Thursday Challenge – Fun

It’s FUN @ Thursday Challenge..FUN during a Festival, Fair, Carnival, Party, Playground, Dancing, Laughing,… !!!

And Aaryan had loads of fun riding ‘Badal’ the horse (or is it a Pony?), during our vacation at Sanasar!

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26 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – Fun

  1. @ Insignia : You bet!! 😀

    @ UmaS : Wow! Cool!
    Thanks 🙂

    @ tikulicious : Oh yes, discovering, exploring, learning…
    Thank you, Tikuli! 🙂

    @ Neha : Thks.:)
    He had an eye injury a day before this click and thus his right eye is swollen!

    @ Prats : 🙂

    @ Chatterbox : Thank you CB! 🙂

    @ Jidhu Jose : 🙂

    @Roshmi Sinha : 🙂 Mummy is behind the lens! 🙂

    @ anilkurup : Me wonder too, now. Though never thought about it! 😛

    @ Bikramjit : Oh yes, he enjoyed it thoroughly. If he would have had his way, he would have eaten and slept too while being on the back of his new friend!

    @ M Verma : Yeah! 🙂

    @ Nethra : Thanks Nethra 🙂

    @ Harini : Ooh! That’s terrible! 😛

  2. Riding on a horse feels good. You feel like you’re in control (unless the horsey thinks otherwise!)with the reins in your hands. More recently, I rode on an elephant and my heart was pretty much in my mouth throughout the ride which seemed like eternity, untill I got off and was thankful that it all went well 🙂

    Nice picture!

  3. @ RGB : LOL, yes, the horsey has to like you too!
    We too had an elephant ride some time back and it’s kind of scary fun!! 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

    @ Kavita : Thanks a lot, Kavita! 🙂

    @ The Holy Lama : OMG!! Thanks :))

    @ BK Chowla : Ah, your this comment has made my day, but you must see the dad and baby together and you might change your opinion! :))

    @ Rajlakshmi : He did!! 🙂

    @ SM : Thank you! 🙂

    @ Vinay Sharma : Thanks! Nah, we don’t have such aspirations!! 🙂
    Thank you and look forward to seeing you more often, here! 🙂

    @ Reema : LOL… just for a pose!! I know, the feeling though!! 🙂

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