Thursday Challenge – Happy

Birthdays and Cakes go hand in hand, we all know that! And our birthday parties are no different. But what is different in our birthday parties is this….

  … the smearing of the cake on anybody and everybody!! Somebody has to start it and then it’s a chain reaction! Everybody would like to dirty soften their hands in the creamy cake and spread the cheer. It was my birthday, in the pic above and see the happy guys in KG and RB.

 Here, in this picture above, KG’s office guys, not only applied the beautiful and yummy Black Forest Cake on this face properly like a face pack but also decorated him with flowers from the bouquets he received and sure there were lots of happy smiles.

And here, KG was not even given an opportunity to remove his spectacles!! Some happiness it gave to everybody around!

So what if the hair has to shampooed immediately and the clothes have to be changed, so what if the kids pester for wanting to eat some more cake and the wife has to take special care in washing the smeared clothes,…  All Izzz Well, as long as we get that Happy feeling!

PS: Inspired by Sangeeta’s Thursday Challenge pic and comment! Thank you Sangeeta! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – Happy

  1. Total fun !!! My God, he allowed to be decorated with those flowers too….truly sportive. 🙂

    Loved ur take on this theme….happy moments to treasure. 🙂

  2. Its fun only when it is someone else’s birthday! 😛 🙂 I always used to complain and generally be a spoilsport whenever good tasty & yummy cake was getting wasted 😀

    But KG is a sport! Kudos.

  3. I got once smeared by cake at my in-laws place during the day of marriage which also coincided with my b’day. But honestly, I prefer eating cakes than get smeared or smearing on another 😉 May be Ice cream would be a cooler idea 😀

  4. this was the custom of bday celebrations at hostel at 12 midnight..but after few celebrations we decided not to waste the icing and stopped doing it 😀

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