Did YOU??

Today we celebrate the 61st Republic Day.

The chief celebration was in the capital where our cultural diversity and military excellence, was displayed by way of Republic Day Parade for all to see.

Thousands braved the cold foggy day and followed the strict security measures to see the magnificent Parade live in Delhi.

What about us, the remaining Indians, who had the opportunity to witness the colors of United and Progressive India, live on our Television screens??

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You may add your additional reasons for ‘Doing it’ or ‘Not doing it’ in the comment box.

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19 thoughts on “Did YOU??

  1. To be honest,I have lost faith in the system of Governance.
    Can any one please tell me how were the awards decide this year?
    Without getting into mentioning names,is loyalty the only that matters.
    In olden days, the Brits gave titles(like RaiSahib) to those were loyal to the royalty.
    What is the criteria for awards?
    Republic day parade used to be an event where we were attached,now,it is a security drill .
    I am sorry,but that has how I feel.
    First Govern

  2. i watched the complete broadcast…and enjoyed it…felt proud to see the cars laden with emblem of India.


    Also the moment when Manmohan Singh stood in front of commander-in-chief for army, navy and air force… felt pride…that time my hatred for congress was non-existent.

    For he was the sole representative then, an Indian.

    Excellent show. Best morning spent. Last year, when I was in delhi I went to red fort to see it, this year however I had to come home early so missed it.

  3. I don’t need any reason to watch the coverage,i love watching it every year and would love to watch it as long as i live…I am an Indian and very proud to be one.Jai Hind.

    Shilpa ,the vote box idea is very cool…great going !

  4. I watched it, in fact, i watch it every year. I don’t remember when i did not watch it.I love every part of it, I used to be part of my school’s team that parades at our town stadium. I <3 it. :)

    and btw did you see the new version of the song ‘mile sur mera tumhara’, it got released today. 🙂

  5. “Namaste sada vatsale matrabhoome, twaya Hind bhoome sukham vardhito’ hum…” –

    The immensely rousing prayer learnt at the age of 12 yrs, when my hardcore patriotic father, who had donated his wedding ring to Pandit Nehru’s fundraising campaign during the Sino-Indian war of 1962, got me admitted to the “Shakha” of RSS.

    And thus, began my grooming based on understanding & realization of the meaning of ‘being an Indian’, a ‘Bharateeya’. Hence, merely watching and enjoying the live-telecast of the Republic Day parade on TV is the infinitesimal least an ‘Indian’ can do, and I hardly miss it ever.

    Good innovative ‘quiz’, dear Shilpa! ;))

    I would like to ask you & other friends, the following:


    Shrinath Vashishtha
    Port Blair.
    Andaman & Nicobar Islands (India).

  6. Shilpa India has completed 60 years not 61st year….However…does watching Republic day parade stands for celebration of the Republic? No…It is not, it is a PR exercise which each government undertakes..though I am still to miss a parade yet (either on tv or on radio) for past 24 years..but it is not the celebration of republic..it is plain chest thumbing..I agree with Srinath on this question “how many actually stand to national anthem”…secondly how many actually amongst us use their franchise regularly…raise questions..seek answers…if we do it then it would be a Celebration..not otherwise

  7. watching the republic day parade used to the most imp thing when i was in school… but somewhere down the line it lost its importance…

    I do love my country and appreciate all the progress it has made… the corruption that i see around is a little too much…

    I still love to see parade though

  8. I watched !! I watched !! 🙂 I watch it every single year.. I love the floats the most. Never fails to amaze me. This year, my favourite was Maharashtra closely followed by Tripura – Did you notice their theme?! Dabbawallas!!

  9. @gyanban, @Tarun Mitra India has completed 60 years as a Republic and the day is 61st Republic day 😀
    @Shilpa Question: What happens to people who don’t have a TV or radio or internet connection at home? Actually there were a couple of years when I did not have any of it as I was at a PG accommodation 😀 …BTW I missed the parade this year for no apparent reason ….

  10. I watched the whole event.
    I like it when we show our military might.
    It potrays the technology that WE INDIANS have developed
    we should be proud of it cuz..thats how a NATION becomes strong and A Nation Becomes A Nation.
    Its our brain power.Its our technology that not only goes into making of missiles but systems that are used to civilian purposes in medicine and power generation.

    Jai Hind

  11. I am a member of “Hope-4Needy” organisation. We have participated in a flag hoisting at a school meant for the poor children (Divine School, Hyderabad) . We are supporting the school.
    After that, the “Hope” team did “Green March ” program to create awareness about Global Warming

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