Ten on Tuesday-13

Zero Out of Ten
  1. Guess, what’s common among these 4 things… a mobile, a USB Stick, a few hundred Rupees (400 to be precise) and some coins??
  2. No, we didn’t buy these 2 items for this much money, and neither is this the sale value of these gadgets, nor did we find them hidden in a treasure chest!
  3. Well, these 2 gadgets and currency have had an unique experience. They have had the ‘once in a million’ opportunity to be swirled, twirled, rotated, tumbled, spinned…
  4. Yes, swirled, twirled, rotated, tumbled, spinned… not for a split of a second or a minute but for eternity…in a Washing Machine.
  5. The first time…. one Sunday morning, as KG came out of the bathroom, in I rushed, like a woman possessed, to grab his discarded clothes, only to throw them in my beloved washing machine. (JFYI, I love washing clothes and my day is not complete without the buzzing sound of the washing machine resonating in our home!) Gadd… Gadd… noise, and I ignored it… some more Gadd… Gadd and KG came running in and rest is history. More than him, I was Ashamed, Broken-hearted, Crabby, Disappointed, Embarrassed, Frustrated, Guilty…. for rendering a 6-month old 20K HTC Phone, useless!!
  6. Of course, that’s another story that, the papers or visiting cards, coins and currency notes are ‘washed’ and sometimes ‘spinned’ on a regular basis.
  7. While, the coins are least affected and the notes are to be delicately handled after they are ‘discovered’, the visiting cards/papers are mere unrecognizable pulp.
  8. Last week, when I saw the cap of the USB stick among the spin dried clothes, my heart skipped a beat. Frantically, I dipped my hand in the soapy water of the wash tub and my fingers narrowly miss a scrape. What I see is the twisted and bent metallic part of the USB Stick!! I kicked myself for doing this or rather not doing what I should have done earlier! Just a casual remark, “What’s new in this?”, when I showed KG the mangled device, made me all the more Horrible, Irritated, Jaded, Knotty, Loser, Mournful, Numb, Offended (Yeah, even that!), Pissed…
  9. I don’t know, how this happens to me, considering, I feel believe that I am very meticulous. I know, I have to just check 4 + 2 pockets daily!! 4 of trousers and 2 of shorts, all 6 pockets belonging to KG coz the kid and I never keep anything in our respective pieces of clothing!! And I do check the pockets religiously. Nah, KG can’t be trusted to remove his paraphernalia from his pockets!!
  10. We are like that only, I guess!! Sigh!!!!!!
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18 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday-13

  1. swirled, twirled, rotated, tumbled, spinned – lolz :)Sorry that it happened but it is funny .On the positive side the items washed do look sqeaky clean.My son gave bath to my three month old cell but aapka jawab nahin:

  2. ROFL!!! It happens.. I hope the mobile phone is working…. The USB seems to have been swirled, twirled, rotated, tumbled, spinned quite well 😀

  3. @ Anil : Thanks 🙂

    @ Kavita : Has lo, has lo!! 😀 Yeah, they have been totally cleaned out!! 😀

    Oh, so, you have a washed cell too!! 😀

    @ Insignia : I don’t know, beats me!! I feel like beating myself for that, though! 😛

    @ Prats : After keeping it in sun and bright light for ages, it refused to work. Then one day, it worked and then some repair work… was alive for a few days after repair and now it is lying silent and dead in a drawer!! Yeah, the USB is totally mangled and gone!! Sigh!!

    @ Avada : Phone’s gone too!! Ah, so I am not alone!! Some sadistic pleasure I am getting!! 😉

  4. LOl! you accidentally washed it, but my masi washed her husband’s cell phone knowingly, you know cause it had gotten ‘dirty’ as her husband got drenched in rain and the cell phone was in his pocket. So to ‘clean’ the phone it was ‘washed’ along with clothes and ‘dried’ in spinner. Don’t even ask about uncle’s reaction! 😛

  5. ooops … hmmm
    Hey but you should have taken the phone out of the Pockets …
    Phones are not suppsoed to be washed .. OH HO.. you an clean them with some tissue or something .. WASH THODA KARTE HAIN

    ok ok ok I shall shutup before i see a Slap coming though the monitor … 🙂

    And why only ladies .. it can happen to a man too.. I have done some silly things especially when My White shirt came out Red ..

    And when for some odd reason I put the SUIT for a wash 🙂

    sad about the phone 🙁


  6. I haven’t done this – yet 🙂 But I once put husband’s expensive suit in the wash – I was dreaming when I popped the clothes in, I believe, because i had separated it to take it to the dry cleaners, but somehow managed to push it into the washing. When it came out, a 10 year old would have fit into it 🙂

  7. Ha ha ha ..same story everywhere Shilpa..but luckily for me he only forgets money, comb and worst of all tissue papers that he uses during lunch hour..which make a real mess…added work for me…lolz.

  8. well, i am in this washing cloths stuff since last 10 or so years but never have done this.

    :)…but your expression was funny…hhahahhahahahahahaah

    and KG must be calling you names…hahahahahahah

  9. LOL I’ve been in a few of those myself, luckily never with my hubby’s expensive phone. You’re dead right. They will not remove their things from their pockets, and it is our job. And, if something is left in the WM then it is our fault only. Program yourself to check pockets, that is the ONLY way out of this mess. And, once my son had left a tissue in his school shorts. I am sure you can imagine the mess that little tissue created on all the clothes. So,now some more checking is done by me 🙂 for my peace of mind.

  10. ROFLMACHINE – hahahaha..too good! phone? baapre! coins ki meri purani story hai, money ki bhi..once i washed 20k – salary withdrawal in the year 2005 😛 won’t say what happened next!

    loved the post 😀

  11. OMG Shilpa !!! A HTC phone ??? A pen drive ???? My God….

    U know what…I’ve even blogged abt it….I chk and re-chk all pockets before washing….but my husband had put in a ball-point pen in the inside pocket and I didnt chk that….all the pants and shirts got a coating of ball point ink, which is very difficult to go…even now, his jeans has a heart-shaped mark by that ball point pen and I always feel embarrassed looking at it….sometimes I console myself, he is carrying my heart on his jeans…LOL !!! 😉

    Take care from next time….my heart literally stopped to see u washed a mobile….

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