A Real Cool Reading Challenge…

Came to know about this wonderful Reading Challenge on Smitha’s blog, which simply floored me. So, immediately signed up for it! But a busy bee that I have been, got the time to post about it, TODAY!

Well, this is the South Asian Challenge 2011… it’s a challenge to read books about South Asia and by South Asian authors during the calendar year of 2011!
sac2011-1I have read quite a few South Asian authors this year, and hope to read more of them in 2011 too.

It’s S Krishna’s endeavour to encourage people to read South Asian books. To know more about the South Asian Challenge or to sign up, please do hop here.

Are you joining this challenge??

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10 thoughts on “A Real Cool Reading Challenge…

  1. @ Abha : Hi Abha, the challenge runs from January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011. But one needs to register before December 31, 2010!
    So hurry…. :))

    @ Smitha : Yeah, it’s fun and would be a good medium to explore… authors, their works, exchange and learn… 🙂

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