue blaming her 😛

  5. Its the same with every thing which requires physical effort!!
    Join a Gym and you will feel like not going there…:-P
    Start jogging/morning walk and you cannot wake up before 9 even if you have 10 alarm clocks around your head!!!!:-P
    Think of Yoga and you feel an asthmatic attack… 😛

    I remember this quote, ” Staying healthy is all about eating the food you dont like and doing the things you cant do”

  6. @ Kaddu : Oh, you too!! 😀

    That’s a good one!! Scared?? 😀 😀

    @ Lakshmi Rajan : I agree, there are many who are so very committed to their exercise regime and there are loads like us, who just need excuses to stay away from such commitments!!

    Yeah, even ours is a show piece!! 🙁

    A friend uses it to hang the towels!! Grr…atleast, I can’t/won’t do that!! 😀

    @ lostworld : I know!! 🙂 Thanks for your support!! 🙂

    You see, last night while writing this post, I pledged to start walking from today morning. And today morning at 5.30 am, I found time to harvest my crop at the farm, but banished the thought to exercise immediately, convincing myself that I had slept late last night and need some more sleep!!

    Plans need to turn into actions!! Alas, when will that happen!! *Sigh*

  7. @ Makk : LOL 🙂

    @ Shahid Mukadam : Oh!! You have a same story too…working part-time to get it and not using it!! 🙁

    I know the feeling, only too well! 🙂

    @ Neha : That’s wicked, Neha!! 😛

    @ Whats In A Name : How true!! 🙂

    But then there are people, who are so particular about what they eat, how much they exercise in whatever weather or at whatever hour too! 😛

  8. I guess I am one of the minorities.

    I love treadmill and I love gym. I also love to eat and I work out hard to make sure that I don’t look like I love to eat 🙂

    I have always wanted a treadmill because I have to wait in a queue at the gym for a treadmill to free up. Only problem is lack of space in my home 🙁

    I guess if/when the treadmill actually comes home, then I might change my mind about it

  9. Happens!
    I have seen many unused treadmills in many of my relatives places, and as I’m no exercise freak, I’m a happy man 😀

    Hope your treadmill gets a workout soon!


  10. I have not been athletic all my life…. So got bored of my lethargic life and enrolled in a gym…
    And today I think the only worthwhile thing I have done in my entire life is being a regular gym-goer.

    And something i understood in this one year is- If u r in a school or office the ur colleague’s performance can motivate u to do well.

    But in case of exercise or workouts u are your no.1 enemy You have got to understand yourself and push ur body to the extreme to get what you want

  11. hmmm….. good i didn’t buy one…..else i wud have had it….. am trying to b regular with exercises which is a PAIN….. and muft ka pain is better than 35000/- ka pain….


  12. hey really all your post have a heart. I am not a one for giving compliments that easy. But when i visit your space i am hopeless. That thing happened to brand new cricket bat. At first i took care it look a baby, now i am taking care of it like with disdain. I thought only i had this problem seems like i have company

  13. Please do not take my comment otherwise….whenever if at all,someone wants to use a treadmill,please check with your Dr if you are 35+
    My personal experience was bad and I was hospitalised.
    Take it for whatever it is worth.Be careful and always consult your Dr.

  14. Isliye I dont take such worries on my head….kaho–piyo–aur mast raho!! 😀
    When I tried jogging..exercise..second day itself I lost the apetite to do it…I am so glad that you managed to cross day one unlike me!! 😀

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