Friday’s 55 Fiction : Souvenir

55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.


Her presence would liven up the whole place… her animated chatter, her tinkling laughter; her helping hand, her hugs and kisses… always brought a tender smile.
Their relationship was deeper than one could fathom… an extension of each other…
A tear rolled down her eye, as she remembered her teenage daughter who was no more.

PS: Parents always expect their children to live longer than them. Of course that’s the natural progression of life.
Only parents can understand the joy of watching their children grow from  toddlers to teenagers to adults. But, sometimes, destiny has some very cruel plans and it snatches your child away from you so soon, without any warning. Leaving behind longing and memories, sadness and grief…

I never knew IHM’s daughter, Tejaswee Rao, but her untimely death has shaken me to the core. It troubles me, scares me…
While nothing can change this bitter truth, here’s wishing all the strength and courage to the very courageous and inspiring IHM and her family.

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17 thoughts on “Friday’s 55 Fiction : Souvenir

  1. very touching 55’er …
    destiny can be very cruel at times…
    /here’s wishing all the strength and courage to the very courageous and inspiring IHM and her family. // Amen.

  2. Hey di, its really a touching post.. It scares me too whenever I come to know of any such mishap. How can we change anything that’s not in our hands.. May God bless each mom on this earth to watch their kids grow and never should anything as this happen to any..

    May her soul rest in peace..

  3. As soon as I read the post, even before reraching the note at the end, I was thinking about IHM’s daughter. And true, her going shook me up somewhere inside.

  4. Straight from the heart.
    Same here, I had actually read Tejaswee’s blog before but had never known she was IHM’s daughter.
    I’m shaken to the core by the fact how uncertain life is.

  5. very poignant post.
    But then who are we and what power do we have to intervene and correct the course of a natural phenomena that know no discrimination of age, time and place?

  6. YEs so much pain for parents, its not suppsoed to happen this way , parents are not supposed t osee there kids die it supposed to be other way round.

    Sad very heartbreaking when i heard about Tejaswee and my prayers and wishes go to IHM and family may god give them strength to bear the pain.

  7. It’s difficult to fathom the world or what lies in store for us. Untimely death comes as a rude shock to loved ones. Our prayers are with IHM’s family.

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