Best Wishes Always…

A phone call from a friend in the afternoon and a sinking feeling had formed its home in my mind and heart.

This news was not something new to me. But the suddenness of it shocked me. Even, we have been a part of this many times, in so many years!

But, I guess, certain things are a little difficult to take in.


Our friends are being transferred from here to a new place.


We had met them just 10 months ago! And we kind of bonded instantly! In a short span of time, our relationship grew and matured.


A weekend lunch at our place would end in dinner at their place.

Impromptu or planned picnics or getting together for potluck parties was always fun.

Chatting and gossiping or playing Scrabble or Pictionary made the time fly!!

Or just enjoying the togetherness while we played FarmVille on our respective laptops…


And now all that would be missed.


Of course, we will be in touch…emails, FB chats, phone calls or even meeting each other whenever possible, but will it be the same??


I have seen, how every-day to weekly communication after the move, turn into some times in a month calls to Holi-Diwali wishes calls!!

Of course, when you meet again…everything is just the same…the easy banter, the fun and carefree times…it’s like you were never apart!!




I guess, I should be happy for our friends and their new adventure in a new city and should not be focusing so much on what I’d (we’d) be losing.


After all life is all about movements and changes.


I am glad RT and AP that our paths crossed!! Thank you for everything!!


Best wishes always…




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28 thoughts on “Best Wishes Always…

  1. dunno what to say? Very very touching!News of the move did definitely come as a shock! we are gonna miss you much …. actually, didn’t expect to form such close relationship in such short a time:) It’s been great knowing u guys…see ya soon….love & hugs, a

  2. it happens and the separation shows the real love and friendship !
    be in touch with your frnd…days will roll into weeks and weeks into months and later on you ll be in a position to digest the separation .

  3. Well u put it vry well tht with distance soon the communication gts limitd 2 diwali-holi or in my case b’day wishes. sadly, sumtimes physical distances also bring emotional distances.. its hard 2 blive tht sum1 with whom i used 2 share sch a nice bond, 2day i dont even care 2 have his or her no. in my cellphone. Lifes like tht!

  4. Hey u know, wierd but i am kinda going thru the same thing, it could be possible that i might have to move to a diff city or country altogther, so I dunno the fact that i would miss the whole lot of frenz here, and may be one day it would arrive,
    I hope I will be prepared for it

  5. thanks to technology, the distance is no longer the factor for major concern…it still cannot replace the personal touch, but still u can see them anytime on webcam, spk to them over the phone, chat with them…but yes, playing farmville together cannot be replaced 😀 so lucky u r…i guess i quit early as I was on my own thru-out…

  6. It is a part of life.We must accept the changes come around us.Who knows,your friends may do better in life at the new place.In any case,the world is becoming too small now…one can remain in touch.

  7. Nostalgia and memoirs have this uncanny knack of enveloping the heart out of the blue…no matter how much one assures himself about the dynamics of change…the longing to meet loved ones lingers…I hope you stay in the cherished bonds of friendship forever!

  8. this is how I felt and I am feeling after I left college and lots of friends there.. we just met yesterday in one of our friends brothers reception and everything was same.. but once we are away..those monthly calls… wishes during festivals is what remains…. This happens…. because its life…

  9. You have mentioned one of most important part of life meeting and parting 😀 … we come along together and then we move along and very right contact turns to only Diwali/Holi Wishes thru Calls,SMS, FB but thats how it is nowadays…

  10. I know how you feel. Its never ever the same.. These precious memories won’t ever come back & even when you do catch up with them often, that personal touch will surely be missing!

    That’s the flipside. But one can’t hold on to people in life.

    Best part is, there is something mysterious now to look forward to. A new family or a new activity will beckon & you’ll never feel the void. Rest assured, pleasant thoughts about these golden times will always leave you smiling !!! Hugs 🙂

  11. Ask me…I have been facing this since so many years now..however I am on the other side against yours. I have been consistently moving from one city to another…and everytime I had to leave my frnds..and by the time I make new frnds in new was time to move again. But yes the best part is that they are still frnds and one continue to make more.

    And no matter how much superior technology is in place..yhou tend to start losing touch.

  12. Few not so good news:
    Blogger is now completely blocked in office!! 🙁 Initially only the comments section was blocked and I was able to read the posts…but now I cant even read posts!! 🙁

    The Slogan writing competition result is out today…and we dint win! 🙁

  13. @ Pawan : Oh yes, one moves on!! And that’s how your circle of friends widen! 🙂

    @ garima : Yeah, that’s life!! 🙂

    @ Anan : Still miss you guys!! 🙁

    @ Priyan : How true! 🙂

    @ Whats In A Name : Yeah, happy that our paths crossed!! 🙂

    @ Vipul Grover : I know, it has happened so many times!! 🙁

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

    @ Shahid M : How did find the change??

    @ Roshmi Sinha : True…true! 🙂

    @ Neha : Right you are, but miss those personal meetings!

    @ Venky : Thanks 🙂

    @ BK Chowla : Very well said, Mr. Chowla! 🙂

    @ Kaalicharan : Thanks 🙂

    @ lostworld : Oh yes, that’s how the wheel of life progresses! Thanks! 🙂

    @ Makk : No, Makk, KG is not in Army but with Vodafone! :))

    You take care too! 🙂

    @ Sid : 🙂

    @ Shashank Shekhar : Yeah, that’s the way of life! Thanks 🙂

    @ Amrit : Well said!

    @ evanescentthoughts : Thanks a lot! 🙂

    @ RSV : Thks 🙂

    @ An attempt to mold things !! : Let’s hope so! 🙂

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