What A Mess…

The mess has been sorted out. Thank you guys!! 🙂

Mrs. Joe was a very clean housekeeper, but had an exquisite art of making her cleanliness more uncomfortable and unacceptable than dirt itself.” wrote the great Charles Dickens in Great Expectations.

And till half an ago, I was a mirror image of Mrs. Joe and would have loved being one forever, much to the chagrin, annoyance and irritation of KG and AG.

Not any more…

Because, today my penchant for cleanliness has made me uncomfortable, annoyed, irritated and frustrated too!!

I like to keep my home clean and clutter free.
And I like to keep my technical soul mate ie my laptop clean and clutter free too.

All obsolete files, cookies, downloaded web pages, images, data is promptly deleted after use! And I keep doing this exercise very frequently!! I know, its madness!!

And today, while I was racking my brain for a new blog post with the blank page of Windows Live Writer on the screen. (I type my posts in Windows Live Writer and publish the same from this application on to my Blog!!) Suddenly my tired eyes see the Drafts on the right side of the pane. And the cleanliness freak in me woke up and one by one I deleted all the Draft blog posts which I felt were useless and were just limiting the space on my system’s 30.8 GB Free Space!!

So once the Drafts were spotlessly clean, I moved on to the Recently posted section. My dead brain thought that these Recently Posted posts are already on the Blog, so they can be deleted from the Windows Live Writer and in quick succession, deleted the THREE recently posted blog posts!

And would had deleted some more….thanks to AG who needed me for something. When I returned back to my laptop, I thought of checking my Blog statistics. On opening the blog home page, a post dated November 1st was first to be seen.
Quickly, I clicked here, there, up, down, Dashboard, Settings and no sign of the last 3 posts!!

And in a flash of a second, I realized the sequence of events!!
And God! Am I shattered!!???

My last 3 posts…

  • Some Introspection dated 13th November
  • If I Were A Baby dated 7th November…the Blog-a-Ton entry!
  • Those 15 Minutes of… dated 4th November


Have checked the IndiVine @ IndiBlogger and the NetworkedBlogs on Facebook…alas, they just have the first few words of the post!!

I feel this is the gravest mistake of my life!! I don’t know what to do and how to retrieve them and from where??

And now I am feeling annoyed, ashamed, bitchy, bitter, broken hearted, concerned, crabby, dazed, depressed, disgusted, dumb, edgy, embarrassed, emotional, flabbergasted, fed-up, freaked out, frustrated, guilty, irritated, jumbled, loser, mournful, nervous, pissed off, ranty, restless, sad, shocked, silly, sorry, stressed, sweaty, tired, torn-up, weary and WTF?????…all at one go!!

God! What a mess???

What do I do now??

Any advice??

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40 thoughts on “What A Mess…

  1. In God we trust, specially in distressed times…

    well, hello, God is a bit busy so i decided to play one.

    Do you want your post? I have them on my reader, isn’t it cool someone is so busy that he caches all the posts before reading them??


    P.s. I need a treat…:P
    P.p.s I can only give your post back, unfortunately no comments.

  2. @ pRiYaN : Thanks a Priyan!! I checked that site, and its informative!!

    @ Ravan : Thanks for the suggestion, Sid. I checked my Reader and found them!! 🙂
    Treat…you will surely get one!!
    Thanks a ton…you made my day!! 🙂

  3. @ Musings of a lonely traveler : Thank you Mohammed! The link you sent is very informative and useful too. I recovered my posts from Google Reader, but in case one doesn’t have them on Reader then the link you mentioned would be the savior!! Thanks once again for the help!! 🙂

  4. @ kavita : Thanks a ton Kavita for the concern and prayers!! They worked!! 🙂
    I recovered the missing posts!! 😀

    @ Makk : Thanks Makk for enlightening me!! Am happy, elated, cheerful, ecstatic…. 😀

  5. @ Kaddu : You are a gem, Kadambari! Thanks a bunch!!
    I copied the posts from the Reader and didnt had to align a single thing…even the pics were in the same position as they were in the original post!!

    The posts are back…BUT NOT THE COMMENTS!! Any way of retrieving the comments??

    I know, I am being greedy!! 😀

    Thanks a lot, once again!! 🙂

  6. Shilpa: There’s a link on ur blog to subscribe to ur “Comments” feed… I tried that… it showed most of the comments from the Some Introspection post… but then it goes to the 3rd September comments straightaway! Nothing in between! No idea why. U can try it out too… maybe it shows up in ur reader.

    I don’t use Live Writer na… so had to send Word docs to u… tht disturbed the alignment. Writer is probably more advanced than Word…

  7. Oh no.. you managed to touch the extreme end of the spectrum with your obsession , quite literally. Don’t worry, we all end up being a jerk sometimes! Not to be so harsh on yourself.

    I’m so glad alls well Mrs. Joe!!
    I noticed the posts are back but the comments are not 🙁

  8. @ Musings of a lonely traveler : Thanks a lot Mohammed, for your good wishes!! 🙂
    Cheers 🙂

    @ lostworld : Yeah, that’s true!! 😀
    Yep, the posts are back. Now struggling with the comments. Lets see if they can be resurrected back on the blog!! 🙂

  9. @ evanescentthoughts : Yeah, am glad that the posts are back!! 🙂

    And no, Sheetal’s comment is not a spam comment! I know her…

    She is….

    ….My sister!! 😀 LOL 😀

    And she meant exactly what I mentioned in response to Shahid’s comment!! 😀

  10. Well, problem solved. So long there is a certain Ms ‘Fixit’… aka the no longer miss_teerious Kaddu… you need not worry 🙂

    Infact, you can safely say ‘goodbye’ to all your ‘blog worries’…

  11. Though Im late up here, I can realize the trouble you went through!

    But the best way to avoid this problem is just subscribe to ur own feeds, u will get ur post in ur mail and u can save it 🙂


  12. hey would just say thankgod am not a cleanlinessfreak .. asi know you put in a great effort in writing things down…Iwould have lost it out dear..
    Well as i say you are extremly good at expressing thoughts in words..

  13. @ thoughtworld : Yeah, am happy! Wish could retrieve all the comments too!! 🙁
    Thanks 😀

    @ pawan : Thanks…I was so disgusted with myself!!
    I had subscribed to my posts but not to the comments. Have done that too now! 🙂

  14. Hi Shilpa, i think i’m late here.. i can already see those posts on ur blog as of now..:) soo all happies…:)

    it happens with the blogger at times.. plz dont get soo depressed..ok … 🙂 Have a nice time..

  15. Hmmm, you screwed up in Microsoft territory…that happens! Me, I compose in a simple text editor, dump it in a draft post in wordpress. Fine-tune, add images, let it cook slowly. When it gives off that special aroma, I post it!

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