Some Blogarbled Thoughts

Date : 14th February 2011 (Dampener: Mentioning the date here has got nothing to do with the V-Day!)
Blog Count in February : 2

And these 2 facts have led to some heightened activity in my grey cells which are safely covered under a tuft of few grey hair!!

Like a chain reaction, the grey cells are generating thousands hundreds a few thoughts which are drumming the insides of my lil’ brain! And before they explode, lemme jot them here…

  • My ‘simple calculation’ challenged brain is trying to count the remaining days in February and the number of  garbled thoughts I can generate in this month.  And I am still not able to figure it out!! Guess, will have to take a break and count on fingers! A single digit blog count is disturbing me!!
  • What should I write, that could be posted in minutes, as I have loads of other things to do. Yes, among loads of other things, I do find time to tend my virtual farm!! Level 100 and still going STRONG!! No, the WWs and Thursday Challenge are not the answer! I don’t like it when my blog looks like a Photo Blog! 
  • The ever increasing Reader count is scary and I am oscillating between the Reader and my baby blog without any productive work on either of the two!
  • And then, a few grey cells are pushing me to respond to the comments on my blog too! I HAVE to do this sooooooooooooooon!
  • “I guess, I should write about my last travelling experience ”, says a tiny cell. “No, that is not so great”, says another. “How about bringing some Drafts to life?”, another G cell points out and yet another pessimist one is quick to crush it and the war goes on…
  • The various contests in the blogosphere are tempting me!! Nah, they can’t be be taken up now!
  • And, then I have faltered on some blog world deadlines! 🙁
  • Also….

I hope, the grey cells work constructively tomorrow so that a ‘nice’ post is visible on my blog tomorrow!
But, even with the cacophony they created today, a post is up on the blog!! AHA!!

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18 thoughts on “Some Blogarbled Thoughts

  1. LOL, so you made a post out of this 🙂 Will wait for the next one now 🙂
    PS: Google reader, sometimes its good to declutter by marking all items as read 😉 and then start afresh 🙂 🙂

  2. 100 levels? are you serious shilpa? really 100 levels? phew! I am speechless!

    blogging will happen at its own pace..looks like most of us are enjoying sabbaticals 🙂

  3. LOL! Just start writing and it will start 🙂 I was in a phase like this, although I don’t go anywhere near Farmville 🙂

    Reader? I still have 500 + posts to read, and I don’t know if I will ever get the count down at this rate 🙂

  4. ” No, the WWs and Thursday Challenge are not the answer!”

    – Phew thanks for your grey cells to scream that. Any time I would love to see a proper blog post (even this blabber post of yours is far better than WWS and TCs)

    Hope to see you bounce back with blog bang 😉 and ya hope to see your participation in Cafe contests too 😀

  5. But why do you ‘have to write’? Just write when you feel so without making any targets of writing and they you will explore another kind of joy of writing!

  6. @ Naina : Hi Naina! Am glad to know that this refreshed you!! :))

    @ lostworld : No, some things have changed! Have moved from owning 4 Virtual Farms to just ONE now!! 😛

    @ writerzblock : 😛
    That’s a wonderful suggestion, will take it up next time, as have already de-cluttered it quite a bit!! Thanks 🙂

    @ Neha : Yeah 100 😛
    I know what you mean, but I don’t like it when I don’t blog! 😛

    @ Smitha : Yeah, you are so very right! But I can’t do without FV!! 😛
    500+!! Well, my Reader has even seen 800!+! I liked Pal’s strategy, you wanna try that too??

  7. @ Abha : Yeah! Thanks, will write sometime soon! 🙂

    @ Lazy Pineapple : Thanks!! Dedicated is putting it mildly!! 😛
    Great…. so see you soon in action! 🙂

    @ The Holy Lama : LOL 😀

    @ Lakshmi Rajan : Yes, Yes and Yes & Thanks :))

    @ aativas : I get your point, Savita! And actually one can write well only when one feels like! A forced writing takes long to get a proper shape and form. But my busy schedule + no blogging = Not a happy me! 🙁

    @ Shahid : Hmmm…. will do so soon! I know, I know… but cant stop myself from being a farmer!! 😛

    @ Ashwathy : Thanks for a wonderful advice, Ashwathy!! 🙂 Taken the first step!! 🙂

    @ Bikramjit : Thanks you! Thank You!! 😛

  8. Yaayy on 100th level!
    But it’s very tempting for me Shilpa!
    I left my farm when I was at 70, a good 6 months back!
    Write only when you feel like writing! Waiting to read more of your posts dear!

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