Thursday Challenge – Cars

“CARS” …New, Old, Sedans, Convertibles, Station Wagons, Sports,… that’s the theme this Thursday.

Last December, I clicked a picture of this Vintage Jeep which was a part of a small fleet of vehicles owned by the Rajah of Poshina, Gujarat.

We had a workshop at this palace in Poshina and during every break, all the guys (participants) would surround this Jeep and admire it from every angle, have conversation with the Rajah about it’s history, mileage et al. Having a ride in it one evening, was a euphoric moment for them!!

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18 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – Cars

  1. Heyyyyyyyyy THATS My jeeeeep … oooh college days remembered WOWOW , the colour is different and we had a few more things
    It was a Willy jeep WOWOWOWO .. I got to import to uk now YESSSSSSSSSSS


  2. naice time i go to umbergaon, I will click bullock cart n get that for you for can add it to your collection of vintage vehicle..and that’s gonna be a vintage vehicle in its true sense 🙂

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