Thursday Challenge : Technology

It’s Technology this week on Thursday Challenge.
Technology in the form of Machines, Gears, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Wires, Toys, Robots…

And I picked up Toys with Technology.

These are Aaryan’s toys.

The Ben 10 car in the center is a technological marvel for me and Aaryan. It’s fascinating to watch this car in action. It’s a radio control stunt car. It’s wheels can do 360 degree coiling, amazing flip overs and spiral spins with multi-colored lights. 

The 2 battery operated robots walk around and can pick and hold things.

The T-Rex Dinosaur can walk, has blinking lights and roars too.

Like them??
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14 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge : Technology

  1. I love them especially the CAr.. you watch the little masters got competition, If i come around I am gonna steal all of them MUUU HA HA AHA HAAH …

    BOys never grow old for toys I got at least 10-15 odd remote cars and saturday last i bought this helicopter which flies I am crazy for these things … and
    Toys R US are earning a lot of money from me 🙂

  2. liked them? loved them 🙂 you know, as a kid, I was never into toys or anything..bro used to play a lot with them..bought them in the morning n broke them in the evening..great creativity I must say as you chose toys technology 🙂

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