Ten on Tuesday – 5

cooltext468162920.pngTen Things to do in Amritsar
1. First and foremost, visit the Golden Temple. It is amazingly beautiful and clean. The best time to visit would be weekdays and not weekends. Do eat at the Langar… the food is awesome and what I liked the best…everything is so neat and clean, the plates shine like silver!
2. Visit the Jalianwala Bagh Memorial. The well in which people jumped to protect themselves and the bullet-ridden walls lay testimony to the brutal massacre on April 13, 1919. That’s the narrow passage through which the firing was conducted.
3. Visit the Indo-Pak border at Wagah  to see the border closing ceremony. Indian and Pakistani soldiers do a march-off every evening, a popular and fun event. We missed it sadly, due to time constraints!
4. Have lunch/dinner at Bharawan da Dhaba or Kesar Dhaba. The food is yummilicious punjabi. An advice : Do not go to these places on an empty stomach… coz the waiting period is so much that you could faint of hunger!
5. Drink Lassi (Yogurt) …God, it’s so thick and tummy filling!
6. Shop for Punjabi Juttis and Punjabi Suits. Of course, hone your bargaining skills especially in the market outside the Golden Temple.
7. Amritsar is famous for its spicy Pickles, Badiyan (made from dried urad/moong dal seasoned with a variety of spices) and Papads. Check them out!
8.Try the street food…Jalebis, Chaat, fresh Fruit Juices, Poori-Subzi…
9. Amritsar is a paradise for chicken (non-veg) lovers. Atta Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Chicken Tikka are must haves
10. Stay in the luxurious comfort, trendy ambience and wonderful service of Ista Hotel.
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21 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday – 5

  1. I am firstttttttttt

    Wow nice one other then the HOTEL I have done all , and offcourse other then the ladies Jutti I got the Men ones but i got the KHOSA’s its the men jutti but with a hook on the TIP.. especially worn in weddings and all all golden and a silver one 🙂

    and the foood is yummm.. I stayed in amritsar for some time to do My flying at the local airport , though it did not work out i had to go to ludhiana instead 🙂

    and the drill at the border its WOW… it has been TONED down i had gone about a decade ago it was worth seeing then…

    Brought back so many memories of the city one of my best friend lives in amritsar 🙂

    Bikram’s blog

  2. wow, what a place..i have heard and so much about Amritsar and golden temple..jaliyawala baug visit must have been a sad one hai na..I am a chicken eating vegetarian, so I guess i will have fun at Amritsar 😛

    great post 🙂

  3. I have not been to Amritsar and the Wagha.
    Now from what I have heard in first hand on the comical ceremony at the Wagha every day, it is anachronistic. I have seen it on video and in pictures too , I know it is an outdated ceremony, that will only keep the apparent hatred or dislike for people on either side of the birder alive. Better do away with such nonsense. dont you think so??

  4. The Golden Temple looks so beautiful !Glad that you had a great trip and thanks for the tips .I like the look of the place where you stayed .Did you buy any phulkari stuff ?

  5. I did go last year with my kids. It was sublime.

    We visited the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh and did a bit of shopping outside the Golden Temple. We didn’t have time for Wagah Border, as we were travelling back to Chd the same day, but it was really great.

  6. WOW…you are tempting me to plan a visit to Amritsar soon…. 🙂 🙂 Yes, I am going to make this trip. 🙂

    Love the shopping part – its really beckoning me…am sharpening my bargaining skills…. 😉 😉

    Oh…thats a place for the Foodie me…am going to starve myself before this visit…so that I can eat more. 🙂 😉

  7. What a coincidence it is.
    We returned from Amritsar only 3 days back.We go to Golden Temple twice a year(I am not a Sikh, though).
    Can I add one more to do list ?
    For all you girls—visit the cloth market behind Bhrawan Da Dhaba for ladies suits from Pakistan.Made from Chinese cloth and fine needle work from Lahore and Karachi.Please pity me as I have just paid for a few—you all too must be punished.

  8. @ Bikramjit : Ya, saw the Khosas too. They look cool with kurta-pyjamas and denims!

    Yeah, they say that the drill at Wagah has been toned down as apart from other reasons, there are medical issues too…the soldiers suffered from knee joint problems due to exaggerated boot-stomping.

    @ Neha : It is a wonderful place, truly. Yes, Jalianwala bagh is a sad reminder of our past.
    Chicken eating vegetarian… lol 😀 Yes, that sure would be fun. So when are you coming this side?? 🙂
    Thks 🙂

    @ Siddhesh : Yeah, do visit the border! You must buy them, they look cool with denims too! 🙂

    @ Abha : Thanks Abha. Amen to your wish! 🙂

    @ Smitha : I guess, one can never get tired of shopping and eating, if there is such a huge variety as it is in Amritsar! We had a great time! 🙂

    @ Vicious : Wow! That’s wonderful. 🙂

    @ Pallavi : You must! 🙂

    @ Harini : 🙂 Pls plan and do visit this place sometime. You may like to add this in youur list of places to visit or is it already there??

    @ Anil Kurup : Agreed, it’s not needed in today’s time, but it has been going on for long now. More than any other reason, it should stop because of the medical problems the soldiers face because of exaggerated boot-stomping.

    @ Insignia : Cool, cool!! So when’s the plan to visit Amritsar?? 🙂

    @ Kavita : You know, Kavita, I felt at peace at the Golden Temple. It’s so serene and beautiful out there. And the cleanliness..it’s mind blowing. I mean, one has to be there to experience that.

    Ista was one beautiful place to stay! Simply loved staying there. Nah, I didn’t buy Phulkari 🙁

    You make (cook) badiyans at home?? Are they used in North-East. I thought these are popular in Punjab and Rajasthan.

    @ Avdi : Agree completely! Amritsar has a distinct flavor.:)

  9. Wow!! I heard so much about the place and seen in so many movies, but could never make it up to Amritsar so far!! This post will go handy for any traveller visiting the place…Nice list!! Loved the foodie list too 🙂

  10. @ UmaS : You are cordially invited to visit Amritsar Uma and then you can travel some more towards north and visit us in Jammu!! And visit the beautiful Kashmir valley too! So, do I see you calling the travel agent??

    Shopping is simply cool!
    I love that spirit… starve to eat more!! 😀

    @ Reema : You must… it would be a treat! 🙂

    @ RGB : Cool! 🙂

    Lassi is delicious and you must see the glass size…it’s so huge!! 🙂

    @ BK Chowla : Wow! We were at Amritsar on 2nd and 3rd Oct. You were there at that time?? That’s wonderful…visiting the Golden Temple, twice in a year…

    Thanks for adding that, Mr. Chowla…Yes, the pakistani suits are a good buy. Punished?? Everybody will be thanking you for buying them such goodies!! :))

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