Last evening, KG’s office organized a movie show for the entire team!
And the movie was…Paa!

No, I am not going to give away the story of Paa.
All I can say is that this movie is a MUST WATCH for one and all.

Written and directed by R Balki, Paa is a movie which has a lot of rare things to its credit…

  • A movie which is based on a child suffering from a rare genetic condition, Progeria, wherein symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at an early age.
  • A movie with a rare casting coup…an actor father playing son to his own actor son
  • A movie which has a rare story line
  • A movie with rare to see amazing acting skills of one and all actors in the movie
  • A movie which touches you the way rarely the movies do now a days!

The humor, wit, sensitivity, maturity of characters, is amazing. The movie emotionally stirs you and there were not too many dry eyed women (and may be few guys too) in the theatre!
The music is mesmerizing and the dialogues are pack a punch.

This movie should surely not be missed!!

So, rush in to your nearest theatre and experience Paa!

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28 thoughts on “Paa…

  1. Paa, this movie has become an object of ridicule up here in Visakhapatnam. Every person with a tonsure head is being given the name ‘Paa’ 😛

    But didn’t get to watch the movie, I’ll make up to it by pirating it 😛

    Btw, do watch “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, it’s not on the same lines, but it is comparable. See it!

  2. @ pawan : Oh.. is it?? That’s bad!!

    You must watch it…without pirating it would be good though! 😀

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…have heard a lot abt it…it’s on the must-see list!! 😀

  3. I’m itching to check it out. I hear it is good in a Benjamin Button-esque way (though not a direct copy). I hear it’s great in parts(AB) but loses steam in second half. I’m happy you did not feel so.

    PS : I’m one of those people who hated Black — thought it was overacted and bad..

    From the promos I tend to agree with people who have highlighted the discrepancy that people who suffer from this disease do not grow as tall as AB ; they should have done a bit more of research. I’m more eager to see how Bollywood did it’s make-up prosthetics ; in Benjamin Button it was amazing on both Pitt and Blanchette ; more so Blanchette ..

  4. Except for the brilliant acting of AB Sr and the casting of AB Sr as the son of AB Jr , the movie failed badly in the story line. The movie could have been treated differently like how Aamir did on TZP. Sadly, I felt its a wasted talent in a bad scripting…

  5. I watched Paa with my Maa last week. On a weekday. Yup I bunked office!! 😉

    We had fun.Enjoyed the movie totally. My mom is usually the emotional one & strangely she didn’t cry at all. Loved the witty, matter-of-fact portrayal of Auro. As for songs.. Mudi mudi is always on my mind these days.

    My favourite in the movie – Arundhati Nag! Wasn’t she just phenomenal?

    Great review Shilpa.

  6. Ummm… I know the story 🙂

    Courtesy all the reviews appearing in the papers.

    Its been on my “must-watch” list… but haven’t got around to watching it yet.

    PS: Great Review…!

  7. Thanks for the mini review! 🙂 I kinda dismissed as a bad Benjamin-Button-ish. Atleast the promos made me feel so. Will go check out this one this weekend 🙂

  8. @ Madhu : It is good!! And you must find time to see it. Except for may be the lecture on Media’s responsibility, I found the movie very gripping and poignant!

    This movie could have been even called Maa…coz of such beautiful portrayal of mother-daughter relationship and mother-son relationship.

    Yeah, that could be a discrepancy (the height of the child, Auro), but I guess, that can be overlooked! 😀

    The make up is amazing in Paa too…I have seen an email which has the step by step make-up process. It seems it took more that 4 hours to do it and another couple of hours to remove it!

    Paa is truly a must-see-to-believe! 🙂

  9. @ Miss_Nobody : Yeah, there is always scope for improvement.

    The witty repartees of Auro and his conversations with his friend with big black glasses were damn funny (especially when that child talked about his dad!) 🙂

    @ lostworld : Bunked office to watch Paa with Maa!! Waah waah!!

    Did you cry?? 😀

    Oh yes, the Bum’s acting and the kind of support she gave to her daughter was just brilliant! Loved her! 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂

  10. @ Roshmi Sinha : Ah…but you must watch it even if you know the story!!

    Thanks…am glad you liked the review! 🙂

    @ Anu : Hi Anu.

    I have not seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button so can’t compare the two…

    Check Paa out and then share your comparison! 🙂

  11. May I add another angle to it?
    Paa is being added to the Guinness Book of records.
    It is the first time in the history that Father and Son have played their respective roles in opposite direction.Son as the Father and Father as the Son.
    Thanks for the review-I have yet yo see the movie.

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