Disclaimer I: This is a post truly from a woman’s point of view!!

A social life busier than a Page 3 socialite aptly described our last week.
Birthday party, Anniversary party, Christmas party, farewell parties (2), picnic lunch, Just-Like-That party, Weekend party…
And the ingredients of these parties were 3 GFs…

      • Great Friends,
      • Good Food and
      • Gallons of Flammable Liquid.

And what caught my fancy this time was the Flammable Liquid or the Liquid Diet (LD), which is an integral part of (almost) all parties!

Alcoholic Drinks


Based on some observations, the LD consumers seen in social gatherings can be classified into various categories:

  • Touch-Me-Nots : Every woman secretly wishes her man to be like them!! No, they are not necessarily in the TDH category nor are they epitome of all virtues. But one virtue they surely possess is that they do not touch the alcoholic beverages at all. They are mostly the target for ridicule and fun by the people who are hardcore fans of the LD. But nothing deters these guys and they firmly stick to their guns and firmly stick to the juices and colas, the entire evening.
  • Neither Here Nor There : These are the people who somehow gave in to the temptation or the pressure and have half heartedly joined the Liquid Dieter’s Club. So while they take pride in being a part of the gang, they do not enjoy it completely and are seen nursing the drink for the entire evening or even abandoning it half way!
  • Mera-Wala Drink Only : Very specific about their taste and preferences, these guys would have nothing but their own ‘mera-wala drink’. And ‘mera-wala drink’ could be only Wines, or only Beer or only Rum with Coke or only Scotch on the rocks!! And if that’s not available, they’ll not have any of it!!
  • There’s No Tomorrow : Ah, the die hard fans of LD, they’d drink at a party like a fish or like there’s no tomorrow. One can see them downing one drink after the other at a break neck speed and would probably be the last people to leave the party.
  • The Principled : They are into the LD, but are guided by certain principles even in this field. They abstain from touching the LD on certain days of the week (a Tuesday or a Thursday…) or some festive occasions, religiously. They’d have only a drink or two as per their plan and would never give in to the temptation or the peer pressure or the constant persuasions by their brethren.
  • The Transformers : These men, just can’t hold their drinks and would be hell bent on transforming themselves into the jackasses at every party. While their spouses nudge or cajole them, plead or sternly rebuke them, but all falls flat and the transformers complete their act of transformation, much to the embarrassment or amusement of others.
  • The Heavyweights : These are the heavyweights of the LD club and are proud to be one. They can drink a lot, without ever being transformers. And usually hang out in a party till the very end. They sometimes act as transporters for the transformers by dropping them back home.
  • Playing Secret Secret : These are the guys who itch to drink but can’t due to the terror threats given by their better halves. So they secretly have a sip here and a gulp there from somebody’s drink, away from the prying eyes of the wifey. And later stuff their mouths with mints or other mouth fresheners! (Based on the suggestion given by Miss_Nobody! Thank you Sweta!!)

And now a penny for your thoughts…Seen any other types??

Disclaimer II : Whether to use or not to use the LD is an individual’s decision.
Just as Anonymous said, “Your body is a temple, but keep the spirits on the outside”.
While, Frank Sinatra,  once said, “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.”

Image Courtesy : http://matrimonyxpress.com

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36 thoughts on “Drink…Drank…Drunk!!

  1. Your last point scared me Shilpa:

    “They can drink a lot….. They sometimes act as transporters for the transformers by dropping them back home.”

    I know traffic rules are not as stringent in India and most of us laugh if someone actually shows concern regarding them but still I am going to do so. Driving after drinking (called DUI here for Driving under Influence) can be highly dangerous for the driver, riders and other people on the road. Transformed or not, the reflexes of every human (and even animals for that matter) slows down due to drinking. Add to it the lack of any traffic rules in India, it’s a sure shot to having an accident that can lead to life-long handicap or death. All the hit-and-runs in India involve people driving under influence (remember salman khan episode where he drove over pavement?)

    I can only hope people at least people are a bit more responsible and have one of those “Touch-me-not” as their driver…

  2. A perfect time for this article! As the YE is nearing, ppl hv already planned LD parties! I wish to spread this msg to all my frnds who r just waiting to get drunk, drunk and just drunk on that night! Well said and I hope ppl also realize that 🙂

  3. OOOOH,mera wala drink tha kya…?Vodka? ;P!An awesome list!
    Oh,I guess there’s the Wife maregi group-itching to have one but their better halves(did i say better?) would probably be maike going the next day if they have one lol

  4. I have all this types in my friend circle … did you miss any other types ? Hmmmm …. the ones who don’t know where the bucks stop and continue till they throw up? Or is it part of the transformers ? lol…

    P.S > Grrrrrrrr you have not yet activated the name/url open Id , i need to sign in to google again. I hate this *sighs*

    Lakshmi Rajan


  5. Very apt observarions…you are also correct, I wish my hubby would abstain during these parties 🙁

    Richa, what Shilpa means that these hard core drinkers somehow manage to remain the most sober, and in fact are used to transport others home.

    I know that drinking n driving rules are somewhat lax in India, and it’s a shame really. But unfortunately, that’s what it is

  6. I have encountered all the types… you have mentioned here.

    There is another one… they form the majority of the ‘LD club’. The ‘muft ki drink ke liye kahin bhi jane ke liye taiyar hai’ types 😉

    P.S. You have come a long way… from your ‘a post a day’ streak… indeed 😉

  7. @ Richa : Oh! Didn’t mean to scare you!! But I understand your concern completely. And agree with you regarding DUI. But you know the how traffic rules in India are followed. I guess, now that it’s the party season so may be in some places they’d check for DUI with Alcohol Breath Test.

    And what I meant by ‘Heavyweights transporting the transformers home’ has been perfectly explained by Nishita.

    Ideally, Touch-Me-Nots should transport the Transformers but they are mostly the first ones to leave the party scene!! 😀

  8. @ Vineeta : Agree completely! 🙂

    @ avdi : Right you are! 🙂

    @ Miss-Nobody : Your “mera-wala drink” is always there!! 😀

    Thanks for suggesting this new category. How did I miss that!! :p

    Added that on the blog! Thank you! 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

  9. @ Mr : Oh, you have them too!!…all these types, I mean, in your group! 😀

    Yupp, they are the Transformers!! Once had seen a guy throwing up right in the middle of the room and in the process, the sarees and shoes and trousers of many got painted! Eeeeks!

    Ok…will remove this!! But then if I do that I’d start getting spam comments. Any other suggestion to stop such spam comments appearing on the blog???

  10. @ lostworld : Ah…Naughty naughty!! 😀

    I know, that’s a very good strategy!! Sometimes the talks/antics of these ‘out of control’ guys is so very embarrassing!! Pity if their spouses are around!

    Will check your post in a while! 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

    @ nishitak : Thanks Nishita! I know the feeling! 😀

    And thanks for elaborating on my point to Richa! I meant exactly that!! 🙂

  11. @ Roshmi Sinha : Yeah, that’s another tribe. But guess, not applicable here, coz these are the people in a social gathering. Know what I mean?

    Oh yeah…those were the days…one a day!! Have to improve the current posting rate!! 😀

  12. Timing is so right.It is X’mas and New year time.(bit unfair though at this time).
    I like when you say “terror threat from”…most of are terrorised.
    I am personally a follower of Frank Sinatra and the Holy Bible.

  13. @ BK Chowla : I know, what you mean, but then that’s why the Disclaimer No. 1!!
    LOL…how effective those terror threats are, that needs to be evaluated!! LOL 😀
    That’s a good one!….Frank Sinatra and Bible!! 😀

  14. hahahaha, those were some categories shilpa…too good…I read it with my husband and we were thinking; all those we know, who all fits where…too good…all the categories are covered..and everyone repeats the same thing na after drinking – muje nahi chadhi hai 😛

  15. @ Neha : Wow!! Am glad this post brought some smiles! And now next time you meet those guys, hope you don’t call them “Hi Transformer” or Hello Heavyweight! :p
    I know, thats the favorite dialog of everybody on LD!!

  16. ahhhhhhhhh…… honestly this was the recent discussion in our group and having read it nicely categorized was pretty cool…. drinks & drunkards and their wives is one hell of an entertaining topic crudely put!!!
    goody good baby….very very nice !!!

  17. @ Dagny Taggart : Hi Arpita!!

    And Welcome on “A rose is a rose is a rose!”.

    Good to see you here and glad you liked it!!

    See you around! 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

    @ RSV : Thanks 🙂

  18. @ Tanushree Pillai : Thank you!!

    It’s pretty entertaining watching the “Playing Secret Secret” types and then their subsequent encounter with their wives!! I know, that’s wicked! 😛

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