My Last Post of 2009!

It’s 31st December, today!

A New Years Eve is as much about looking forward as it is about reflecting and reminiscing.
And today, I complete 8 months in the blogosphere!! Eight months!! Can’t believe it!! It seems like just yesterday!!

It’s apt to look back and jot down some of my favorite posts which took shape and form on this blog in these 8 months.

That was fast work. Picked them just by rote!!

That’s all for this year.

“A rose is a rose is a rose!”, wishes all of you a great evening. Have a rocking fun time with family and friends as we move into 2010.


See you in 2010!!
Cheers 🙂

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16 thoughts on “My Last Post of 2009!

  1. Now thats a some post…I do remember reading soem of those posts…others I will have to go through lateron…

    But yay…new Year is here…:D

    Happy 2010

  2. Hi, pretty nice to see the very fundamental human emotion of ownership and attachment with one’s possessions, creations and achievements in life, dear Shilpa!

    I’m sure, one happening year for you is going by and the other more happening one is knocking at the door.

    So, welcome the new year in the best of spirits. I wish you and your good family a mighty peaceful, happy and prosperous New Year 2010…! Cheeeeeeeeeeers!!! :))

    Port Blair
    Andaman & Nicobar Islands (India).

  3. HI Shilpa,
    Your Accomplishments make me happy 🙂 Youve achieved so much in 2009 that very simply youre going to ROCK 2010 too !
    Happy New Year full of love and abundance.
    With love

  4. Congrats Shilpa! Happy New year to KG, AG and U !! I hope y celebrated in style 🙂

    Nice way to end it. I think I’ve read all the posts you have linked. Not too sure about the news channels one. Let me re-visit!

    Waiting for your first post for 2010 !!

  5. I am being honest that I may not have read all your posts since you started blogging.Yes,since the time I started following your posts,I have read all of them.You have done an excellent work in terms of quality and the content of what you have been expressing.
    Avery happy new year to you and your family.
    God Bless
    Enjoy 2010

  6. For me…all your posts are my favorite!! :o)

    2009 has been a great year in your life with so much of popularity and blog frnds you achieved through this platform.

    May the next year be even better than 2009! 🙂

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