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Farming is a busy business. There are loads of things that you need to do on your farm, ploughing the land, planting the crops, fertilizing them, then harvesting later and selling the goods in the farmer’s market. Also you have to take care of the farm animals and all the barns and stables, fencing of the farm etc etc.

Of course, it all happens at the click of your mouse!

Yeah, you guessed it right; I am talking about FarmVille which has taken the gaming world by storm. And, if I say, I love playing FarmVille, well, that’s putting it very very mildly.
Seeing me waste my time work hard on my farm all the time, the other day KG asked me to explain him this FarmVille business. With a big smile, I started explaining it to him. I was just warming up on my favorite subject and soon I saw him losing all interest and focusing on his favorite movie on TV…an English Movie.

Well, he is passionate about English movies. He can watch movies for really loooonggg hours, one after the other. He is proud of his record of watching 4 movies back-to-back!! And can even watch a movie for the tenth time, with the same enthusiasm as one would, for the first time.

And was I offended at his lack of interest in my farming business??

Well, I don’t take anything lying down, so, have decided to teach KG all about FarmVille through his passion ie the English Movies.

Here’s an A to Z Movie Guide to FarmVille.

Farmville (FV) is a real time farming simulation application, which is available for Facebook users. The game allows players to build their own farm and to earn coins and cash, along with experience points and other bonus rewards by planting and harvesting crops and through other farming activities to progress in the game.

All That I Need
Whatever, WHATEVER, you need on an actual farm to do farming, you have it on your virtual farm too.
Tractor, Seeder, Harvester, even an Airplane (to dust eco-friendly mix from the air to grow the crops instantly!)
Wells, Barns, Cow Sheds, Coops, Nursery Barns, Stable, Cottages, Hay Bales… the list is endless…
Bee Season And just 2-3 weeks back, bees have arrived on FV.
So, first you build aQueenBee hive then look for the Queen Bee and then build your swarm.
Needless to say, you get honey and pollinated flowers through them. 

app_full_proxy.php (2)

A simple game of planting and harvesting can make you plan your schedule, your daily activities around it.
You wake up at odd hours of the night to harvest the crop and feed kibble to your farm dog; at a party, you search for the host’s computer, of course to harvest.
You keep refreshing the home page for the new feeds from neighbors… It’s all normal for a FV farmer.
Don’t Say a Word People may form “Ban FV” or “Hate FV” groups on Facebook or write sagas about its addiction. But I would say, ‘Forgive them Lord…”. Which game teaches organization skills and Maths and is fun and educational too??
FV is the answer, without a doubt.
Emotional Arithmetic Current_35 7500 crop mastery÷570 plots =13.15 harvests ÷2 mastery points =6.5 harvests needed to complete the Clover mastery. Wow!!
80 FVs should be used for land expansion or for Insta-grow??
At 2.34 am, the Strawberry would be ready to harvest… You sure become an expert in mental arithmetic!
Fair Game 28px-BlueRibbon You work hard on your farm, you get rewards in the form of Coins and FV Cash and Level-Ups. You neglect your farm, your crops wither.
Guess Who
Whenever you open the Mystery Gifts, Mystery Boxes or the Mystery Eggs (yeah these are mysterious, coz you never knDreamPatioow what’s inside them), there’s always a nail-biting anticipation.
Will it be that elusive 1 FV cash or 20 Fuel Refills or that limited edition Dream Patio or White Spotted Owl?  
Hallelujah! Praise the Zynga guys for creating such a socially innovative farming game.logo
It’s a Wonderful Life A game which helps you socialize, caters to your nurturing instincts, is high on fun and entertainment and ensures wholesome and rewarding experience, FV simply rocks.
Just Visiting
app_full_proxy.php (1)
FV is not a solitary game, you need to visit your neighborsFuelRefill and fertilize their farms, feed their chickens and find Fuel for them too.
Keeping Company You are not alone. 26x26 There are over 76 Million active FarmVille users monthly. And you need minimum 35 + 5 neighbors on your own farm for the 26 x 26 Grand Plantation!
Long Day’s Journey into NightPreLoaderFarm21-2 Hours and hours never seem like lots of hours but just minutes passing by and you never know when the day ends, when you are on your farm.
After all, there are a million things to do… harvesting the crop, ploughing the land, planting seeds, harvest trees and animals and the coops, send and receive gifts, barn raising… and continuing the cycle again…
Magnificent ObsessionShoeHouse

It starts as an innocent exploration, soon the 10 plots turn into some 100 plots with trees and animals all around, a cottage and a pond and then you start aspiring and acquiring the Villa, the Mansion, the Japanese Barn, the Shoe House… and leave no stone unturned to make your farm the most beautiful and magnificent one!

Never a Dull Moment941760236_vbecx-M (1) If you think, it’s just a game of harvesting and planting and it would get boring after a while… you are mistaken. Almost every other day, new gifts, crops, newer activities, co-ops, expansions are introduced which keeps you busy and hooked on to your farm.

And now the Crafting Building have arrived, which is a more complex feature in FarmVille and utilizes several existing FV features such as Bushels, Farmer’s Market, and the usual harvesting and neighbor interactions. Wow!! I It’s busy busy time on the farm…

Ordinary People It’s a very simple and easy to follow game. Right from a kid to an elderly person, all can become ‘Omnipotent Agriculturalist’ in no some time on FV.
Please Don’t Eat the Daisies Yeah, you need them and all the other crops too for collecting and storing and even selling in the Farmer’s Market for bigger rewards.
Quarantine Like all tech things, FV is not free from bugs. Sometimes, the farm does not load or you are not able to do any activity on your farm due to ‘Out Of Sync’ messages. A FV Freak has designed this Ribbon… ….Don’t take it seriously, it’s a PJ! facebook_farmville_freak_out_of_sync_ribbon
RegenerationUnwither Sometimes, even a serious FV player’s crops can wither. Oh, the demands of daily life! The wilted crop can be revived in a flash of a second with the ‘Unwither’!! Simple.
Strangers on a Train They have never met, never spoken but still share a great camaraderie. They help, share their goodies and send gifts too. They are the neighbors on the farm. A serious FV player can have neighbors from almost all the continents.
The Ten Commandments
app_full_proxy.php (3)
  1. Your focal point should be on earning more coins, especially at the beginning of your career as a farmer.
  2. Gaining Experience Points (XPs) will help you make a faster progress through levels.
  3. Buy Tractor, Seeder and a Harvester for faster work on your farm.
  4. Estimate the harvest time of a crop with your own schedule before investing coins and time on it. Don’t let your crops wither.
  5. Cultivate crops with a high coins per hours ratio and those with shorter harvest times to earn cash quickly if you have a lot of time to devote to the game.
  6. Harvesting trees and animals regularly can get you coins regularly and also some collectables.
  7. Focus on achieving crop mastery, so devote more land on your farm for farming.
  8. Decorating your farm is a secondary function.
  9. Upgrade and expand your farm as early as possible, this will allow you to plan more crops and of course more coins and XPs.
  10. Help your neighbors and send them gifts regularly.
Urban CowboySnowLeopard Plant a crop, CowprintSilowatch it grow and harvest it. It’s an experience most urban-dwellers will not have in real life. So go for FarmVille and learn about Artichokes, Triticale and Rappi, Marmot and Snow Leopard, a Gazebo and a Silo…
Vice VersaAVeryBerryFieldTrip You send a gift to your neighbors, they send you back. They help you in barn raising, you do the needful too.
And the same goes for fertilization of farms and Co-Op Farming.
Walk Don’t Run MasteryStrawberries ‘Rome was not built in a day’ is apt on FV too. It takes more than 295 days to complete Crop Mastery (of course excluding the newer crops). A consistent performance on your farm will help you level up fast.
XX/XY If you thought, playing a farming game like FV would be an all XX domain, you are mistaken. In the US, 40% of Men are Virtual Farmers.
Yours, Mine and Ours Collectables, Mystery Eggs, Lost Animals, Gifts are to be sharedMysteryGoldEgg because, Together Everyone Achieves More and that is how you achieve your targets.
ZookeeperJackalope A regular Zoo will not have as big a variety of animals as you can Mouflonsheep see it on your farm at FV. An Arapawa Goat, Black Stallion, Chinchilla, Donkey, Elk, Farm Goose, Gazelle, Holstein Cow, Indian Yak, Jackalope, Kick Ewe, Llama, Mouflon Sheep, Neapolitan Cow, Ossabaw Pig, Penguin, Raod Runner, Saanens Goat, Turtle, Ugly Duckling, Valley Quail, Wild Turkey…to name a few. Phew!! And you need to look after them and gather the eggs, milk, wool, truffles, hair, feathers, circus peanuts, milktonium, Cookies n Cream, ice cubes (Yeah from Penguins), and you also brush them andcalm them (the Bull!!) , get Happiness, Good Luck, Peace, Wisdom and even Hula Lessons…

And no points for guessing, soon KG became my neighbor!!

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34 thoughts on “A to Z Movie Guide to FarmVille

  1. Oh my God!! You seem to have secured a Phd in Farmville.

    Phew!! I played for a while, it was too much hard work and so I stopped.

    Good one. I learnt few techniques

  2. Dear God I can’t imagine the amount of time you spent in forming this comprehensive list and create an association with apt movie names.
    What an awesome write-up! Loved it.

    P.S: Not a FarmVille addict anymore. 🙂

  3. I loved your post..I was an addict of Farmville..many months back so I can understand your passion for it 🙂

    The way you have entwined..farmville and movies is great…
    All the best for BPL..

  4. Well, sadly those who farm virtually for hours, they never got the patience or feelings to do it in real.That is, dirting the hands in real to grow some real flowering or fruitworthy plants.

  5. a clear winner..god shilpa, farmville itna develop ho gaya? I am still stuck in the old fv world, so is my post…

    good luck buddy..you winning it this time around 😉

  6. Shilpa…I bow before you….first for such addiction to FV and feeling so happy and proud abt it….second for research into the names of movies from A to Z and co-relating them with FV….WOW !!! 🙂

    Keep it going dear…but I dont play FV…

    Good technique to get KG as ur neighbor !!! 😉

  7. Been there,done that!!! 😀

    Your post reminded me of the times when I also played this game. 🙂

    By the way, on the risk of being boycotted by 90% of my blogger friends, may i ask if you have ever thought of giving up the game?? 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 You can try, its easy. If a person like me can do it then anyone can do it. 🙂


  8. OMG! That’s such a elaborate research on Farmville. I am a die-hard fan of farmville! ofcourse playing it 24/7! Any non-FV player seeing this post, will definitely be drawn towards playing the game! Great post!
    PS: Will you be my neighbor in farmville? lol 😉

  9. Ok Freako….u even utilize ur obsessions and convert them to wonderful posts……thats what i like BEST about you and your posts……keep them rolling baby !!!!!

  10. Just shows the kind of time you must have spent on Farm Ville and Movies to create such a wonderful & user-friendly guide on FV through Movie Titles A2Z! Amazing! Don’t know if I’ll ever take to virtual farming, albeit enjoyed reading your guide:D

  11. Hhahahaaa…..me too a part of group called… ” ~~I WILL SLAUGHTER YOUR DAMN FARMVILLE ANIMALS IF I GET ONE MORE APP~~”

    i said on Neha’s post too….i have blocked this application….though i never played it but i still hate it…something similar to Osama….he did nothing wrong to me….but i hate it……

    extensive is the word which came to mind….. 🙂

  12. I’ll include u in my prayers & hope you get that grand 26 * 26 plantation & become an omnipotent agriculturist 🙂 [If you aren’t one already i.e.]

    I’m running out of words to describe this FV addiction. Once in 10 days, there’s a FV post. Soon you can start blogging about FV dedicatedly ;-D

  13. You deserve a Booker!! Are the Zynga people listening??

    I was into FV for a few weeks and I know how addictive it can get.
    Harvesting, sowing, saving lost kitties becomes the focal point of your life.

  14. @ Nalini : Thanks! 🙂

    Am glad you enjoyed reading this! :0

    @ Insignia : PhD, you say!! I am on cloud 9!! 😀

    Hard work…. LOL!! 😀

    Thanks 🙂

    @ Samadrita : Thanks a lot Samadrita!! 🙂

    Oh…my loss! 🙁

    @ Bikramjit : Thanks a lot Bikram! 🙂

    @ Lazy Pineapple : Thank you Vinita 🙂

    Am glad to find an ally in you! 🙂

    @ Nithin R S : Yeah, that’s true!! 😐

    @ Bedlam : Oh you left FV! Well that’s saying it mildly!! 😛

    Thanks a lot, Manna 🙂

    @ BK Chowla : Thank you for your honest feedback, Mr. Chowla 🙂

    @ Harini : Never played!!?? OMG!! You don’t know what you are missing! LOL! 😀

    @ Neha : That is why I keep telling you t go back on your farm!! 😛

    Thank you!! 🙂

    @ Rajlakshmi : I am glad to find the first ardent FV lover here in the comments section! 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  15. @ Phoenixritu : You can come back…the Farmer’s Market, the Crafting Cottages, the Hollyhocks and Chickpeas, all beckon you!! Please… 😀

    @ Pallavi : Thanks Pallavi!! :))

    @ Sudeep : Thanks a ton Sheelu! 🙂

    @ UmaS : You are meeting a true FV addict, Uma!! 🙂

    And despite playing it for so many months now, my interest in it has not waned even for a second!! 😛

    Thanks a lot!! 🙂

    @ The Holy Lama : You will get all the tips and tricks FOC, whenever you wanna be one of us..ie the virtual farmers! 😉

    @ Shilpa : Yeah…you traitor…left in between!! 🙂

    Giving up??? This thought has never crossed my mind! But yeah, the day i don’t find it interesting enough, I’ll quit!! After all its just a game! 🙂

    @ Vaish : Wow, you too!! Cool 🙂

    Thanks a lot! and yes, I’d love to be your neighbor!! 🙂

    @ Anu : Thanks a lot Anu…glad you relate to it!!

    Loved your take on FV!! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. @ Avada : Thanks a lot Avada!! 🙂

    @ Kanagu : Thks : Am glad, you think so! 😛

    @ Aashima : Thank you baby! 🙂

    @ RGB : Thanks RGB. Am glad you enjoyed! 🙂

    @ RSV : Thank you Rahul 🙂

    @ Hitesh : God! What a sin you have committed Hitesh!! 😛

    Thanks 🙂

    @ lostworld : Thanks Rohitha. I have the 26×26 Plantation and yeah soon I’ll be the Omnipotent Agriculturist…that;s on reaching Level 100! I am on 89! 🙂

    LOL! 😀

    @ Purba : Wow!! A Booker!!?? 😀

    Ah… you quit farming!! 🙁

    Addictive it is!! 🙂

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