All Izz Well, But…

Ah! It’s a gloomy mood day! 

No, All Izz Well!

But, still, something is amiss. Don’t know what that is, though.


I guess, it’s one of those days! Nah, its not PMS!

But, it’s kind of depressing to be in such a mood! Even, I can feel the melancholy, so guess it would be apparent to others too.


So, what could help me snap out of this dreary mood…

  • A vent… I guess, a creative vent in the form of writing should do the trick.
  • A stroll in the park with KG… and not on the treadmill. I missed using it, anyways!
  • Tom & Jerry… the duo always bring a smile despite having seen the same episode a zillion times.
  • They say chocolates… but I would love to have my  all time/any time favorite…a Masala Dosa!! The mere thought of MD has brought a smile. 🙂
  • Some soothing renditions of Jaggu Dada, I mean Jagjit Singh
  • Count my blessings…yeah, I should do that!
  • Call up some friends.
  • Watch Goldie and Ginny dance around in their bowl. G & G are our 2 pet gold fishes!
  • Look at our photo albums. They transport you back in time and it’s always fun to revisit the memories.
  • Play a game with Aaryan. Monopoly is his current favorite and seeing him do the money calculations and the gleeful responses on every move on the board is a sure mood elevator.


Hmm…something out of all this should work.


You have a great time, while I try to beat the gloomy mood vampires!

Cheers 🙂

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15 thoughts on “All Izz Well, But…

  1. cheer up there is dog to take care of your farm and co-op is there take some time off your schedule and go to a spa, get a nice body massage done, read something fun over a cup of ginger tea, get a haircut done to change your look a bit, go shopping and buy something you have never worn before and many more tips are there if these many ain’t sufficient 😛

  2. @ Neha : Thanks Girl! 🙂
    Hmm…new things on FV keep you busy!
    That’s a comprehensive list of things to beat the bad bad mood! Would try something…and first it would be…Shopping!! 😀

    @ Nalini : Oh, wow! That sounds so wonderful. Thanks 🙂

  3. Everyone has some tricks to beat the blues err atleast most blues and you have more than a handful of tricks ! and you set the ball rolling writing this post 🙂


  4. You said !! Talking to an old friend too does wonder . I sincerely wish that by the time you read this comment you are out of this mood ….reading new comments is very cheering too.Please take care of yourself.

  5. Nature has quite cleverly played in arranging selective memories rather than making a dump….

    Yea, Writing, music, photos and TomnJerry do definitely save us from the prey of paced race….
    Slowing down sometimes makes us ready to run the further race with required pace….

  6. I think now after doing all those things you must have cheered up! It is very hard to imagine you in such a gloomy mood! A good book can also help…You know a very romantic one or a good movie as well…

  7. hmm.. hope some thing worked! and that u’ve cheered up 😀
    i usually curl up in bed with a good book. helps me get rid of whatever is amiss 😀

    umm. my blogs both are locked from text selection. the script i’ve used inadvertently has also locked the scroll bars. so either scrolling or arrow keys is needed i guess. sorry for inconvenience.
    regards the Symphony blog hanging, i am at my wit’s end trying to figure what went wrong.. coz i got many of the other BAT members commenting too.. perhaps u could try the blog now? and it was a temporary error?

  8. I think its the weather Shilpa.. I feel down too for no particular reason. Rain God – please to show some mercy on us by arriving early!!
    To add to your list, go swimming..That’s what I did last weekend. It helped tremendously.

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