Thursday Challenge – Gold

It’s Gold at Thursday Challenge.

And what’s better than the Golden Temple at Amritsar. We visited this beautiful Gurudwara, last fortnight! Also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib and Darbar Sahib, this is the neatest and the cleanest religious shrine I have ever visited. The darshan too is so well organised, despite thousands of devotees visiting here each day and all hours.

Do visit the Golden Temple, whenever you are in Amritsar!

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26 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – Gold

  1. Beautiful!!
    First Smitha, now you, I’m seriously tempted to join you guys in this thursday challenge. Let me see if I can dig out an apt picture and share it today 🙂

  2. @ dialoguewithyou : Thanks CB! 🙂

    @ Insignia : Cool! 🙂

    @ Deeps : Thanks Deeps! You must join in the fun at Thursday challenge, the more the merrier!! 🙂 Actually, this is my 12th Thursday Challenge!! 😛
    Looking forward to your take on the theme!! 🙂

    @ Harini : It is and you must! 🙂

    @ Nethra : Cool 🙂

    @ monikamanchanda : Oh, you changed!! 😛 Your clicks for the theme are awesome!

    Oh, yes, it’s simply bliss out there, somehow, I find praying in a gurudwara very fulfilling! 🙂

    @ Swaram : You too!! 😀 The Goddess pic you chose is damn good! 🙂

    @ Bikramjit : Waheguru ji ka khalsa.. Waheguru ji ki fateh…

    @ pinashpinash : Great!! 🙂

    @ Roshmi Sinha : Thks, Roshmi.
    Yeah, me wonder too, the same!!

  3. @ UmaS : That’s because, great minds think alike!! 😀

    @ Prats : You must visit it for an awesome experience! 🙂

    @ BK Chowla : I wanted to go for the Prabhat Pheri, but couldn’t do it…but would love to be a part of it, sometime! 🙂

    @ RGB : Cool 🙂

    @ Reema : Amen 🙂

    @ Neha : Oh, yes loads of it!! 🙂

    @ Anuradha : Amen to your wish! 🙂

    @ Kavita : Thanks Kavita 🙂

    @ Vaish : Thanks Vaish! 🙂

    @ Madhav :Yes, it is! 🙂

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