Thursday Challenge – Vehicles

It’s Vehicles, this Thursday.
And I am not sharing some jazzy, new, or even vintage or rare vehicles.  But, am sharing about the vehicles which change the destiny of not only an individual but decides the fate of his entire family. Just a glimpse of these vehicles on the roads, a small prayer definitely leaves the lips of all around.

These are the mangled and broken vehicles.
These are the vehicles which have blood on them.
These are the vehicles which have crashed not only themselves, but the dreams and hopes of those riding in/on them.

En route Vaishno Devi, near Jammu

At Leh

Of course, the vehicles turning into wrecks like this, is mostly because of the negligence of the people who drive them.

Safety studies have found that driver fatigue, drunken driving, negligence of safety norms are some of the reasons of the mishaps on the road. Dangerous overtaking, lane cutting, jumping signals, erratic parking, road rage are also responsible for accidents.

Both these accidents occurred at night and driver fatigue was cited as the main reason.

In 2007, I experienced this. We were travelling by a taxicab from Jodhpur to Jaipur and since it was late night, almost all (5 of us) were sleeping/dozing. Suddenly, I opened my eyes, and saw that the driver was sleeping too! It was such a big shock!!

They say, it takes 8,460 bolts to assemble a vehicle and one nut to scatter it all over the road!

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21 thoughts on “Thursday Challenge – Vehicles

  1. Some of the drivers of hired cars do double shifts without any rest… we have to be really careful of the truck drivers too..they are mostly drunk while driving.

  2. Shilpa,

    I really like the way you bring up important issues through your pictures. Yes, we need to be reminded about the safety at regular intervals

  3. It’s always sad to see theaccidents..we were saved from one when I was very young. We were to travel by bus. 8 of us together. There were 7 seats in the bus in the last three rows. I would be 5 yrs old at that time. I said no to sit on mom’s lap. I wanted a separate seat and that too the one next to the driver. We took the next bus. When we reached half way, the bus we were to take had met with a horrible accident! People sitting in last 5 rows didn’t survive, and plenty were injured severally!

    From then on, everyone listens to what I say when we travel! 😛

  4. I loved your take on the prompt! Very responsible one! Both of these pictures are pathetic. Can’t imagine the damage it caused to people inside. I remember being a part of such an accident tooo!! Not exactly my van, but the one in which my uncle travelled. I was in that van just few hours before he transferred me and my cousin into another van, and he got into that nasty accident years ago! It’s definitely not safe to drive if one’s not well. That’s the best thing about driving outside India! There are so much of safety rules, which we, unfortunately did not incorporate in Indian Roads!

  5. violating traffic rules are quite nonrmal in india … n innocent lives have to pay for it !!

    Yes … indeed it’s a serious issue that u have put up!

  6. accidents are happening everyday in the highway I travel Shilpa…

    Drivers should take some responsibility while driving them.. most of the time it happens due to sleeping…

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