Who is Hit?

One morning, out of the blue, in August, KG got a call from a Police Officer in Jaipur informing that our car was involved in a hit and run case in the month of May in Jaipur and an FIR had been been lodged against us.

Our first reaction was panic and next moment when sanity prevailed, we calmed down and reasoned amongst ourselves, that it could not be our car as our car had never ever crossed the borders of Jammu since the last 2 years.

Our relatives and friends provided the necessary support and did the needful while we mailed them the evidence at hand, the petrol bills for April, May and June (you see, I am very organised!).
For a few days, all was quiet and then suddenly there were calls at every hour questioning to get the details, till KG decided to go to Jaipur and sort out the issue.

Armed with the pictures of our car from all angles, KG’s swipe card details at office (to show that he was in Jammu and at work), his phone call details and even the BTS based tracker for all his calls for that period (this gives the location of the generated call), car insurance for 2 years, car registration certificate, lease agreement etc, he reached Jaipur.

And what was supposed to be an open and shut case for us, it was a harrowing time for KG. Meeting the various police officials at all hours of the day, consulting a lawyer and even subjecting himself for ‘identification’ by the complainant!! Thankfully, KG passed that test as the complainant answered truthfully that he had never seen KG before. Alas! But on seeing the pictures of our car, he firmly ‘believed’ that it was the same car that had hit him. And sadly, his pocket diary showed the exact number of our car, which he had the scribbled after the accident.

While KG was absolved from the crime, our car was not!

For the next 3 days, it was a hunt to trace the real culprit. Finally, some leads were available and after 5 days, it was clear that it was neither KG nor our car that was involved in that hit and run case. But we were still not given that clean chit because the real culprit was still at large.

Finally, after a month today, 2 officials from Jaipur Police visited us at our home at Jammu to finally close the case as the real offender was found.

And today it was learnt that the car involved in the accident was a Honda City with Registration no. RJ 19 CA 3231, while our car is a Ford Ikon with Registration No. RJ 19 CA 3132.

Now, how do you respond to this??

Anyways, some learnings from this incident…

  • Problems can come from anywhere.
  • Dealing with the Police/Law is a pain.
  • Innocent people are more hit!
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21 thoughts on “Who is Hit?

  1. Goodness! That must have been one scary experience!

    It is such a sad state that despite having proven that your car was nowhere in the area, you still had to go through all this torture. Thank god it is all sorted now.

  2. I am impressed with Indian Police. I am sure KG is well to do person. For a normal human, it would have been a nightmare…

    Glad everything is sorted out.

  3. Definitely scary and at the same time I am glad that finally everything settled well.
    I am impressed with your organisation skills for sure despite being shaken by the possibility of this kind of trouble affecting anyone anytime.

    Congratulation to you and KG for finally getting it all sorted, though after a lot of trouble.

  4. What an experience it must have been.I can understand your concern as dealing with Police is no easy task.I had a similar experience.I had cops suddenly coming over for questioning as to why did I drive from in front of an embassy in Diplomatic enclave on three consecutive days at the same time.I had not.
    They were convinced that it wasn’t my car, but it wasn’t dealing with the cops.
    Enjoy Ganesh chaturathi

  5. Very sorry to know -The mental agony , unnecessary expenditure (unwanted round trip to Jaipur)you had to go through because of police’s incompetence (they should have cleared your car too at the same time after you produced all the proofs ).

    Glad that its over now.I am sure your 45 days trip to the temple really helped you from getting out of this mess.Only ‘Bhagwan’ can help innocent people from the clutches of Indian-police.

    Holding good thoughts for you.

  6. oh ask me when it comes to dealing with the police!! I come across so many weird cops, nagging cops, chipku cops and such likes..there are some good ones too, but for that you have to be extremely lucky n other times, careful! good to know that the problem was sorted out 🙂

  7. You stored th petrol bills!
    I throw them right in the bunk 😀

    The only thing I’ll infer from this is that, if God wants it anything can happen 😀

    And the poor guy couldn’t differentiate between a Honda and a Ford make, tch tch, he needs to see an ophthalmologist!

  8. GOD.. Ridiculous situation.. Even I can distinguish between a HONDA and a FORD.. and I live here ..

    But why did you have to find all the proof, Isn;t it the job of police ot do that .. OH boy i tell you one thing If we had done this here to you , oh man you would have been RICH.. by suing the police.. I cna tell you this much ..

    Pathetic, They loadged a FIr because the car had your number plate or something, so DID they not check with the Agency that gives Car number , what car, that should have told them the CARS dont match…

    How do you respond to this .. By taing the complainant to task, and suing the idiot… Thats HOW… ANd KG going to Jaipur WHY, the police should come to you.. and in worse case scenario OFFICIALLY arrest KG if they are so sure.. Why does a innocent person need to travel all the way to JAIPUR…

    I hope they paid the expenses that incurred on you.. but then I guess the answer is No..
    Were the colours of the cars SAME… 🙂
    If it was here there was no need for KG to go anywhere if he had sent the bills, the swipe card reciepts

    But anyway I am pleased this is all over, I can understand the situation you were in. I know how police works in india …

    I am in uk for so long , i got a letter once t oappear in court for a chalaan that i was supposed to have crossed a red light in Chandigarh, and I had sold that car years ago.. and the Person who is looking after our house back home also did not think twice and sent me the letter WEIRD 🙂

  9. Oh dear…that must have been really a hard situation…but thank god, its over.

    Oh, yeah…dealing with police / law is certainly a pain…the way they keep bugging us…Oh God !!! When a chain snatching incident happened in our family, my husband was behind the cops to get a FIR (which they refused to do) and following it up was sure frustrating. We still havent got it.

    I am impressed with ur filing system…care to give some tips… 😉

  10. Wow, that must have been a real stressful and scary experience for your family !! Am glad it is finally over now. Flipping of one digit and so much pain for innocent people !! And yes, dealing with police/law for even smallest of things is a pain.

  11. A case of mistaken identity huh?That must have been awful! Glad it is all over and sorted.

    You actually save your fuel bills? Glad it came in handy. Some of my safe places are so safe that even I can’t find them after a while!

  12. My goodness! Good to know that you could come out of the situation without much loss.. though I can fully understand the situation you must have gone through.
    Was the complainer an influential person? I never know Police being so persistant? Or is it another case of how India treats Jammu and Kashmir with suspicion? I do not know .. just thinking aloud…
    And was the real culprit punished?

  13. one has to store the petrol bills???? thank god I came to know that. Thankfully everything sorted out. Dealing with police in India is worse than going thru hell.

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