Lucky Me…from A to Z

Dear Ma,
Today, I’d like to share, how lucky I am to have you as my Ma! I have never told you before, so, I am gonna express it all ie right from A to Z… the things I have learnt and admired in thee.

Ambition Whatever you want to do, do it with passion, you practice. And that reflects in the way you manage home… the cupboards, the décor, the food… everything reflects of you as a wonderful home maker. It is so awe-inspiring.
Bold Trusting the decisions/choices I made.
Cooking Admiring my Australia shaped chapattis to defending the giggles when the potatoes were swimming in watery curry… I have come a long way today, but it meant a lot in those early learning cooking years.
Discussions Sulking and cribbing never solved a problem. Talking about it, does!! Yes, I believe it truly, much to the chagrin (sometimes) of my Best Half!
Exercise “A healthy mind in a healthy body” and never deviating from your morning/evening walk despite any weather, is truly inspirational.
Friends You have been friends even with my friends and some would come just to talk to you and that’s something! Hope I am able to do the same with my child.
Gratitude Thanking God for his blessings and not taking anybody for granted. I know, it hurts when the latter happens to you!
Help All your maids are truly blessed. How you help them and even teach their kids!
Imagination Your ability to see beyond the obvious… exemplary!
Jest Your sense of humor spreads laughter and cheer everywhere.
Knowledge Knowledge is power and you are too powerful when it comes to the IPL teams (and now ICC T20) and their scores or knowing the names of the actors of your saas-bahu serials or what’s happening in the Nirupama case… you know it all!
Love “I Love You”… these 3 words, I never heard you say, but your each and every action and your eyes always, always say that!
Money-wise I always laughed, whenever I saw you arranging money for different purposes (grocery, general shopping etc) in different pockets of your purse… I know its importance now!
Nurture Few months ago, I was cribbing about my help, and you said, “Consider, that you don’t have one kid, but two! Give him some time and patience.” And am I satisfied today??
Optimism “Koi baat nahin, try learning from a professional school, next time,” when I couldn’t drive the car after ‘learning’ twice from 2 different driving schools.
Persistence Try, try till you get it right… you elucidate with personal examples…like working on that difficult Sudoku in the daily newspaper, till you got all the answers right!
Quest Learning to make Dhoklas in the microwave or understanding what this Blogging is all about!! Your quest for learning new things is amazing and I still need to learn a lot from you.
Rest Rest a while, it helps you rejuvenate. And I am happy to see its effects on my baby too.
Save Some time back, when I needed a small loan and was trying to figure out the arrangements, in a flash of a second, you gave me your savings and I still remember the look of pride and satisfaction on Pa’s face at this gesture of yours.
Toil Whenever we go for our day long shopping expeditions, the way you make preparations for lunch/dinner or complete all the chores before we step out of the home… its truly too much. I would be too tired for shopping with all that. But not you!
Understanding There are many things of our lifestyle which do not gel with your beliefs, like the late night parties or going to the ATM every now and then, but still you understand! Hope I am able to change too, with the changing times!
Verve The energy and zeal to cook elaborate meals for our friends even at a short notice and sometimes no notice at all… this is something I want to do with a smile for my kid and his friends.
Wisdom Your home remedies for common ailments are miracles and tips for this and that… awesome!
X-tra I now understand the need to keep a bit of x-tra things at home… the quilts , the eatables or even the gifts…
YOU Family is very important but YOU are important too. Find time for yourself.
Zest for Life All these truly show the zest for life you have!

Love you, Ma!

This is my entry for Blogadda’s Write a Tribute to Your Mom! Contest.

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