If YOU were “You”??

26th January…a Holiday!

Its pre-dinner time… your Better Best Half (also a passionate foodie and cook chef) asks you, “What’s the MENU for dinner?”
You tell the thoughts that you have for dinner, instantly, mentally taking the stock of cooked and uncooked food you have in the refrigerator and dish out…

  • Option-A ….which is out rightly rejected
  • Option-B … which is welcomed with a dirty look
  • Option-C, (you tell with a warning that this is the last available option)…and this too is vetoed as your Best Half has garnered the support of the junior too.

You ask a bit not too coolly, “What is it that you wanna eat??”

And there is no answer rather you can see myriad thoughts recipes juggling to come out in the forefront, in his eyes.

Still, no answer.

Just then the cell phone rings and your Best Half steps out of the house to meet a friend.

The wall clock shows the time as 8 pm. You quickly go into the kitchen and cook Option-B which you believe had received some positive response!!

8.15 pm, you open the pressure cooker and savor the aroma of the dish and you sense the presence of your Best Half behind you, soaking in the aroma too. From his looks, you judge that the dish has passed his stringent ‘Recipe Test’. 
Your smile of satisfaction freezes the very next moment, as he says, “I am making Spaghetti Noodles”. 

You give a half irritated look and point towards the prepared, ready to eat, yummy looking dish. And it is suggested nonchalantly that the same can be used the next day.

You fume and look around as suddenly all the ingredients and veggies appear on the kitchen table. (He had gone shopping after meeting the friend!).

When the Master Chef is at work, you have no role to play, so you beat a hasty retreat and look around your farm, harvest a few trees and chickens and look at your blog…

45 minutes later, you are called to join for dinner. And you see the dinner table beautifully laid with 5 dishes…spaghetti-su-682679-l

  • Spaghetti Noodles
  • Freshly made tomato sauce
  • Freshly made coriander and green chilies sauce
  • Potato finger chips
  • Fried peas and french beans

All of them are expertly served to you and 2 pairs of eyes look expectantly at you as you taste it.

Of course, your face says it all.

How  would YOU respond if you were in “YOU’s” situation!!??

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25 thoughts on “If YOU were “You”??

  1. Such a sweet post.. I guess this is the tale of everyone who has a better.. oops best half who not only cooks better but is more enthusiastic about it 😀 Ur post gave me a smile for the day. Thanks!!

    PS: I have been around your blog for while, just havent been commenting too much.

  2. Ain’t you lucky or ain’t you lucky!!Today is our off day and after reading your post i asked my husband to come and read the post….he is scratching his head now and grinning as i write this comment .

  3. I can actually imagine all that went through your mind in this whole process, for I too have faced it first hand though with slight modifications.

    In my home it’s a one on one masterchef v/s aspiring chef war and we don’t have a little umpire yet.

    Wonderful narrative and a beautiful post Shilpa 🙂


  4. I’d be grinning like a Cheshire cat!!!:-) Good food (prepared entirely by someone else) always makes me go ga-ga. I would also do the dishes for a week!!

    Great post. I’m drooling reading the menu. If I ever meet you, I’ll place my order in advance and of course the chef has to be KG!! You settle for writing blogs(what you do best!)Wink!!

  5. When I’ll have my ‘You’ I’ll ensure she doesn’t read this post to begin with 😀 … coz till date whatever I cooked its only me who tasted 🙂 … so similar scenarios won’t arise in future I think :D… needless to say You are Lucky 🙂

  6. I find find myself in similar situations on Sunday evenings-very Sunday.
    Generally ,without argument one settles for choice “C”.
    Only consolation is the glass of wine.

  7. @ Pawan : Oh! You should help your mom sometime, Pawan!!

    Thanks 🙂

    @ Subhayan : 🙂

    What’s the story at your place…perhaps you will share it in a post!! 🙂

    @ Gyanban : I know 😀

  8. @ The West Wind : Thanks West Wind! You bet! 😀

    Am glad this post made you smile! 🙂

    Ah..am so glad to know that! Hope to see you in the comments box too…frequently!! 😀

    @ Neo : Thanks 🙂

  9. @ kavita : You know that!! 😀

    Wow…so whats your story?? He cooks?? Or Does he fall in the category of “Cant boil water, even”?? 😀

    @ Siddhesh : You believe so?? So prepare yourself for that eventuality!! 😀

    @ theschmuck : So sweet you are!! 🙂

  10. @ What’s in a name : Hello and welcome!! 🙂

    Am glad to note that and good to see here!! Thanks a lot!

    See you around!

    Cheers 🙂

    @ Chatterbox : Ah…am glad you understand!

    2 Chefs at a place!! I can imagine!!

    Thanks! 🙂

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