Weird Is The Word!

We all use facebook, the social utility that connects us with friends and others who work, study and live around us.
And we all know that it is very popular… is a great place to network… has some very addictive games…
Hours can fly by like seconds when on Facebook.
Being on the home page itself can be very entertaining and engrossing.
Status updates throw a lot of light on the lives of your friends and acquaintances, their latest pictures show you their world, the game feeds are up for grabs and you also have lots of applications to know, explore and play with.
And then some of the applications are just, plain Weird!!

Some the weird applications which keep cropping up on my home page frequently are…

  • Lover of the Day : The mostest weirdest, I must say. Every day, this application DISCOVERS a lover of the day for you!! How cute! And then it shouts and tells the whole world too, “XYZ discovered their Lover of the day and the result was ABC”!! WHAT THE HECK!! You might be a Casonova or might be very desperate, but why put your friends in
    a spot!
  • Friend of the day : It says, “Find out who is your friend of the day!” Just this day?? What about other days? I thought, friends were for life! And what does one do with this ‘discovery’?
  • Enemy of the day : Do you really need to know that?? And that too from your List of own Friends on the Facebook??!!
  • How many people hate you? : Right! You should know this! And what could be better than an application telling you this!! Right?!!
  • Are You Pretty or Ugly? : No comments!
  • Who Deleted Me? : Speaks a lot about you, if you are using this application
  • Who is Viewing Your Profile and likes of these: Well, if you so paranoid about your privacy, why join such a social networking site. The best part is that the results shown are all fake and still you see the results of these applications daily on your home page. Why? I wonder!
  • Who’s Missing You Right Now?  “Aside from telling you what are they name , this quiz tells you the first letter of the person”. This application does not has its English right and it can rightly tell you, who is missing you!! You bet!

Well, each to their own, but weird is the word for them in my dictionary. What say you!?

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19 thoughts on “Weird Is The Word!

  1. I totally agree with you on this Shilpa 🙂
    These never ending to bug applications can sometimes really annoy me.
    Though I must admit they have real funny titles 🙂


  2. I love this post of yours!! Most of these applications are quite useless and more annoying as they appear on your screen!! I think most people don’t even read or know & just click for the heck of it. Must be finding it interesting to know who the new ….. is each day!!

    By the way, me myself got this msg that try using this application ‘who is peeping at your profile’ or something to the effect and I got intrigued and clicked and the next thing I knew was that a message was sent to a list of friends accompanied with a collage of their profile pics …. & I deleted the application …. he he!! yeah, yu may get intrigued and want to know who is looking at your profile but application also lets everyone know on your behalf that ‘hey, I’m spying on my spies ..’ ha ha ha!!

    Well written post, Shilpa!! Njoyed thoroughly….

  3. hahahahahahahaha…I should have expected this post sooner…you forgot one more here…who are your fans? remember you have been featured there so many times 😛

    excellent analysis and observation at its best 😀

  4. Interesting post!

    I completely agree with you.. Facebook is just the new target for spammers.. Facebook is not what it used to be earlier.. I hate all these applications!

  5. Since I’m not too active on fb, I assumed I’m one of the select few who finds these applications annoying!:) I’m bombarded by the ‘who’s viewing your profile’ appln these days..even though I’ve never even visited the said profiles:-( I should sue fb & be done with this nonsense;)

  6. I detest ALL OF so LAME!Lover of the day?ARE YOU SO DESPERATE. lol sorry for the caps.I just feel strongly about it,and I want to yell it in their faces.But unfortunately,they are my friends.pish.I wonder how.shh lol

  7. Such applications are quite irritating at times.I have slowed down on FB since I got on to Twitter.
    Yes, through,FB I found a dear friend after 33yrs who is now settled in the US.

  8. Right on… Was planning to write on this topic but you’ve done total justice to this!

    One of my friend has lotsa these apps and when ppl ask him, surprised, about the lover and stuff he just says “auto generated hai re”

    But this other one takes the cake…
    One of my friend lives in a joint family which is very tech savvy… The ‘lover’ app does not have even common sense I guess coz it started showing him his aunts and lil sister as lovers… He was so embarrassed, that he deleted the application altogether!

  9. Some applications are pesky, spammy and annoying. I don’t mind people using it as long as they don’t end up irritating others by landing them in an unwanted soup and publishing the status for the entire world of theirs to see.

  10. this was a good one… a real rant i must say…

    i mean i wonder why were these applications ever made??? to make friends,enemies or lovers or plainly to complicate life…


    keep writing


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