Thursday Challenge – Music

Music, it is, this week at Thursday Challenge. Music that emanates from Singing, Dancing, Playing, Instruments, iPods, Concerts etc.
I looked at ALL the pictures on my laptop and couldn’t find anything suitable.
Then in a flash of inspiration, I remembered these 3 musicians who play music (silent variety) in our living room.

They are made of wood and are hand painted. Got these as a present from a friend in Jodhpur.
Liked their music??

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21 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – Music

  1. WOW !!! Me like it…yes, I’ve seen like this in my frnd’s house in Hyd…they make a wonderful gift too… 🙂

    Am enjoying this thursday challenge, just like u. 🙂

  2. reminds me of the song old old one baawri kathputli main :- I think madhubala old

    and what a shot, and beautiful and thats all our musicians had ages ago and they made such beautiful music with just those instruments 🙂 Excellent

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