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The Corridor of a Hospital
As she sat, seemingly composed on the chair outside the Operation Theatre, the ‘family’ members were oblivious to the inner turmoil raging inside her.
She looked imploringly at her husband. His eyes showed a flash of understanding but next moment they were met with the glaring looks from his father.
As he turned his back to her, he had turned his back to the joy and happiness, hope and love, their unborn daughter was to bring in their world.

When will we say Goodbye to Sex Determination and Female Feticide?

A Small Room of a ‘Home”
She saw her granny kiss and cuddle her kid brother, she yearned for it too. She was learning to curb these feelings and to turn a blind eye to the disparity and neglect she was made to experience by her own family.

When will we say Goodbye to Discrimination against the Girl Child?

A Dining Room in a Home
She aspired to explore her passion. But that has been simply vetoed and the final verdict has been forced on her. This decision will help her prepare to adjust better in her new home.

When will we bid Goodbye to the Dreams and Aspirations Killing Machines?

A Moving Car on the Outskirts of a City
Numb with shock and pain, tired from the struggle and screams, she lay tattered and mangled, as her every right is shattered and questioned and answered too in their own pleasing way.

Will we ever say Goodbye to Sick and Narrow Mindedness and Bigotry?

A Conference in a Home
The constant nagging and barbed-wire comments, the physical and the mental assault, led her to decide, finally… to end her life.

Why can’t we say Goodbye to Social Evils and Orthodox Practices?

Some Place Somewhere
The pitiful looks and the lustful looks, which are now a part of her life have added more misery and pain than the one given by the destiny itself. She is a young widow struggling to live life.

When will we finally say Goodbye to the Impotent Societal Taboos?

Daughters, Wives and Widows…. Do we really want to say Goodbye to them, finally after all these years??

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Thank you Neha for sharing the Idea! 
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40 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. all the best
    i really liekd the questions you have asked .. I hope and pray they get answered and something is done about it …
    these taboos and wrong practises are taking us backwards rather then forwards which we keep thinking our country is going towards …
    and the discrimintation twards girl child and killing of them aweful and shameful for us each individual living …

  2. You have raised very serious questions in such a simple way. I hope we are able to find answers to those questions collectively.
    Keep writing!!

  3. The day when the society learns to say goodbye to these social taboos, everyone will get their share of happiness…These Social issues that bog our mind and come around to haunt us and you have expressed it so well.
    ATB Shilpa :))

  4. thoughtful and very powerful post.
    Even in the 21st century the mindset hasn’t completely changed of women as an expendable resource.
    I wait for the day when it ends, till then the fight continues.

    ATB for BAT13
    Gkam – Goodbye

  5. I’m glad that there are no such hypocrites in my family. Though I make few compromises as a girl, it’s nothing serious. By the way, good one.

  6. Though the executions are different, our posts share few common traits….and one among them is Woman and widow

    liked all of them, but felt like it ended soon…..wanted to read more…. In fact i would like to read more such social topics from you

  7. HI Shilpa,

    You wrote something , that really is the worst thing still prevailing in the society really, when we ppl the so called 21st century ..educated ppl come out of our shell and change our mindset and stand firm against female Feticide..

    Well done!

    All the Best .. 🙂

    take care
    KS 🙂

  8. brilliant concept… your views have been put across you powerfully… such a pity that we still are struggling with these issues…
    This is one Goodbye that we all should say…

  9. We will hardly be able to say goodbye to social evils however hard we try. We are humans, not Gods.
    What I am writing is not due to cynicism but with the feeling that humans will eventually evolve, though very very slowly.

  10. These questions are being asked over and over again, but the thing is the questions are just being asked but no one’s fighting for the answers and the end results. A change will only occur if the women fight.

    Btw, a welcome deviation from your usual style. Loved the post!

  11. Questions that need to be asked of the society…but sadly its us who make the society.Time to change & raise our voices to be heard & not just seen.
    All the best!

  12. Such strong and emotional true questions often don’t have answers.I hope that after reading such well meaning writing, people realise and become more receptive.
    Shilpa, truly a very touching post.

  13. Hello Shilpa, a wide range of issues concerning women have been covered by your post. Its a different perspective, “should we say goodbye to them now”. Personally, i felt if two or three issues were elaborated, it would have been much more effective than it is now. But I like it because it has a strong social msg. All the best for BAT!


  14. So many different kinds of problems, discriminations, abuses are faced only by the women around the world – sometimes when they were born or sometimes even inside the womb !! Isn’t sad ???

    Lets say Good bye to all these, as u have said beautifully in a wonderful post. 🙂

  15. A truly power packed post and what conviction in each question. Thought provoking and utterly stupefying. Another question when do we say goodbye to the ambiguity in getting a solution to such anti-social elements???

  16. My first visit to your blog.
    And let me assure you that this post was one of the best laid out that I have read.

    As long as we do little or nothing to acknowledge the others rights aspirations,feelings and life itself , such horrific customs and attitudes will thrive maliciously.

  17. very thought provoking indeed!
    As we grow up, we are all well aware of these social biases..and we speak against it..However, finaly some of us end up perpetrating the same crimes under domestic and societal pressures.
    How i wish we put an end to it!

    This is one of the better posts I have read about Goodbye 🙂 This surely stands a good chance!

    All the best for BAT!!

  18. You’ve hit the nail on the head! Such accurate words are used in this post. I hope and wish that these social taboos extinct soon 🙂

    All the best for BAT 13.

  19. You have covered a wide range of issues that need to addressed immediately with one topic, Goodbye. I hope the answers to all your when’s are “now” and not “asap”.

    All the best!

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