Friday’s 55 Fiction : At Last

55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.


At Last

Dear Mom & Dad,

Best parents, defines you. Giving me best opportunities to learn and grow. Good school… guitar classes, swimming and skating lessons…

You want me to excel, always.

But, I am not the best.

I am tired of failing.

If I can do this, I will be successful, AT LAST.

Forgive me…

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28 thoughts on “Friday’s 55 Fiction : At Last

  1. It said a lot in 55 words. Lot of pain in those few words.
    Painful story of a kid over-burdened with high-expectations from her parents.

    Keep Writing Shilpa 🙂


  2. oh Shilpa, this is such a sad 55er..

    but the way u narrated it – commendable re..awesome is not the word for this piece when it comes to story telling in a micro fiction manner..

  3. Painfully Touching….
    One of the happening things in this world of consumerist and showy rat race…..
    The “BEST” word has entered the lives of children too….in the name of performance and relative excellence.
    I feel it equally inhuman as child labour…..
    Well narrated post….
    One of the best posts from you….
    Keep touching the hidden corners of social arena….

  4. @ SiD : Yeah, it’s sad! And yes, this is with reference to the recent news of 2 pre-teens killing themselves in Mumbai! 🙁

    @ Chatterbox : Oh, yes, today’s kids have to deal with tremendous pressure. They are prepared for their careers (chosen by parents) at a very early age!! 🙁
    Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  5. @ vEnKy : Absolutely!! It’s really a sad and a very bad choice to make!

    @ lostworld : Even I wonder…they say suicide is an act of cowardice, but I think, taking one’s own life is not at all easy, so these guys must be really brave!!?? 🙁

  6. @ Neha : It’s extremely distressing!!
    I wonder, how would the parents now cope with their situation!!

    Thanks for your feedback!

    @ Shruti : Thank you!! 🙂

    @ Saurabh : Yeah, the coverage in the news triggered this fiction!

    Don’t know about that… we have not seen the life after! But sure it would be damn difficult and painful for the parents and the siblings! Their emotional scars may take a long long time to heal! 🙁

  7. We see this happen every year … the board exams and results season turns to a ‘suicide’ season sadly… The problem is becoming more serious with the rising competition ….. I think parents should do a realistic and practical assessment of their child’s abilities and not blindly keep expecting moon out of the child and burden him unnecessarily …

  8. A bitter truth that we witness year after year especially after exam results.

    World is geting highly competitive and parents push their children to the limits and at times the elasticity just snaps. When will people realize that one does not need to be an engineer and doctor to excel in life… My cousin took 98.6% and coz of jus over 1% less was relagated to the bottom medical college. Talk about competivenes!!

  9. @ Lakshmi Rajan : Agree totally! Today, one has soooo many amazing and attractive career options, but our mindset is still fixated on Doctors and Engineers!! And thus the pushing and pressurizing around!
    Ah…98.6% and … that’s so very sad and bad for your cousin!! 🙁

    @ aashi : Thanks girlie! 🙂

  10. “We are a generation of fuck-ups reared on false hopes and hallucinatory ambitions. The greed for money has taken it’s toll, twenty years after this, there won’t be any children, there wont be any innocence, there will be only robots, built in batch production, without hearts and without a brain. There won’t be any thinking anymore.”

  11. The stress factor in today’s life has become so strong that we cannot ignore it. And the concept of passing all tests by taking one’s own life is mainly prevalent in the early teens when they face a mismatch between their expectations and their wants. Perhaps caring parents would have helped her a lot. But once again, who’s got the time?

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