Finally…The Finals Are Over!!

Woohoo! My exams…errr… my kid’s exams are over!!

For him, though, it just means a bit lot more time to play with his friends and a lil’ less restrictions on watching cartoons on TV and may be no homework for some 10 days.
But I am happy, elated, relaxed and free!!

Ah! It’s not easy, when your 8 year old has exams. Because for him, the exams still don’t mean a thing. And everybody around including KG believes that it’s a good thing, coz in later years… you know what’s gonna happen!!
But being a mother, it’s a bit difficult to take the exams of even Class III, lightly. And at least somebody in the family has to be serious, about exams, I mean!

Last Thursday, I wrote the questions in a notebook for him to answer. After half an hour, he comes and tells me, “You have given a lot of questions for me to answer. Ma’am gives just 5-6 questions!”. My explanation for making him write all the answers didn’t convince him at all! He left sulking, to finish writing, while I was dilemma personified!

Then, the other day, I was explaining him the concepts of curved faces and curved edges of a Cube and a Cylinder. To explain it better, I grabbed his Maths Note Book and drew the Cube and a Cylinder, all the while talking and labeling the various faces, edges and corners of the two figures in the note book.

As soon as I finished doing my part, I looked up to see, if he had done his part of listening and understanding!! And I see, big tear drops rolling down his cheeks. A bit ‘taken aback’ me, asked him the reason for crying like that. And with a tearful voice, he said, “You have spoiled my School’s Maths Note Book, now Ma’am will scold me!”

Ah…my naive lil’ kid!  And the next 10 minutes were spent in explaining about final exams, new class, new books and note books, … blah…blah.

So, today, I heave a huge sigh of relief, coz finally the finals are over!!

Of course, this is short lived, coz in a month and a half, it would be time for the next class’s CCE-1(Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation-1)!!

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15 thoughts on “Finally…The Finals Are Over!!

  1. I have vivid memories of how stressful exams can be, cause I was doing them till very recently.
    That’s wonderful he is yet not worried about the exams.
    It can indeed be more stressful for the parents than kids of his age.

    Enjoy the break Shilpa before his classes re-start.

    Have lots of fun.


  2. Happy holidays…all parents go thru this nightmare…smile and be brave…teaching them is bonding time, character building time… and these memories stay with us for ever, kids, they grow up to fly away before you realize it!!….:(

  3. I hope the changes Kapil Sibal is bringing makes learning more fun and less stress for our little ones…

    I wish teachers could teach neatness without frightening the students.

    Hugs to both the mother and the baby 🙂 Best wishes 🙂

  4. @ Neha : Hmm… may be more scary in coming times. Your kid’s exams are an experience truly, it sure is stressful, but later on, these memories never fail to bring a smile. 🙂

    @ Chatterbox : Oh! I know the feeling! 🙂

    Yeah, he is NOT at all worried about exams. But can give me panic attacks. Like last year, one exam morning, while he was getting ready for his school, I gave him the usual motherly last minute advice, “Baby, write neatly and write the answers correctly”. It was a silly thing to say (the latter part, I mean), I knew it, but guess mothers can’t help themselves! And the coolest reply from him was, “Which exam do I have today?” :O 😀

  5. @ Nalini : Thanks Nalini!

    Oh yes, you are right… I like it especially, when he has to tell a 1000 stories/anecdotes of his class mates/teachers etc while studying. It gives so many new insights.

    Hmm…fly away they will… **Sigh**!

    @ indianhomemaker : Yeah, looking forward to that!! 🙂

    Hugs to you too! And thanks a lot! 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

  6. cngrts on clearing ur part dear…my 2.5 yr old son goes in PG and he too had exams last week…teaching the little ones is more terrile..i kn u must have gone thru the same phase…one day i was teaching him how to draw straight lines…he took the pencil drew one and the other moment he threw the pencil and said..’Haath dukh Gaya” i couldnt stop smiling at such excuses….but wat to do …we mothers have to have alot of patience…uffff

  7. he he… with you, I can expect that any day !!!!

    But on a serious note I can understand how u feel….. but chill all these marks and workload shud never pull the kid down…as long as nanna can take it its cool !!!!

    You have happy holidays !!!!

  8. @ Rohini: Thanks Rohini!

    Awww…so sweet your baby is!! :))

    Oh yes, you learn a whole lot of new things after being a mother!

    Cheers to mothers everywhere!! 🙂

    @ aashi: You know, how cool he is!! 😉

    Thanks and you have a great time too! 🙂

    @ BK Chowla : Thanks a lot Mr. Chowla. And wishing you a very happy new year too! 🙂

  9. Myself has been missing you very much Shilpa!!:-) Very glad to hear exams were the reason behind your absence. Also happy to note Aaryan is carefree & his mom is the tensed one.. That’s how it should be!!!Wink!

  10. Kids have this naiveness we can only adore. This post brought back memories when i was in KG and my mother turning my big ears and teaching me Jan,feb , mar…… 😉 you seem much better though

    Happy holidays for your son this must mean you have to work overtime to keep a watch on him, dont you?

  11. “You have spoiled my School’s Maths Note Book, now Ma’am will scold me!”

    Bad mommy…:P ur son is uber cute…:P
    ha ha ha ha

    CCE-1(Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation-1)!!
    That sounds like a paper in PHD class…wot is a 8th grader doing with it…:O

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