Wordless Wednesday – 35

What’s unique about the dresses of these tribal women?? Any guesses??

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19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 35

  1. U shld’ve made the blue dress-wali to stand in the centre… 😉 Nice picture…
    Tribal women ??? From which part of India ???

    Are their dresses made out of jute ???? 😉

    Or did Manish Malhotra design it for them ???? 😉 😉 😉

  2. Hey, now that everyone says that something is written on their dress – I really clicked on the pic and saw them too…
    Are they the names of their family tree….to identify them !!! 🙂

    @Pal – LOL !!! u are just too much !!! 🙂 🙂

  3. @ dialoguewithyou : Yes, they are!! The secret will be out in few minutes!! 😀

    @ Bikramjit : Yes, Bikram…words are there… but what do they mean?? Think some more!! 😀

    @ Shilpa : Yes names, girls… but if you see closely they are all different names!! So??

    @ Rajeev : 🙂

    @ Insignia : Words… Yes
    Names… Yes
    Go on… you are nearly there!! 😀

  4. @ UmaS : Yayyyyy :))) You are right this time, Uma!!
    I marveled at your imagination earlier (in the first comment!) :))

    Yes, the names of their family members are embroidered on their dresses.

    These are the tribal women at Poshina in Gujarat. Poshina is some 200 kms from Ahmedabad!

  5. @ Avada : Yeah, very interesting tradition indeed. I also came to know abt this during my visit to this place! 🙂

    @ UmaS : Yes intelligent lady, YOU won!! :))
    Gift!!??…. A cool treat when we meet… in Chennai or in Jaipur!! :))

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