Chalo Dilli

Yesterday, we decided to watch a movie. Scanned the schedules in the newspaper and we rushed to a multiplex. The plan was to watch Dum Maaro Dum, but due to technical reasons, had to go in for Chalo Dilli!!

Chalo Dilli starring Lara Dutta and Vinay Pathak, turned out to be a very entertaining movie.

Chalo Dilli is a journey of Mihika and Manu (played by Lara and Vinay), originating from Mumbai, and ending at Delhi via Jaipur. Witty dialogues and powerful performances by the lead artists and even the others in the cast keeps you glued to the seat.

This is one movie without any romantic angle between the pair and seeing them addressing each other as Bhai Sahab and Behenji is almost endearing.

Though this off beat movie keeps you entertained throughout but what hits you is the end which has a very thought provoking and poignant message. Manu’s oft repeated dialogue to every big or small problem, “To kaun si badi baat ho gayi” (So, what’s the big deal?) has a profound reason and meaning.

‘Letting Go and moving forward’ is one important take home from this wonderful, comic and entertaining movie. Surely a MUST watch!!

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12 thoughts on “Chalo Dilli

  1. Good you said that cause this is one movie i was lookign forward to seeing, I like that guy Vinay pathak he is hilarious…

    I was watching his movie the replica of Shmucks Dinner dont know the name he was hilarious in that …

    Yes Move on 🙂 I am so going ot watch this one



  2. I have read so many good reviews about this movie. Must be really good.
    I saw the link at facebook and so came here. Your blog shows it posted in afternoon and my blog still hasn’t showed any update on your blog. Blogger is sometimes weird!!

  3. @ Bikramjit : Yeah, Vinay is a versatile actor. Bheja Fry is inspired from Dinner for Schmucks!! He was awesome in that movie. You will like Chalo Dilli too!

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