Ten on Tuesday – 2

cooltext468162920.pngTen Things That Kept Me Away From Active Blogging*

  1. My laptop cord (2 year old) was giving me trouble, so we decided to buy the new one. We went to a showroom, asked for the cord and while the salesperson was getting  it. KG looked around at the laptops on display and ‘convinced’ me to buy a new one!! And we bought a new laptop that very moment instead of the cord which was costing just Rs 1200!! Some impulsive shopping that was!! I am soooo busy and happy exploring my brand new lappy, that thinking about a nice worthy post is far from my mind!
  2. I have taken a vow to visit a temple for 40 days. So, every morning getting up at 3:45 am and reaching the temple by 4:15 am and getting back home by 5:15 am to start the daily grind has disrupted my body’s rhythm. So, lethargy and tiredness gives me company most of the day…and thus….
  3. I felt reading Blog-a-Ton-14 posts was more important than writing a new post. That’s another story that I have neither read any of the fellow contestant’s post and nor have written a new post on my blog. Hopefully, the reading will start today!
  4. The Double Crop Mastery this weekend and making my pigs hunt for truffles made me work hard on my farm! So, no posts again! You know, I am talking about FarmVille!! You bet I am still crazy passionate about it!!
  5. The full time help was asked to resign and the 2 part-time maids do not help that much! Sigh!! It’s loads of work. And the work at home is never ending!! 🙁
  6. A new work assignment kept me busy!
  7. My Aaryan’s Monthly CCEs (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) gave me ulcers, headaches…
  8. Lack of ideas or inspiration rather the tired brain state didn’t let me think creatively!
  9. Fun, family, friends, food, films… too contributed to this!!
  10. Just like that…

*By Active Blogging I mean writing a nice, long post.

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16 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday – 2

  1. Interesting reasons….but I like the first one…me too want a new lappy…this comp is the reason for many a fights between me and the girls… 😉 😉

    CCE giving u ulcers, headaches – Oh, dear, thats bad…take it easy…which grade is he in ??? Its better to leave them to do things on their own, slowly. I know the story for boys is different, but is certainly worth a try at a younger grade.

    The maid problem seems to be getting national fame…lol….its the same story everywhere…

    And come back soon….with a nice, long post. 🙂 🙂

  2. Cool list…you are awesome in putting almost anything in bullet points. I simply love your blog for that 😀 😀
    Me too desperately want a new laptop soon 🙁
    getting up so early is fantastic. I can imagine how tired you must get by afternoon itself 🙁
    Take care of yourself and be back with more fun reads soon 😀 😀


  3. I miss you around!! and those lazy conversations about nothing 😛

    but one thing is good – you take part in these things like 10 on tuesday, WW, friday 55er, creative thursday etc. A nice way for a disciplined blogging..keep it up..love your posts 🙂

    new lappy? what’s the configuration?

  4. Wow! congrats on your new lappy! Me too wants one but am bored with Windows, looking for a macbook now. And I can totally relate to your farmville addiction. I tried to stop too, honestly, but it just gets the better of me 🙂

  5. excuses 🙂 he he he he
    so what lappy did you buy, reminds me i need one too,

    the second point super cool, yeah get the lord on your side be in the good books he he he I do that too, but not this early and i dont stay that long for me its a quick 5 minute visit …

    but the 9th point WHAT ELSE can one want .. I would give my right arm to have that … nothing beats fun with family , friends and FOOOOOD … remember my wednesday pic he he he he

  6. Congratulations …happy new Laptop! Temple,maids,CCEs,Farmville,Blog A Ton—you are one busy girl but still you comer up with interesting updates on your blog.

    Enjoy your new lappy !cheers !

  7. Hehe di.. Nice reasons.. 😛

    Waise when I read about the Pigs hunting for truffles, I thought you own some pigs :D:D.. farmville is nice :D:D

    And about BAT posts.. Read mine too.. 🙂

    Being a mom is tough nai.. 🙂 I am a mom of two.. I know.. Ab bhi mere aagay peeche hi hain dono.. The summer holidays haven’t ended here yet.. 🙂

  8. woaaa you bought a laptop on impulse 😛 … hehehe
    missed the double crop mastery this weekend … need to work more on my farm 😛
    point 9 – now thats a valid one 😀

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