Friday’s 55 Fiction : Her Epiphany?

55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.


Her Epiphany?

He turned back sharply when he heard her voice.

And there she was talking animatedly. Their eyes met across a not so crowded room.

He nudged his wife and she followed him as he moved towards her. They exchanged the pleasantries, and did some banal talk.

Suddenly it struck her, “Oh, she was the one”
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40 thoughts on “Friday’s 55 Fiction : Her Epiphany?

  1. I’ll tell you the three words going through my mind right now,
    Beautiful, surreal and poetic.

    Let everyone interpret the story, I’ll add my interpretation in the end 🙂

  2. So you did finally do a lot of thinking, thanking and thunking Shilpa 🙂

    Ting! I like the tubelight 🙂 Don’t mean the wife, the pic actually! Heehee..

    WOW for the writing style. Loved the title too. 3 cheers my friend.

    Thanks a million for your wonderful words about my blog (previous post). You’re awesome truly. But I read the Red blog’s description (someone else got red) & I LOVED it. Let me take the test again. I’m not giving up.

    Have a fabulous day! 😉

  3. @ All : OooH La La!! I am loving it!! 🙂 🙂

    Will come back in some time to respond to all the thoughts and imaginations! 😀

    Keep thinking, thanking and thunking in the mean time! 😀
    Cheers 🙂

  4. Cuss my bagpipes!! Forget me for being rude but i liked the comments better than the story. Lesbian, Saas-bahu, theif… damn!! we bloggers sure have our imaginations high on LSDs. Shilpa, you have started a wild fire here and I’m simply loving it.

    BTW thanks for reminding me my blogging duties. Have been really busy with some stuff. We s/w engg, like farmers, always have seasonal spikes in our workload :).

  5. Is it as simple as an introduction?
    I mean she met her good friend after years and on seeing his wife, she wonders at last she got to see the lady she had only heard about so far.

    Well that’s my guesswork. I am not sure what will the reality be once Shilpa will disclose the suspense.

    I loved the twist in the tale that has left us all wondering.


  6. An ex., an ex-boss (who has been responsible for many a ‘sleepless night’). A friend’s ex., an ex-crush… the flame may or may not have been extinguished. A neighbour, a ex school or college mate… who was the ‘centre of attention’….

  7. Ok this is how i find the event to be:

    They are childless couple who have visited an orphanage for adoption. A voice of one particular baby girl turned his head and he finds the baby talking animatedly. The lady instantly feels “Yes , she is their Child to be”


    – Lakshmi Rajan

    P.S > Did u disable the Name/URL option for posting comment 🙁

  8. Whoever said you can interpret a story in a myriad of ways was correct. Because we saw the same happening here!

    How the same words inspired so many different interpretations and how we all have unique ways of imagining the same story…It is just amazing. 🙂

    SiD found a reunion here, while Madhu found her to be a “Woh” or a “Saas” or a “Beti”!!!!

    Sumanam, felt the story is about Lesbians!! Wow!! Honestly, this angle never struck me and on second thoughts, this angle is possible here too!! 🙂

    Shruti had a very unconventional thought…”she could be a thief”!! Cool 😀

    Chatterbox’s interpretation of “Oh, she was the one” is from the other woman’s perspective!! Damn interesting!! 🙂

    A lady boss of the husband whom he had dumped… is Kavita’s perception!! A novel thought indeed! 🙂

    Jaunty Anima found them to be Saas-Bahu!! Seeing too many of them on the Telly girlie?? 😀

    Lakshmi Rajan…gave a new fascinating interpretation altogether…a childless couple!! 🙂

    While evanescentthoughts saw her as his wife’s Ex!!

    And Venky, Saurabh, Pra, lostworld, Roshmi unanimously thought her to be an Ex!!!! 😀

    Thank you everybody for adding so many new dimensions to a very simple tale of mine.

    I am simply thrilled! Thank you!! 🙂

    Waiting for Pawan’s interpretation too! And you will see my side of the story soon!

    Thank you, Mr. Chowla, Reema, Shilpa for your feedback! 🙂

    Paritosh, good to see you again! Yeah you are right, we bloggers are truly imaginative guys and you know what, “Imagination rules the world.”

    Cheers 🙂

  9. Well, i am eagerly waiting to see you raise the curtain and show us the climax. :). I have been visiting this blog several times since yesterday for this. :p

  10. An ex from various angles though!

    PS: Could also be someone who has donated blood to them/one of them/their child… or some organ perhaps. Or helped them during an accident. A good samaritan or a doctor… maybe. Could be a lawyer too. Even vice versa…

    A publisher, designer… or even a blogger whose posts the couple/or one half of the couple read regularly 🙂

    Even their son’s girlfriend or ex…

  11. Hi All dear BFs!!
    (I mean Blogger Friends!! :D)
    Madhu says “20+ people are scratching their heads bald trying to guess the ending of this 55F aur aap picnic pe ho!”
    and Shipa (not me but my namesake from the City Beautiful)says, she has visited this blog several times since yesterday!!

    Ok guys…I stop acting pricey and share my version of the story! 😀

    Nah, its nothing earth shattering!

    It’s a plane simple tale of a…
    Hope the expectations aren’t too high! :p

    As most of you thought, she is the Ex about whom the wife knew but had never met. So, though the husband and Ex were sharing the banal pleasantries, the wife’s keen intuition made her thought so!

    So, that was the wife’s epiphany!! 🙂

    What say now?? 🙂

  12. i see it like this…husband wife walking/meeting whatever…and they see an old lady…really rags..and is talking bullshit(animatedly)

    then the wife realizes it is the same women she threw out of her husband’s home long back..his mom…

    i know its hypothetical and all that..but that is what i want to read it as..

    have know idea what epiphany has to do with all this..!

  13. ok i am feeling so dumb now! the author’s version is already published..and i am still guessing stuff…I am leaving!!!*head hung* 🙁 🙁

    PS:pls enable the NAME/URL comment posting..!!

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