10 Day You Challenge : Seven Wants

 7 Wants on Day Four…
I want…

  1. KG to quit smoking : He is just not interested in quitting the ciggy and it’s on my mind all the time! I know, this Quit Smoking desire has to come from within, and my wanting him to quit it will not help, but still I want it to happen!
  2. No child to grow without his/her parents : Whenever I see, children from broken families or growing up without a mom or a dad, it disturbs me a lot. Their fears, struggles, pain and hurt at such a young age is something, I want God to erase ASAP.
  3. To Let Go : I want myself to let go of certain things… eating at a road side dhabha without a frown…
  4. Inner peace : Just as Master Shifu told Po, the portly panda in Kung Fu Panda 2, I want inner peace too!
  5. Happiness and success for my child : As a mother, I want my child to be a good human being and happy and successful in his life.
  6. My Mom to get selected for KBC : Nobody can be as serious and dedicated as her, about KBC. Religiously, every evening, she sits in front of the TV with a paper and pen and tries to answer the questions when posed to the contestants by the Big B and sends all the SMSs daily too!!
  7. More time for reading and blogging

It began here…

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11 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge : Seven Wants

  1. quitting smoking comes from within, like you correctly said. If it is happening in a limit, then I don’t see a problem.

    Want mein koi materialistic cheez nai daali? 😛

  2. Quiting smoking i gather is a hard thing, even i think its easy but i have some friends who have really struggled with it ..

    and YES to the second point My wishes and prayers tooo

    and point 7 yes please I have not read a book for almost a year now ..


  3. @ Neha : I know, it has to come from within, but mera dil hai ki manta nahin! 🙁

    Materialistc cheez… yeh sab to mithya hai balike!! 😛 😀

    @ Insignia : Hmmm… swanky car… not my department and big rock… doesn’t interest me. I know, weird for a woman to say that! 😛

    @ Deeps : Wow, cool! Lets attack both with full gusto then! 🙂

    @ Bikramjit : Agree to that. But Kshitij believes that Quitting Smoking is so very easy, as he has done it so many times! Amen to point 2! And no book for a year!! 😐

    @ Kavita : Thanks a lot Kavita! And wish the very best for you too! Yeah sure, a whole post will be dedicated for the KBC experience of Mom! 🙂

  4. @ BK Chowla : Wow, that’s wonderful that you are successful in putting all the smoke behind you!:))

    I hate eating street food, as I am a cleanliness freak, but sometimes can’t help eating that! 🙁

    @ Anil : Wow, that’s cool! Sure, will post about the KBC experience here at this space, if at all that happens!:)

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