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I am a Happy Mom these days… Happy to be a part of a small beginning, happy to foresee a development of positive and healthy attitude!!It all started after I read a wonderful post by Dil Se, last month. Inspired by her, I ‘Copied’ the activity and its learning and ‘Pasted’ it on my child’s daily routine.

The idea is to write a thought or an activity that made you happy today. So, I helped Aaryan create his “My Happy Note Book” and initiated him to write each day in a line or 2 about anything that made him happy that day.

The first day… he was happy to write something new in a fancy notebook.

Second day… had to cajole him to share his happy moment.

Day 3, 4 and 5… he simply said, “Nothing made me happy today”!!. Not the one to give up anything easily, as I firmly believe, nothing starts easy in life, everything begins at some level of difficulty. So, I asked, probed and guided Aaryan about his that day’s happy moment.

It’s day 24 today and he shares his happy moments with a smile and that too on his own. It has become a part of his routine now. Every night, before he climbs into his bunk bed, he writes his happy moment for the day.

Some of his entries read like this….

  • Papa made halwa for me.
  • I went to Nanu-Nani’s home after school and stayed with them for the day.
  • I crossed Level-18 in my computer game.
  • I got 18 in Maths test.
  • I played with Pepper the Labrador at my friend’s place
  • Ma bought a Happy Meal for me.
  • Enjoyed the trip to The Haunted House. Though it scared me, but it was fun.

I believe, this lil’ activity will not only help him to appreciate small things in life but will also help him have a positive and healthy outlook. And a lil’ small voice also says that he may develop a love for writing too!!

I believe that good habits start young.

So, whether it’s eating everything that’s cooked at home and leaving nothing unfinished in the plate or reading a page from a book or a story every day, or playing any outdoor game or sleeping at a given time, I am glad to help Aaryan take steps towards habits that will help him grow mentally, emotionally, physically and socially better and strong.

Dil Se, thank you, Parul, for sharing a wonderful and beautiful thought!

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25 thoughts on “Happy Moments

  1. That was an excellent way of cultivating the good in the child.Remembering the little bits of happy moments in the day and thanking for them,
    This reminds me of an advice someone gave me to feel and thank at bed time in the night each and every part of ones body, each organ and thank them as if they were a separate entity. he said that would send auto suggestions to the physical body to react positively and stay healthy.

  2. aww such a cute start …I’m sure Aryan is enjoying this writing journey now 🙂

    and what an idea even for us grown ups too hai na shilps ?

    Pat on Dil Se’s back 🙂

  3. Shilpa: I am so glad this practice has worked so well for you. Even my son now looks forward for this part of the day and even shares his stories with his teachers too. I think this tool has been really helpful to teach him to appreciate good things in life.

  4. Habits that are cultivated when the children are young and of impressionable age remain for ever..that’s a very nice idea of making them write about happy moment of the day.

  5. That is a great idea Shilpa. Would love to start the same with my son, when he can start writing. Its such a simple and yet efficient way to let them appreciate the small things in life.

  6. Oh, special hugs to you for doing this thing in life – its we who shld be making this wonderful habit with kids, and I am so glad u taught this to Aryan. 🙂

    Life is more satisfying, once we know our blessings. 🙂

  7. This is a very good idea and not just for kids but for us all too.. Maybe I will start to write one live day ..

    and the halwa sounds yummy 🙂 he hehe and level 18 in a game oh CHAKK TE FATTTEEEEE 🙂

    I am still struggling with my levels ahhhhhh why cant i kill the bad mennnnnnnnn 🙂 he hehehe


  8. @ Anil : Yes, it is! Wow, that’s a wonderful thought too…thanking every organ for a job well done for the day!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    @ Rajlakshmi : Yeah, as soon as I read abt it, I thought of acting on it! I agree, I enjoy reading it even now too, every day!

    @ dialoguewithyou : Wow! You have done this too!! 🙂

    @ Scribby : Yeah, he is enjoying it now. In fact, the other day, he said, “there are 2 things which made me happy today, which one should I write?” Yeah, even we should be doing it! Yes, a big hug and thank you to Parul for sharing this!! 🙂

    @ Dil se : Yes Parul, such a beautiful and simple thing to do every day! Am sure, it will change a lot of perspectives, in a healthy way! Thanks a ton for sharing! 🙂

    @ Shobha : Yes, we are what we learned in our childhood! 🙂

    @ Passionate Goof : Cool, you must start it too. Look forward to your experience with this!! 🙂

    @ BK Chowla : Thanks Mr. Chowla!! Just doing my bit! 😛

    @ UmaS : Oh, yes, it’s important to count our blessings! 🙂
    Will check out your lessons ASAP.

  9. @ Swaram : Thanks Swaram. 🙂

    @ Dishit D : My pleasure 🙂

    @ Abha : You are absolutely right, Abha! I will! Thanks 🙂

    @ Shail : Thanks Shail! 🙂

    @ Bikramjit : Yes, it is and you must! Halwa was yummy! And have patience, you will be able to kill all the bad men sometime soon! 🙂

    @ Monika : Cool!! Do it you must! 🙂

    @ Aneeta : Surely, we must do it too!! 🙂

  10. This is such an inspiring idea. for now, I want to do it myself. Counting the blessings. So that I don’t forget either and then, one day I’ll be able to teach my children too.

  11. I really wish I could be a kid. This is a wonderful idea to make yourself happy even when you are depressed. I should remember this idea forever. I hope this simple idea would help me overcome tough situations in life! 🙂

  12. i like this idea so much 🙂 i have done this randomly a few times mysel..but never thought of making it a part of life like this. i am going to introduce my 4 yr ols son to this. i will have to write it for him though 🙂

  13. Very nice idea of inculcating the writing habit and being optimistic!
    Thanks for sharing your experience and this information! It’s a priceless advise for tomorrow’s mum like me!

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