A to Z of Marriage

Meeting the love of your life and then being in marital bliss together..
Met a stranger and then turning your marriage into a happy one… either ways, requires a lot of hard work.
Marriages, they say, are made in heaven, but so are lightening and thunder!

Even, if there are no lightening and thunder, it’s always good to remember and know the ingredients that make for a happy marriage!

So, here’s the A to Z of the ingredients needed to make a marriage, happy and blissful!

Accept Accept differences.
Bond… That grows with passing time.
Communicate Communicate with words, deeds, gestures, eyes…
Dream Talk about dreams and help each other to realize them.
Expectations Have them, but realistic ones!
Faith Have it in abundance in each other.
Give… Surprises, gifts, support, pleasure, happiness, forgiveness…
Hold Hold hands. And each other too!!
Intimacy… For a healthy, happy relationship.
Juggle many roles Listener, admirer, critique, counselor, friend…
Kiss Start and end each day with a kiss.
Laughter Laugh together.
Maturing together Welcome the natural developments of personality and partnership that happens with time.
Nurture… Your love
OK to argue… But not in front of kids!
Positive attitude… Leads to a happy and successful married life.
Quality time Spend quality time together.
Respect Respect each other and give each other some space too.
Small things… Matter a lot
Traditions Create and follow your own rituals and family traditions.
Understand… Each other from your inmost heart.
Vision Pursue the same life paths, values and goals and mutually commit to those paths, values and goals.
Wedding ring Wear it all times
Xcitement Add extra sparkles of excitement, regularly!
Yours truly… For each other
Zest and zeal… Through thick and thin!

Happy Anniversary!! 🙂

Images Courtesy : www.rudemugs.co.uk & http://www.bbc.co.uk

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23 thoughts on “A to Z of Marriage

  1. Beautifll! Good ingredients for nurting a healthy relationship …well thought and written 🙂

    “Marriages, they say, are made in heaven, but so are lightening and thunder!”

    Ha Ha liked the line. Very very true 🙂

  2. Quite an insightful post, I must say!

    Your A to Z list is surely another way of simplifying marriage wisdom.. Thanks for this post! I hope many of those married guys learn something concrete from your post..


  3. Happy Anniversary to KG and You, Shilpa !!!!!! :-)) Your marriage was in the month of love & valentine! mush mush..

    Enjoyed the post. Whenever I get married, I shall print this & keep it with me. Would be great if I had it personally signed by you;-)

  4. Fantastic effort!
    You’ve so wonderfully captured every emotion that goes into a marriage.
    A perfect treat on valentine’s day 😀

    Hope you both had a sweet time together 😀

    Happy Anniversary 🙂


  5. Beautiful and very romantic.
    Your A-Z covers the complete range.
    However,in my opinion Trust and Respect for each other are the ultimate.
    A flower can add to the longevity.
    It is important to be happy and married(both).
    I AM.

  6. Well as I am “Almost Single” but i guess these points will surely be useful tips when i meet my soulmate. They are indeed valid points to be understood and followed for a healthy married life. Thats mutual understanding

  7. Cute post Shilpa. Still smiling at ‘s are Lightning and Thunder ‘ . Best for me was ‘Wedding ring – Wear it all times’. Now if Tiger Woods did that (literally he may have, but…) he would still be respected and have his Billion 🙂

  8. Very nice! But I do wonder if it is okay for kids to watch the parents argue – so long they are are not being disrespectful or personal – it’s good for the kids to see that the parents can disagree too and that disagreeing does not mean we dislike someone or hate someone.

  9. Great article Shilpa…this is inspiring. I am 44 years old and a married veteran with 23 years under my belt…and I will say that this never gets old. I know that sometimes we go through valleys…but I can say with assurance that the rewards are bountiful for those that ride the torrential waves of life. Two things I love to do that always gets me rave reviews…is always say you love your spouse…it never gets old and they should always know that you still feel the same about them. Oh and be sincere…mean what you say. I know after a few years…saying the “L” word can seem redundant…but trust me…we need to say it and hear it regularly! It is important and it has nothing to do with any psychological issues we might share. It is sort of like air to our lungs…and essential part of life. Also…and this is critical…be spontaneous! Take a romantic trip…have a special dinner….go see a play. I know that we can get bogged down with life…with kids…jobs…and anything else that consumes our lives…but guest what…periodically orchestrating special rendezvous goes a long way…so go for it. Also… liven things up…flowers….candy….and yes lingerie….helps to keep that “COURTING” factor “ALIVE”. I know it seems a bit juvenile…but…it helps to keep things fresh. Whatever you choose…get something that is personal and special to your spouse. My wife loves the silky frilly stuff…so I frequent http://www.TheSugarBearBoutique.com . Anything I get makes her feel feminine and helps to keep the romance alive. Anyway…it is hard to put the wisdom of the world in a paragraph…but I hope this helps.

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