Thursday Challenge : Outdoors

This week’s theme at Thursday Challenge is Outdoors.

This was our camping site at West Ladakh in Uletokpo, Ladakh.

Staying in a camping tent was one exhilarating moment! The Indus river flowed wildly between our camp and the big rocky mountain! It was some awesome view!! 
The tent had 2 beds with a side table and an attached bathroom. A set up which took us some what back to the basics. Of course, the bath had showers and hot water supply. A battery operated table lamp lit the tent at night. And the weather was simply heavenly.
Behind our tent, a stream of water was flowing and one morning, we (the women, of course!) couldn’t resist the temptation of washing clothes by the stream, despite having clothes which could last us for a month!!

If you’re looking for solitude, serenity, and real peace and quiet, a camping trip in the mountains is the answer.

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23 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge : Outdoors

  1. WOW !!! This is fab…such an awesome way to peace and serenity. Love this tent. 🙂

    I am just searching my archives, when I see that you’ve already posted… 😉

  2. Fantastic!! You get one with nature and feel so serene. Back to basics is lot more joyful and fun than all our luxuries. It shows that when you wanted to wash clothes by the stream even when you had ample to wear for the next 1 month!! The tent looks so cozy by the way 🙂 to sleep during the nights with the constant flowing of water in the background would have been a soothing music

  3. Wow thats a lovely place to be .. Looks cool and with what you have described the river, the mountain looks WOW

    lets see when i get to do all this … 🙁

  4. Wow..that’s fabulous. Camping on a beautiful mountain, with limited luxury and streams flowing around, is a bliss! That must be the best trip ever!

  5. @ UmaS : Oh yes, it was the simply the best vacation. Truly enjoyable and relaxing! 🙂

    @ Insignia : Right, you don’t miss much. No TV, no music meant more reading more talks and discussions and more fun.

    Washing clothes by the stream was simply fun!! 🙂

    @ Swaram : You must!! 🙂

    @ HaRy!! : It was indeed very cozy! 🙂 True…we have so many wonderful, diverse and interesting places in our country to explore! 🙂

    @ Chatterbox : The tent had space to move around too and was neat and clean too!! Simply loved it!! Thanks 🙂

    @ Nu : You bet, it was! 🙂

    @ Nethra : Inshallah! 🙂

    @ Bikramjit : Yup…WOW!! Plan!! Plan!! 🙂

    @ Anu : It was!! 🙂

    @ Someone Is Special : Yeah, its an amazing place. We went in August, so it was not so cold, but pleasant! 🙂

    @ RGB : It is inviting you…so go for it!! 🙂

    @ BK Chowla : It was a fantastic experience. Oh yes, very safe…its a resort which has these camping tents and no building/rooms to stay. 🙂

    @ Vee : 🙂 Hope you had a good time!! 🙂

    @ Neha : So go for it, girl!! 🙂

    @ Reema : 🙂

    @ Rajlakshmi : Yes, it had everything…river, streams, mountains, trees and birds… 🙂

    @ The Holy Lama : Well said! 🙂

    @ Kanagu : It is! 🙂

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